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A budget FPV goggle with diversity and DVR could be what you've been waiting for.


Diversity and DVR for under $100?! Hobbykings updated goggles packs in the features.

Product: Quanum Cyclops Diversity DVR FPV Goggle
Battery required: 2s-3s
Screen: 5" TFT 800x400
Price: $99.87
Available from: hobbyking.com
PDF Manual: Click Here

It wasn't all that long ago that Hobbyking first released their budget foam FPV goggles. Since then, continual evolutions have brought more and more features while keeping the price reasonable, making FPV more accessible for people entering the hobby. The original Cyclops goggles was released just two years ago. The 2nd version introduced the lightweight plastic case that you're seeing now, which had a few molded empty panels revealing what might be coming next. Now this third iteration introduces true diversity combined with a DVR in a single-lens goggle that won't break the bank at under $100. Interested? I was too, so let's take a closer look!


  • Pure diversity receiver
  • Digital video recorder
  • 5" TFT monitor w/ 3X magnification acrylic lens
  • 800 x 480 non-blue screen monitor
  • Focal length adjustment
  • Design allows use with glasses
  • Durable lightweight plastic shell
  • Sponge rubber cushioning
  • Adjustable head strap w/ battery pouch
  • On-screen menu
  • One-touch automatic channel screening
  • 40 channels including Race band
  • AV in & Rx out
  • Audio out
  • 7.4-12.6V battery range

In the Box

The Quanum Cyclops Diversity DVR comes packed nicely in a convenient carrying box. If you don't care to keep the box, Hobbyking also included a soft nylon bag to tote it around with. Also in the box you'll find Pagoda & patch antennas, battery adapters (JST & XT60), an extra 3x lens, plastic mount & mounting tape for the Quanum head tracker, extra foam nose piece, 3.5mm to RCA AV cable and a manual. Note that a battery is NOT included, but chances are you'll have a 2-3S flight pack with a JST or XT60 connector that will work.

On the left side, you'll find buttons for operating the on-screen menu and toggling between AV & Rx modes. On the right is your auto-scan and channel selection buttons. Up in front is 3 buttons for operating the DVR playback. Also on the right below the focal length slider, are ports for your Rx out and AV in jacks. Finally on the bottom up front is the microSD card slot and a switch for toggling between Rx and DVR playback.

The left-to-right strap is stretchy elastic and has a little room for length adjustment with its velcro. The top strap is not elastic but fully adjustable. Having the battery pouch on the back is good to keep weight off the face, but the pouch size isn't adjustable and hence somewhat limiting on the battery size you use. I would've liked to have the center of the pouch be elastic to allow a wider range of pack sizes.

The overall comfort of the goggle on the head & face is pretty good. I had to adjust the velcro on the main strap as it was tight (even on my relatively small head), and also found tightening the top strap was needed to help keep weight off my face. The soft felt-link top layer on the foam was comfortable and the thick foam conformed to my face with no light leaks. Once I added the provided extra nose foam piece, the weight on my nose was greatly reduced and the last bit of light leak removed.

The picture on the screen is excellent with great color and contrast. I set them side-by-side with 2 of my other goggles and the Quanum Cyclops Diversity DVRs picture stood out to me. As advertised, the Quanum goggles fit over my glasses. I will be cutting away a bit of foam on the sides so they slip on/off easier, but they do fit inside just fine.

So then I took the Quanum Cyclops to the field...

I loaded the Quanum Cyclops Diversity DVR with its accessories into the nice bag, along with a few 500mAh 3s JST packs to power it. Once I powered up my SPC Maker 95X, hitting Scan on the goggles found my feed in a matter of a few seconds! I was happily surprised, as it was a fraction of the time my other goggles took to scan. The HUD from the goggle shows voltage for the goggle battery, and 2 strength graphics for the antennae in the bottom left. Covering one of them, changed the corresponding icon from green 3-bars to red 1-bar. Note that the goggle HUD items cannot be moved or hidden! So any HUD items from your aircraft that happen to be in the same location will be overwritten.

The screen menus for color/brightness/contrast/etc, as well as the DVR menu (accessed by toggling the switch on the front-bottom to DVR, and pressing the middle button on top for a few seconds) should be fairly self-explanatory, as they look and operate the same as what's seen in many other goggles. Speaking of DVR, note that there is no visible indicator on the screen that you are recording. Holding the DVR record button for 2-3 seconds will start recording, but I suggest switching to DVR mode, hitting record and confirm the counter activates before toggling back to Rx and flying.

Once flying with the goggles on, I noted that the weight of the goggle was there, but easily manageable. It wasn't heavy, but it will pull your head forward more than 'traditional' goggles simply because of the length. In the air, the picture was still very crisp and colorful. Overall, I was very happy with the performance of the screen, and the stock antennas. However there were a few occurrences where instead of the video going to various grades of static, it completely went black for upwards of about 3-4 seconds (sometimes it was only a quick half-second). I'd expect by now manufacturers would all be using static-only displays, so I can't say for sure if this is a firmware or hardware issue.

Upon landing, I reviewed the DVR footage to see how it looked. I immediately noticed a black bar covering the bottom eighth of the screen. This is right around where the playback & recording timer sits, so I suspect this has to be a firmware issue. I also noticed the playback was a bit dark. Others on the main thread for the Quanum Cyclops DVR had already noted this issue, and have confirmed that Hobbyking is addressing it. Finally, I noticed that the DVR recorded more reception glitches than I was seeing during the flight. My initial thought, was that it may have something to do with the video signal changing receivers when the diversity switches back and forth. Again, this can likely be fixed in a firmware upgrade.

Review Video



  • Diversity AND DVR!
  • Great price
  • Clear, crisp screen with good color
  • Better antennas included than normal
  • Battery adapters included
  • Comfortable
  • Fits over glasses


  • Various DVR playback issues
  • No anti-fogging fan
  • Battery pouch should be elastic
  • Missing a channel scan strength graph/selector
  • Goggle HUD info can't be moved or toggled off
  • No on-screen indicator of DVR record status in Rx mode

The Quanum Cyclops Diversity DVR FPV Goggle is about what most of us were expecting once we saw the empty spots in the shell of the last Cyclops. The added features of diversity and DVR are exactly what was needed to take this good goggle to great. For under $100, these goggles have pretty much any feature you could want/need...ESPECIALLY if you wear glasses! They are light, comfortable and work very well. In my opinion, these work just as well as many of the 'normal' style FPV goggles that can cost many times more. No receiver modules are needed, and you won't have to rig a separate DVR module with the Quanum Cyclops Diversity DVR FPV Goggles. They just work out of the box. As long as the noted DVR issues, which will hopefully be resolved in a firmware patch soon, aren't a deal-breaker for you...this latest edition of the Cyclops is worth the price. If you, like I, prefer the immersiveness of the single-screen goggle style, these are well worth a closer look!

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Hi .. why when I connect my sjcam 5000 in dvr mode the screen is black and does not record?

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