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Mar 01, 2002, 08:16 AM
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Simprop Piaggio Avanti Anyone flying it?

If you are flying it could u please tell me flying characteristics, flight time, and if possible put or send pictures and a video?
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Mar 02, 2002, 01:32 PM
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Had a Avanti for around 6 months. Really nice flyer on 8 x 2400 and 2 x 13 turn Colbalts (Promaxx). Unfortunately, I've not got any electronic pics or video.

The wing is a pressed foam core with obechi skinning (Normal Simprop construction). Its a rather thin wing so to give it added strength I glassed it with 0.5oz cloth and ZAP skining resin to be sure that it the event of a heavy landing no damage occured.
The whole wing was then sprayed with white celloluse car paint along with the fuselage. This doesnt add much weight over covering with a quality film,but adds strength.

Reversing the timing on the Promaxx motors is easy, and on a full charge at full power the current is around 43 Amps. The model easily pulls away from a hand launch (no undercarriage) and will fly on half to three quarter throttle no problem. I am running a Jeti JES-500 50 amp controller with BEC.

The model requires two servos, aileron and canard elevator (the rear tail is fixed). I used Hitec HS-81MG for both of these. A bit of care is needed when installing the canard snakes to ensure both are the same length etc. otherwise you can get a bit of differential movement on the elevators

Other than that, the model is an easy build, an flys great. It is
reasonably fast in the air, but very easy to fly and can be slowed up a lot on landing.
It will come in with a high nose attitude without any sign of a tip stall or spin. If built straight the nose just dips. The model is unusual in the air with its triple flying surfaces, and causes quite a stir at the local field.

If you like the look of the plane and although the kit is relatively
expensive for what is in it, the upside is that it is a great flying
model, and a great quality kit, with a nice glass fibre fuz and high quality wings and other parts.
Mar 04, 2002, 08:34 AM
Thread OP
Thanks a lot for the info.
Could you please tell me how much flight time do u ususlly get with the 8X2400 pack?

By the way: in my oppinion wht makes this an expensive kit is the importer profit.
At Simprop site it will costs close to 95 Dollars...
Mar 06, 2002, 03:38 PM
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With good throttle management 5 minutes is easily achievable. The model doesnt need to be flown at full power all of the time.
Sep 20, 2004, 01:52 PM
In need of help!!!

I was hoping someone had a copy of the english instrctions, for the Avanti, that they could send me.

I really want to start buiding this plane but my German is not up to par (intruction are in German).

Please email me

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