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Dec 12, 2004, 01:11 AM

Heli Gyros - MURATA vs TOKIN - One Better than the other?

A co-worker of mine purchased two Dragenflyer IV's last week, brand
new, directly from Draganflyer Inc.


It seems he and his brother each decided to get one. To save on
shipping he purchased both units, with the plan being his brother would
pay him back. NET: The brothers wife went nuts... the deal was off,
and my co-worker was stuck with an extra Draganflyer. From working with
me he knows I'm into micro electric Heli's, so he asked if I'd be
interested in buying one of them from him. He offered it to me at $100
off the invoice price and owe him nothing for shipping, Cool! (He
doesn't know I've always toy'ed with the idea of getting one just for

Anyway, today I went to check them out. Both are unassembled, still in
the original ship cartons. He said I could take my pick. Upon
inspection I noticed the two units had "different" gyros... even though
he got them at the same time. (Circuit boards probably manufactured at
different times)

One unit uses the TOKIN CG-16D0 A83 and TOKIN CG-16D0 AY1 gyros.
The other unit uses the MURATA ENC05EA and ENC05EB gyros.

This is not a detail he would notice. Rather than point out the
differences I told him I would need to get approval from my wife. ;-)
>From a high level technical standpoint, I know that both the TOKIN and

the MURATA gyros are simple, miniature piezoelectric ceramic, angular
rate sensors.

This is were you guys come in. Can anyone here recommend a preference?
Does one manf or gyro have a better track record? More accurate/stable?
Durable? All I could find was back in the late 1990's the Muratas
cost about twice the price of the Tokin. However, a higher price for an
electronic component does not necessarily mean better performance.

If you had to choose between the two... which one would you go with?

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