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Apr 14, 2019, 04:25 AM
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Hello Krewett.
You are the only one who post happy ending and the range you achieved is what I would like to have on my quad
So what you did is replaced fli14+ with iA6B ? .. and get RSSI with this custom firmware?
would you confirm that it is all about RX model? and fli14+ is just poor as A8S?
I'm waiting until i can afford FRSKY Q7s as i already have 900mhz RX ready for flying looong range
BUT.. for now i need to make it work my FS-I6X transmitter with some RX and RSSI and without RX LOST/failsafe..
Please help.. I already crashed eachine x220s and broke arms, bottom/top plates and all antennas.
I need some solution big man
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Apr 14, 2019, 03:15 PM
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Failsafe again???

this is soooo weird !
I went to park which is about 250m across and was getting failsafe there already before but today i was flying without any failsafe and all the way around (i had only one "click" which a explained in my first post in this thread) .. so with my last two batteries i decide to go back to another park which is much bigger and where i also was getting failsafe yesterday.. and... failsafe again, many times and broke my vtx antenna again.. im really getting tired of FLYSKY.
The worst part about this issue is that it can happen anytime, no matter how far you're and you cannot find any clue because i can fly circles around the same park and 1st circle nothing and then 2nd circle failsafe ... and failsafe was when i got close to me.. what!?
in the other park i did 400m in straight line and still didn't failsafe but on the way back i crashed at distance 10m away from me? what!? how to understand this flysky equipment..
ANYONE? PLEASE GUYS.. i dont wanna give up!
Apr 14, 2019, 05:34 PM
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This has nothing to do with Flysky. You'll find that Flysky has one of the most robust signals with some of their official receivers.

The problem is solely due to the Fli14+ receivers. I've been experimenting, there's no hope for some of them. The receivers behave within a wide range of reliability, with some people have great success and others having complete failure.

The only working solution is to replace the receiver.
Apr 16, 2019, 04:42 AM
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mimixtz's Avatar
I'm totaly happy with Flysky.
I would buy Nirvana if it wasn't so huge and heavy.
I'm super happy with iA6b. I can fly 500m away 1m from ground - what else would I want? I trust iA6b so much that I even don't care about RSSI. Its range outperforms many Frskys, Spectrums and even Futabas. Tested.
I'm also happy with RX2A. I can fly my micros 150m away, into the woods, go to the small canyon in the woods... No problem, not even a twitch. It probably can go further, but that's all what I need for micros.

I was looking for full range RX for my Karearea. iA6b is big, otherwise I would use it and wouldn't care about anything else. I found FLI14+ it is tiny and I was excited about having RSSI in goggles. So I purchased 5 receivers Fli14+. And I'm having failsafes as most of other users. Before trying Fli14+ I NEVER had any failsafe. I was so surprised when it happened, RX LOST. WHAT IS THAT?!

I ordered those antennas:

I'll solder 2 pairs on 2 of my Flit14+ and try that out. If I'll have at least 300m RELIABLE range, I'm happy. If not, I'll give Flit10 a try - I should have them within 2 days - they supposed to have much better range. If I'm happy, I'll probably buy some more.
If none of those 2 options will work OK for me, I'll never touch Fli14+ and Flit10 again. I'll place iA6b on my Karearea somehow and I'll keep using RX2A on my micros. Simple as that.
Apr 23, 2019, 01:34 PM
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Hello I have 2 fli14+ and they are realy bad with range. Yes im using now ia6b with custom firmware and turingy evolution. My range now is about 1km without any problem with rssi avg 50% . In my last fly i had some drop of rssi on osd from 70 to 0 and back to 70 in maybe 2 second time. But radio didnt give me any warning that is losing signal so i think it was betaflight related then radio or receiver. I fly now with ia6b few months without any failsafe. Plus i depin receiver to make it smaller and in last month add extra antenna to evolution. This fly is with evolution and ia6b
My FPV (4 min 50 sec)
Apr 24, 2019, 05:16 AM
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Hi everybody.

