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May 31, 2018, 11:59 PM
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Nitecore MT42 ( Flashlight )

Nitecore MT42 User Manual

Nitecore MT42 Product Page @ Nitecore

Sent For Review - Nitecore MT42 ( 2 x 18650 )

For review I have the new Nitecore MT42 . 5 light levels as well as 3 hidden modes ( Strobe , SOS , Beacon ) . The light is equipped with a forward clicky in the tail and a side switch near the head for changing modes . Both switches are dedicated to their task , side switch only changes modes and the tail switch turns the light on and off . What ever light level you have when you turn the light off , is where you will return when turning the light back on . Funny thing , in the hidden modes - If you turn the light off in STROBE you can turn the light back on in STROBE ( for you Strobists out there ) . In SOS and Beacon modes when you turn the light off , you will return to what ever light level you were at when activating the hidden modes .

So when you think about it , this is a very simple User Interface that should be suitable for people in High Stress situations ( Hard to mess up turning on the MT42 ) . So be it police / military or other emergency service the MT42 offers both Simplicity and versatility . Now this does not mean that Joe Six Pack can't enjoy the MT42 , because it is just as useful to any home owner - camper - boater - or what ever . I have been literally enjoying the MT42 for several days now and the only thing the MT42 does not excel at is being EDC . ( That's a given )

I have taken the MT42 for a walk and it certainly attracts more attention from passers bye than say a true EDC that almost vanishes in ones hand . I have had some long stares from people driving and walking past me . ( Might be wondering if that's a flashlight in my hand ? ) But what the MT42 does extremely well is pump light out . It really THROWS and simply can't help doing otherwise . Even in LOW mode ( 77 Lumens in my light box ) the MT42 pumps out light like a much more powerful light . It really likes to push light forward . I just don't know how to explain it , it throws nut's !

Performance :

Lets talk LUX or throw for a minute :

Low - 77Lumen ( Factory 68 ) - 2100Lux ( Factory 2100 )

Med - 285Lumen ( Factory 280 ) - 7400Lux ( Factory 7670 )

High - 868Lumen ( Factory 800 ) - 23500Lux ( Factory 24300 )

Turbo - 1900Lumen ( Factory 1800 ) - 55800Lux ( Factory 55400 )

So , Lumens are my light box readings , my Lux readings are @ 1 meter and are the best readings I got at the time under the prevailing conditions .

Current Draw : ( What I was able to measure )

Moon mode or Ultra Low / To low for my MM

Low / 0.06 amp

Medium / 0.24 amp

High / 0.93 amp

Turbo / 3.66 to 3.7 amp .

I am left wondering if the MM is triggering a safety ? by those current readings - Except for Turbo .

User Interface - UI

Tail switch : The tail switch performs 3 functions - It turns the light on - it turns the light off - and it gives you momentary ( Turns the light on without clicking it on )

Side Switch : The side switch performs 2 functions - it changes light levels - and allows access to the hidden flashy modes .

Changing Light levels : First turn on the light , then simply give the side switch a quick press and you have changed to a higher light level . Yes , the light levels go from low to high / turbo and back around again . ( Ultra Low > Low > Medium > High > Turbo > Ultra Low )

Hidden Flashy Modes : ( Strobe > Beacon > SOS ) Turn the light on , what ever light level you are in just give the side switch a quick double click and you will enter Strobe . To change to Beacon mode press AND hold the side switch till the light changes modes . ( You need to press and hold for each time you wish to change to another flashy mode ) . Should you turn off the light in STROBE , the light will turn back on in STROBE ( So just be aware of that ) . SOS and Beacon will not turn back on and the light will revert to what ever light level you were at when activating the flashy modes .

Accessories :

Lanyard - Nitecore makes a really nice Lanyard , though I don't see myself using one with the MT42

O rings - Always nice to get spare O rings

Clicky Switch Cap - ( Boot ? ) Anyhow Nitecore has included one with the MT42

Clip - OK ! , I really don't see the clip being used on the MT42 .. There is a really nice hole in the cigar ring that could be used to attach a Carabiner .

Conclusion :

Quite simply , I really like the MT42 . I have absolutely nothing to complain about . The UI is simply KISS ( Keep it simple silly ) and should appeal to anyone who needs a flashlight for high stress situations . You really don't want to be multitasking under stress , you want something that is as easy as click and go and the MT42 meets that requirement with perfection . 5 Light levels give you plenty of options for the amount of light you might need . And the MT42 really does push light out the front I have to tell you . 1800+ Lumens on Turbo allows the MT42 to really impress . I walked past a local park a few nights ago and the MT42 just blew me away with how well it performed . It just lit up everything in front of me with the greatest of ease ( 1800+ Lumens kind of does that ) . I am impressed , and with no points to deduct the only score I can give the MT42 is 10 out of 10 .

I think Nitecore has a real winner here . A powerful thrower , with a superb UI all put into a petite 2 x 18650 package that should appeal to anyone looking for a flashlight that is Simple , versatile and easy to use in almost any situation requiring a flashlight . If I am gushing a little it's simply because the MT42 has that WOW factor and I now have a new 2 x 18650 that has gone to my first to reach for 2 x 18650 thrower . I currently keep about 6 to 10 flashlights that are ready to Rock N Stroll at a moments notice and for a few years now I have included a 2 x 18650 thrower in the line up . Well that roll has just gone to the Nitecore MT42 as it is quite simply the best 2 x 18650 light I own . And having said that I would like to sincerely thank Nitecore for sending me such an amazing flashlight . ( Thank you )

My apologies , the camera does not do the flashlight justice . I will be doing another video and hopefully have better beams by then .

Nitecore MT42 Beams (2 min 57 sec)
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