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Dec 11, 2004, 09:31 PM
The Lipos cost how much?!
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Does E Flight Hacker= Hacker lite?


I was just wondering if anyone has purchased an E Flight branded Hacker yet. I just purchased one and I am scratching my head because it only cost me 69 bucks. It is purple. It has built in heat sink. It is really B-20 ish in size. It does not look like you could attach the Maxon gearbox to one of these though (I think they thread or screw on right?). The specs are as follows:

Diameter-.95 inch
Lenth-1.4 inch
Weight 1.7 oz
Continuous Amp rating- 7A
Peak Amp Rating- 12A
KV-3700 rpm/kv
Ri- .23 ohms

So why is this motor half the cost of the traditional Hacker sold in the sealed box? This E flight Hacker comes in blister packaging over cardboard. I mean the major obvious difference is that the e flight version is made in CHINA. So are the labor costs so different to warrant such a low price, or is something else missing as well? The instructions say this is a two pole motor. Are the Euro Hackers two pole as well? Could someone fill me in??


PS- I just figured out why this motor is so much less..... They left out the Hacker stickers! LOL
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Dec 11, 2004, 11:52 PM
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E-flite Hacker German design Made in China

The maxon gearbox will not go on this motor. It designed to fit the E-flite gearbox. It will also fit the GWS and any number of other boxes on the market. Rainer Hacker worked with a Chinese vendor to get it produce at the cheaper price for Horizon Hobby. Hacker is also making small outrunners as well in China. Materials and labor are much cheaper there hence the lower prices compared to the made in Germany stuff. The German made B20s are 2 pole.

Steve Rojecki
Team JR
Dec 12, 2004, 02:13 AM
AKA BillyKillaWatt
Billy Haynes's Avatar
You (we/us) just knew Hacker was going to have to do something like this. Either that or loose a large portion of their maket share. With all the lower priced brushless motors now on the market, well, it's a no brainer...... No need for the Hacker-"fans" to chime in and praise Hacker for their Efficiency/power ect.... I know it's good. But for an upgrade in a GWS-whatever, & not wanting "top of the line" performance, a less expensive motor works just fine.
Now that you know where I stand with Hacker (well their prices anyway), I just bought a Hacker E-Series E3-37 ( EFLM3000 3700Kv ) They just arrived in the LHS yesterday (Friday). I got the 3700 in hope's of running DD w/a 4" to 5" X 4" to 5" APC, (Note that it has a 2.7mm shaft that is turned down to 2mm from the front bearing to the end of motor shaft). Well a 3s is out of the question. A 2s looks like it may work, but will have to mount in a plane to find out (see if heat disipates enough in flight). It's looking like it would be a great motor on 3s, 6.6:1, 11x7sf. I think it would replace a S400, IF your good at throttle management... like I said, I'll be test fly'n it to find out...
Initial results w/the Medusa Power Analyzer E3-37
3s 1050 APC 5.5x4.5 20.5A 180watts
3s 1050 APC 4.5x4.1 18A 167watts
2s 1570 APC 4.5x4.1 12.7A 90watts
2s 1570 APC 5.5x4.5 16.2A 108watts
2s 1570 APC 5x5 15A 103watts
I'm going to start w/APC 5x5, and check temps frequently.
Dec 13, 2004, 04:09 AM
The Lipos cost how much?!
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Thanks for the info


Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry. I am looking forward to see if labor costs aside, if this Asian Hacker can put up numbers like it's Euro Hacker cousin. If anyone has done any tests, please feel free to chime in. I am still working on my Jumping Jack and it will be a little bit before I can test for myself.

Dec 14, 2004, 12:00 PM
AKA BillyKillaWatt
Billy Haynes's Avatar
I've been sick since Sunday, so I haven't felt like do'n anything.......
My friend compared the E3-37 to his Himax (2025?) set up, & found the E3 was no better for DD (both motors being pushed WAY too hard). Note: E3-37 - continuos current 7A, Burst 12A. So with my inital test the 2s 1570 4.5X4.1 is a "safe" DD setup only with throttle management. I hope to feel good enough tomorrow to stick it in a foamy & compare the E3-37 to a Chili-Peper motor.
Dec 14, 2004, 12:55 PM
The Lipos cost how much?!
pumi's Avatar

Great. Now if I only knew what a DD was!

I am looking forward to seeing how this compares but I have to admit, I have not the slightest idea what a DD is.