Hoping you guys can help me. I have the fli14+ and I want to send telemetry back to my tx. The main thing I want is my vbat to set up audible alarms.

I don't think this works with fli14+ as the only sensors I can see is rx bat that is the 5v going to it. Unless I am wrong and somebody can tell me otherwise

So I am looking for a small rx that can do that. I think the fli10 can do this. Would that be my best option?
Apr 26, 2019, 02:21 PM
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mimixtz's Avatar

Tested with new antennas - I like it now :-)

So, as told 2 posts back, I desoldered stock antennas and soldered on the ones from the link.
On the exact same receiver which sometimes did failsafe 100m or less from me, exact same spot, exact same directions, exact same quad, exact same antennas placement.
Flown 4 packs, went to 400m away flying 5m from the ground - no failsafes, lowest RSSI was 42.
Went behind a small house, surrounded with 3 containers made of metal sheets, 50m behind me, 2m from ground - no failsafe, lowest RSSI was 74.
Did rapid multiple flips and rolls - everything OK.
That is OK for me.
It still isn't on pair with iA6b I would say - I wouldn't go further than 400m since RSSI was on 42 at that distance.
But more than good enough.
I will keep flying this quad and reported here if there will be any problems.
May 07, 2019, 06:32 AM
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mimixtz's Avatar
I replaced antennas on another FLI14+ and installed it in one of my micros.
It also performs great.
So I guess it is not a coincidence.
Jun 18, 2019, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by quikj
Yep. The range is garbage. It's even worse than the ia6c.
The ia6c range is quite good in my experience, and I see tests at over 300m which ain't bad for a 2.5Ghz, do you put at least one antenna vertical?
Jul 14, 2019, 09:07 PM
FireHawx's Avatar
Originally Posted by mimixtz
I replaced antennas on another FLI14+ and installed it in one of my micros.
It also performs great.
So I guess it is not a coincidence.
So this info is interesting. Can you provide a measurement of the unshielded portion of wire on the new antenna? The one on the Fli14+ is about 24.5mm, which is 1/5 wavelength but optimal 2.4ghz length is about 31.25mm at 1/4 wavelength. So I suspect that the antenna is not "tuned" correctly? Any thoughts?
I just had my xjb145 fall out of the sky at 100 meters so I want to get this one fixed because I would like to use the rssi feature. That was my whole purpose of this rx since FlySky is lacking in this feature. I fly Spektrum also but the evo is just easier to carry with and fly my smaller quads. Also the Spek rx with some telemetry are $$.
Last edited by FireHawx; Jul 14, 2019 at 09:14 PM.
Today, 02:37 PM
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Yep, just flew the flit14, range is << 100m, the evo beeping all the time which I think means it's aware that the rx is losing packets. Definitely a lot more lag than the old iA6C so I may revert back to that one.

Originally Posted by FireHawx
The one on the Fli14+ is about 24.5mm, which is 1/5 wavelength but optimal 2.4ghz length is about 31.25mm at 1/4 wavelength. So I suspect that the antenna is not "tuned" correctly? Any thoughts?
I thought that wire looked non standard...

Originally Posted by Hakanj
I gave up and bought a frsky xlite. Put an xm+ in one quad and an r-xsr in another. Flew 1.3 km (0.8mi) yesterday with both of them.

Very happy with the switch.
I love my evo, especially the sense of satisfaction of being able to enjoy a piece of hardware that cost only 30$ but with range problems and synch issues I'm about to pull the trigger as well.
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Today, 05:00 PM
FireHawx's Avatar
Well the issue is not the Evo but the Flit14+. I fly dsm on my jets and planes but the Evo is great for quads IMO. I tried my Dsm Tx the other day with my massive droner and I just didn't like it.
I found another Rx on banggood for FlySky that sends rssi. I think it's new?? I don't have the info infront of me. I will get the name and share it here.
It can't be that hard to make a good Rx that's small, good range and rssi?!? Dsm with rssi start at $40 ,and it will need a few flash/update and a "special" cable(_$$_) to do the flash?!?
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