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May 20, 2018, 09:12 AM
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Xtreme XPS Rx, Reversing Servo Directions

A) Which of the following can be used to reverse the servo directions,

1. XPS Rx 8 ch
2. XPS Rx 10 ch
3. XPS Rx Nano 1
4. XPS Rx Nano III
5. XPS Nano IV

B) Is the “ XtremeLink® Device Programmer” with the wiring and a PC the only equipment required to perform this task?

C) What software should be downloaded?

D) What is the expected availability of the XtremeLink® Device Programmer?

Thank you
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May 20, 2018, 11:15 AM
Once in a lifetime
danielphantom's Avatar
Are you using a transmitter? Use that to reverse the servo direction.
May 20, 2018, 12:24 PM
A) ALL of these devices can have their channels reversed using the XDP software.

B) Yes, but you can also use our Serial Link with a Nano or RFU to replace the XDP hardware.

C) The XDP software installer.

D) Likely never again. You can use our Serial Link and a Nano or RFU to take the place of the XDP hardware. It's a cheaper/better solution because you can use the Serial Link for the X10+ and X24, and the Nano can be used a receiver.
May 23, 2018, 04:34 PM
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Thank you Mr. Drew, I will purchase that.
My transmitter is a single stick that does not have servo reversing, so I truly appreciate your equipment and have for many years.
Best regards.
Jul 14, 2018, 10:15 AM
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Hi Mr. Drew,
Would you help with the following, The XPS and Rx are not seen by the XDP.exe

Equipment Used:
XPS Serial Link
Brand new Rx Nano –T, never used, not binded to a Tx.
My PC: Win 10 X64, Intel Core 1.6 Ghz, Mem 8GB.
XPS Twisted wires.
4.8V NiHi Bat

First the following were done:

Made sure power is not connected to the receiver.
Now, insert a binding plug into the channel port marked “B” and then connect power to the receiver (on any servo port). After the LED starts rapidly flashing red, immediately remove the binding plug.
The LED will then turn solid red.
The system in now ready for use with the XDP.
That all works.

Second the following was done:

Kept the battery connected to the RX
Interconnected Serial link to Rx binding port. Signal wire the +ve is the one closest to the numbers. All polarities are good.
The XPS main red light and a small red light are lit.
Connecting the XPS to the PC| Computer Bongs
The XPS small red light lits brighter
The Rx red light is still on solid
Opening the XDP Device Programmer v3.9|update it
View/Change Settings is greyed off
Clicking on the “Search for device” gives:
New windows: USB Error: USB hardware not found. Reset hardware and restart this program.
Reset the receiver|connect to the XPS|connect to PC|Bong|Open XDP.exe|
Rx Light is solid red
Opening the iFS Device Programmer v3.9, updated
View/Change Settings is greyed off
Clicking on Search for Device= Click on “search for Device” = No xtreme decice detected|Rx red light turns off|

The XDP.exe was installed after disabling the antivirus system, and was installed in the administrative mode.
The msstdfmt.dll file has been installed in Programmes Files (x86)\XPS
Connecting the XPS to another Rx channel does not changes anything, same message.
I have another computer with win 7 Pro, Should I use that one?

What should you suggest I do?
Thank you.
Jul 14, 2018, 12:20 PM
First of all, you don't use a battery with the Rx you intend to use with the Serial Link. You will power the Rx through the Serial Link, which MUST be plugged into port 6.

See this thread for a step-by-step procedure on how to use a Nano w/Serial Link to emulate the XDP:


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