Dec 14, 2004, 01:10 PM
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DD = Direct Drive (no gearbox)
Dec 14, 2004, 02:57 PM
Does anyone hear a cat?
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Interesting. I think the really interesting question is going to be how this stands up to a rz-300/350, judging from it's 7a-12a rating. Price is just about equal... the hacker weighs more, though. Hm. Sounds like an rz-2500 for 10$ more will outperform these easily.
Dec 15, 2004, 02:16 PM
AKA BillyKillaWatt
Billy Haynes's Avatar
Check this out! Bummer!!!!!!!
Try'n to compare CP20, Hacker E3-37, Eflite 400...... hope to post some results in a couple hours.......
Dec 15, 2004, 02:31 PM
Does anyone hear a cat?
headless's Avatar
Aww man, that does suck
Dec 15, 2004, 05:03 PM
AKA BillyKillaWatt
Billy Haynes's Avatar
Here's what I got so far, (bench testing)... All done w/CC PHX25 set on std advance, soft start, ect... all defalt settings except auto detect & no brake.
(ChiliPepper) CP20, 6.8:1, 11X7sf, 2s 1570-- 8.2V, 11.4A, 77watts
("Hacker") E3-37, 6.6:1, 11X7sf, 2s 1570-- 8.1V, 7A, 51watts
(E-Flite) Park 400, 6.8:1, 11X7sf, 2s 1570-- 8.1V, 8.8A, 62watts

CP20, 6.8:1, 11X7sf, 3s 2480-- 12.7V, 22.7A, 223watts
E3-37, 6.6:1, 11X7sf, 3s 2480-- 12.4V, 13.25A, 146watts
Park 400, 6.8:1, 11X7sf, 3s 2480-- 12.3V, 16.8A, 183watts

Only other APC sf prop I got on hand is a 10X7.... so here it is.
E3-37, 6.6:1, 10X7sf, 3s 2480-- 12.5V, 11.85A, 131watts

Anyone know what planetary GB 3:1 (or so) that will fit either the E3 series or Park 400 motors are. Or one that can be made to fit with only some machining ect???
Dec 15, 2004, 08:17 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Billy Haynes
Check this out! Bummer!!!!!!!
Try'n to compare CP20, Hacker E3-37, Eflite 400...... hope to post some results in a couple hours.......
I dont think thats a huge issue. With the third party add-on heat sinks I always had to grind the heatsink to make it fit on a GWS or Cobri gearbox. Looks like a lot less grinding involved here.
Dec 15, 2004, 08:28 PM
Registered User
Nice testing Billy. A lot of interesting data there. Are there any conclusions we can draw from the data other than prop sizing etc? I didnt realize until I just checked CP's website that it was rated for 225 watts. Thats pretty strong compared to the eflite and himax.
Dec 15, 2004, 10:10 PM
AKA BillyKillaWatt
Billy Haynes's Avatar
NCguy, not sure what we can conclude from this I'm just try'n to see how it stacks up against the other motors of similar size I have...
I need to redo this this test-->CP20, 6.8:1, 11X7sf, 3s 2480-- 12.7V, 22.7A, 223watts<-- 12.7V can't be correct!!! Should be 12.6V at best. I used the Medusa Power Analyzer but didn't save any of the graphs....... O well...
I don't see a max watts for the Hacker E-Series motors, but from the # of cells/max amps it looks like they should be rated for 77.7watts continuous, 133.2watts max.
I think a CP20 would last @ 225 watts only in burst, with cooling time between the burst. I've been running mine a lot since July, but only on 2 cells (77watts). Plenty of power for a 13-14oz RTF foamie. The CP20 looks like it makes power on 2s better than the other two motors. But the Hacker E3-37 looks better (to me) on 3s. E3-37 13.25A/146watts vs. CP20 22.7A/223watts. You would have to have a bigger/heavier batt w/the CP motor.... Hope my 1500kv Align motor hurries up & gets here... maybe I can get it to run DD at a decent amp draw.....
I'm not say'n I know what I'm doing..... I'm just try'n to put out the numbers that I can to compare this motor to a few of it's competitors. Another note, the Hacker E-Series motors have tiny wires that were harder for me to solder than the others.
Last edited by Billy Haynes; Dec 15, 2004 at 10:12 PM.
Dec 19, 2004, 05:10 PM
Registered User
Really need RPM or thrust #'s to make the comparison useful.

All I can see from the data is that the CP probably has the highest Kv, the E400 the next highest, and the Eflight Hacker has the lowest. Or, if the Kv's are the same, the CP has terrible efficiency, and the Eflite Hacker is excellent. Relative to each other anyway.

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