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Jul 08, 2018, 10:44 AM
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unique models U glider-index and comments
i learned about it when searching and ended up buying it.
i have an index on it here:
my opinion:
1-plane is a great flyer. stable but responsive. stays long time up there. havent been able to fly it on weather that has thermals, but from my experience with gliders, it should be great. and the comments at the forum confirm this.
2-there are some problems that the maker did not solve: 1 of them is that the screws that are intended to hold the wing in place are not long enough. the solution is to use the 1 from the front, at the rear and buy a longer (36mm). so you can not fly the plane as is
3-the way the wing is attached is not the best: pushing the wires for the ailerons is a chorus. not much space in there either. and the fixtures are not strong. in a hard landing they may become detached and is difficult to repair.
4-the idea of just 1 servo to move both ailerons does not work> there is too much drag and ailerons dont return to neutral-and the stress may kill the servo in short time. it is necessary to install 1 servo per aileron.
5-likewise, running the pushrods through the boom is too draggy. a better way is installing servos for rudder and elevator at the tail by inserting them into the fin and stabilizer and running the wires on top of the boom
6-it is necessary to cut open the top of the fuselage between the wing and the hatch (canopy) to install the battery, esc, and receiver at the most convenient place for balancing the plane without the need to add weight.
7-prop/spinner/hub: the prop folds only half way, and the hub is plastic so it is not a reliable solution. still, some use it as is and have no complains.
8-the wing joint is not a strong solution. again, some use it as is and so far have not had problems.
but again, is a terrific flier! if you are willing to cope with these problems, go get it!
i got it because read that is a good flier-that it is. but installing the wing is though. and pushing the wires that want to spring out of the reduced space, and those screws are hard to screw-in. and for some (including me) the ailerons are not needed after all. and the limited space for the battery/esc, is not my idea of flying. what we want is something as close as possible to the 2 meters radian, that you just plug-in 1 wing half, then the other (that already has the spar), turn the transmitter ON and then plug-in the battery, close the canopy, throttle it up and launch! and if you use a radio with telemetry like the DX6G3, that tells you everything you need, is to me the easiest way to enjoy flying. but then, there are folks that want things other ways...
>>>july 14: ailerons-or not
just changed to no-ailerons and flew it.
1- saved 20 grams. now the auw is 345.
2- way easier to install the wing without those cables and connectors trying to fit them in a very small space. this is no unimportant thing. it has made the plane way more desirable for me.
3-get ready: the plane flies faster!
but havent mentioned that sealed the ailerons gap with tape. could be this the reason?
it is the only change besides reducing weight 20 grams.
but reducing weight would make the plane fly slower, isnt it?
anyway, i like it better
now, you dont have to believe me. no need to argue. i understand. perhaps if some1 tells me this i wouldnt either.
but it is what i got.
and ailerons didnt help me in any way, so i think the plane should be flown without them.
and the dihedral is what should be for a plane without ailerons.
anyway, am happy with the way it flies now.
and i have the servos at the tail: rudder servo in the fin; elevator in 1 side of the stab. short pushrods means no play and exact response, return to neutral; no drag means no wear of servos. a win-win solution.
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