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Apr 27, 2018, 08:25 AM
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Sizing up planes (Gasb2 in this case) and expected max weight.

I am looking at printing one as i have a load of filament I want to use. I love the design and excellent writeup provided, good job Carlo.
I like the idea of the +25% model better, more room for bits inside.
Question is does the weight allowance go up too. As +25% is an all round figure the part expands in all directions so is 57% larger surface area Calculated on the 'wing' section.

Carlo recommends 333g base weight and 570g with all equipment for the standard model.
So am I right to think that I can safely bump this up to 50% more when printing and adding batteries etc. So 500g base and 850g max flying weight ?

Seems logical as the larger area will give more lift, I know there will be loads of technical factors but as a rough guide is the right when resizing.
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Apr 27, 2018, 12:18 PM
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On this thread I posted my experience ...

I have the original Gasb flying.
It is heavy feeling and flys quite fast.
It also lands quite fast.

However my 150% print came out extremely heavy.
I believe I mistakenly used 2 perimeters for the larger version.
At least that is my explanation. Plus I was "new" to 3dPrinting back then.
It looks terrific , but, I won't bother to put equipment in it at this weight.

I look forward to your experience which might even prod me into attempting
another larger version.

Bonne chance a' toi
Apr 27, 2018, 05:14 PM
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Merci mon ami
I am looking at 580g I think, adding the slicer estimates. I have printed the ailerons and they seem accurate. A couple of neighbours have large fields to play in, addded advantahe of long grass for landing in, I saw a flite test video where for newbies they said long grass is your friend, hope they are right.
Yet to fly a plane but I have found a club, weather not good but I should be there to fly my foamie soon.

I know the problem will be weight vs lift. I am printing the one with active canards (having no idea what that means apart from watching the video of it flying
GASB 2 Bigger! 25% - 3D Printed RC Jet with Active Canard (4 min 16 sec)

I can just fix them in position for the moment or use them when someone at the club explains how. I noticed in the video they allow slower flying so also landings ? the active canard parts are on thingiverse.
Apr 27, 2018, 06:13 PM
Retired CAD guy
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A very nice venue to fly.
Club help is always a good way to begin your Modeling experience.

At the speed that these fly you are going to have your hands full if you are
not an experienced pilot.

My Gasb2 135% will have foam wings to save much weight.

This vid is of a slow flying foam wing.
(5 min 24 sec)

Another printed wing to consider ...
Apr 28, 2018, 05:28 AM
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Thread OP
To be honest I am printing it as I have a load of filament needs using up, figured I may as well make something useful. If I get plenty of practice I may try it later in the year, in the meantime I can put it on display. The grass is knee high and soft in my neighbour's field

I will look up foam wing building so as to replace parts of a 3d printed model in general. I like the slow flying bit, saw a video of a foam wing and the guy just stepped forward and caught it rather than land it.

I don't think I will get round to balsa building again but believe in hybrid building, so 3d+foam+metal+carbon fiber+balsa is all possible. I am trying to print the canopy with no infill, burn out the lower bit leaving a lip and gluing in a 1cm sq of extruded polystyrene, should be rigid enough. If ot I could put a couple of 2mm carbon fiber 'pins' each side to stop it flexing.
That's the beauty of modelling many solutions and if it doesen't work try something else. I had forgotten how much I missed this, probably why I can't stop making stuff.

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