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Jun 30, 2018, 04:02 PM
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South Bay Soaring Society July Thermal Contest

WHAT: South Bay Soaring Society July Thermal Contest

When: Sunday, July 29, 2018 (Rain Date:Aug. 5 )

WHERE: Brigantino Field, Hollister, CA

Pilots meeting is 9:45, so we are going to be starting to set up by 8:30.

First Flight: 10:00 am

NOTE: If you need transportation to the back of the field where we will be flying, please let us know since only 4 vehicles are permitted inside the fence. We will try provide a shuttle, if needed.

ROUNDS: 4 (minimum)

CLASSES: OPEN (expert (e), sportsman (s), fledgling (f))

RES (e,s,f)

Nostalgia/Nostalgia Like (e.g. Vista) limited to 3 functions

Electric Thermal Duration (ETD)

COST: $10.00 per class (correct change appreciated)

For LSF compatibility: All pilots will fly the same tasks . Pilots will be broken into groups without regard for class. Each group will fly MoM style. We will use a fly one-time one mode of operation.

NOTES: Pre-flights 1 per pilot. No pre-flights after 9:40
Popoffs: experts 0, sportsman 1, novice unlimited
Winch malfunction and pop off - pilot must declare within 30 sec, if they will continue the flight or land. Landings must be done within
1 min.

DIRECTIONS: Take 101 south past Gilroy to Hwy 156. Take 156 East toward Hollister. When 156 turns Northward, follow signs toward Hollister (right turn). Field is on the right about 1 mile further on on the right OR Take Hwy 25 (south of Gilroy) to Hwy 156 - turn right. At next stop light tun left. Field is about 1 mi. on right.

From Central Valley: Off I-5,take Hwy 152 west. At Casa de Fruita bear left onto Hwy 156, cross Hwy 25(stop light). At next stop light, turn left. Field is about 1 mi. on right.
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Jul 04, 2018, 04:06 PM
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I am not going to be here for this one as I will be coming back from the Nats...however, I have a couple recommendations that I think would improve the contest experience for everyone involved.

1. Open Winch: Stop trying to run man on man contest in flight groups with only two winches. Just do open winch. Man on Man only works when you can get all fliers up in a group into the same air. We don't even come close to that. Open winch would not only improve the fairness of the contest (you pick your air), but improve the speed of the contest by making scoring much more simple. There would be no need to wait on Gliderscore to do anything. You would not even need to get all the scores in from the last round in before starting the next round (I am not sure why we need to do that in the current format anyway, considering that rounds are random). This would also allow people to fly in multiple classes...RES and Unlimited for example, which could generate more money for the club. You could knock out complete rounds consistently in under 45 minutes. Before anyone mentions sandbagging as a con to open winch...we are doing that right now in the current man-on-man format.

2. Start Earlier: The weather is very reliable in Hollister...beautiful in the morning with the winds picking up around 11-12 and almost unflyable after lunch. Most people don't like flying in strong winds and it increases the risk of our planes being damaged or landing out, etc. What if we got there by 815 and were doing the pilots meeting at 845 and first launch at 9...or maybe even earlier? I have been to many F3J contests where we were setting up in the dark so we could be airborne by 8! If we start rounds by 9 or earlier, we could be wrapping up 4 or 5 rounds before it got windy.

Just a couple thoughts on our Independence Day. Happy 4th of July everybody!

Jul 13, 2018, 11:21 AM
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Randy, many of us have felt the same way. Sooooooo - here is the results of the results of the discussion we had last week. Keep in mind this is on a trial basis, but it will address many of our issues.

To change the contest format to allow for better contest flow, be able to start at a consistent time, take advantage of the prime early flying conditions, and to be able to fly more rounds while still completing the contest in the 12 noon to 1 PM time frame. Additionally, the completion of the contest by this time frame may provide favorable conditions for less line breaks, and a safer flying condition for people and airplanes.
Proposed changes timing:
This is an approved interim format change agreed to by the attending membership for our TD contests starting with the July contest. Changes will be reviewed at the next club meeting.
Proposed changes:
1. The pilots meeting will begin promptly at 9:00 AM
2. The first round will begin at 9:15 with a 30 minute, or less completion window.
3. The first flight will be 7 minutes in duration and subsequent flights will be determined by the Contest Director (CD), or 10 minutes.
4. Man-on-man competition and normalizing scores to conform with other contest formats will be eliminated.
5. Pilots determine the order and who scores for them with the intent of the first half of the first group launching in a 10 minute window
6. The second half of the first round should launch soon after their pilots land
7. Pilots who are unable to fly the first round MAY be allowed to fly a final round after the other contestants have completed their contest. There is no penalty except the flight conditions generally deteriorate later in the morning or the contest may be called because of wind in excess of 15 mph (new rule)
8. All pilots will be given contest score cards at or before the pilots meeting and the cards may be turned in and contest fees paid to the Contest Director (CD) before, during, or after the first round
9. Rules that are not changed – be safe, land within the fence, in the line of sight of your scorekeeper, right side up, and don’t break your airplane.
Show up and fly as many rounds as we can with a simple and competitive format.

Signed: Attending Board Members
Jul 13, 2018, 01:56 PM
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wizzzer's Avatar
These changes take effect immediately.
Jul 15, 2018, 11:15 AM
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Great...looking forward to hearing how the first one goes next weekend.

Jul 15, 2018, 11:41 AM
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2 weeks from today
Jul 17, 2018, 10:01 PM
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So if this will be in effect for July please edit 1st post
Jul 19, 2018, 12:21 AM
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Pilots meeting is 9:00
Aug 12, 2018, 05:43 PM
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Thread OP


Sorry for the delay - vacation!
New (old) format worked well (eg. 20 minute window to get a 7 minute flight). Got in 5 rounds by 12:15.

1. Richard Trask

2. Rich Spicer

3. Don McCullough

1. Bob Brown

1. Kyle Hurlbut

2. Peter Rasmussen

all results and season standings below
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