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Apr 14, 2018, 06:04 AM
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New Product

MavLink (Pixhawk/APM) OSD by Pitlab&Zbig v2.70

I'm proud to announce new firmware 2.70 for present Pitlab&Zbig OSD board, with MavLink support, dedicated for third party flight controllers e.g Pixhawk or APM.
It fully supports airplanes and multirotors (heli, rover and boat should also work, but not tested yet).

OSD not only offers advanced features for data presentation, but also gives functionalities typical to GCS, like waypoint management:

flight mode change, mission restart/resume, actions etc.

system status:

In many cases it allows to complete mission in convenient way without laptop on airfield and live connction to GCS.

Download and more info about regular OSD features are on Pitlab website:

In Pitab shop there is a OSD set dedicated for Mavlink (with latest oficially released firmware):

Pre-release versions available for testers (with improvements and fixes not published oficcially yet):

Note for existing OSD users : new firmware 2.70 works with OSD board (PCB) ver. 2.2 or later.

This is my setup for Multirotor with Pixhawk and Pitlab OSD
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Apr 14, 2018, 06:15 AM
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It is just AWESOME! Thank you!
Apr 14, 2018, 06:56 AM
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Have you full list of supported features?
Apr 14, 2018, 08:28 AM
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I dont see my name Zbig. ..... /cry
50% my ideas like making it usefull without ground unit (laptop/tablet).
Version should be named after me.
Almost 1 year hard work. hahaha

Our deal was to call it PompecukorLab.
and sign over 35% of all the money from people that download it..... wait a minute..... the firmware is free. Never mind.
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Apr 14, 2018, 08:41 AM
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In short:
-Support/display of : distance, CMG course, heading, altitude (above base and AMSL), speed, airspeed, wind speed, vario/vertical speed, GPS location, battery (V,A, mAh), horizon, numeric pitch/roll, RC channel monitor, in-flight flight statistics, post-flight statistics, waypoint and base location on radar, mini-map, arm/disarm state, flight mode, system messages from FC.
-10 Flight controller modes (with auto-tune mode). It extends modes assigned to RC switch, useful especially when RC transmitter has only 3-position switch. Note that mode selected from OSD menu is active until RC switch position is changed.
-Full list of mission items (waypoints/commands), each waypoint/command may be selected/executed from menu.
-Pre flight reboot
-altitude change
-circling radius change
-speed change
-Restart/resume mission option
-Camera trigger

OSD configures messages from FC and its ratio, so no special configuration is needed from GCS - just connect OSD to telemetry port in FC and everything should work.

In manual mode pilot may use also internal ILS/runways feature (ILS control on screen and runway definitions).

Originally Posted by Pompecukor
I dont see my name Zbig. ..... /cry
50% my ideas like making it usefull without ground unit (laptop/tablet).
Version should be named after me.
Almost 1 year hard work. hahaha

Our deal was to call it PompecukorLab.
and sign over 35% of all the money from people that download it..... wait a minute..... the firmware is free. Never mind.
Blame me

Of course many thanks to Alex (Pompecukor), for its support and tests of fixed wing configuration.
And many thanks to Ron, for its support and tests of multirotor configuration.
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Apr 14, 2018, 08:53 AM
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Really we started 1 year ago.

I think Pitlab just got to a whole new level. Welldone Zbig!
Apr 14, 2018, 09:13 AM
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Finally, Ardupilot users now have the best OSD for their system.

Zbigniew has seemlessly intergrated the mavlink data stream into the OSD and was kind enough to allow me to try early firmware versions and it is the primary reason I decided to return to using a Pixhawk FC. Initially, I had a hard time realizing that now the OSD is just another mavlink device used to control an Ardupilot system, just like a computer, tablet or phone.

The wiring connection is a simple 3 wire connection from the OSD board to Pixhawk. If you have a Pitlabs autopilot board attached to the OSD, remove it and those connection pins are where the cable will connect. The cable runs to one of the Pixhawk telemetry ports. I use Telem1 and since the connection is serial, a user has other options on the Pixhawk as well. That's it. Now data flows to the OSD, to the layout fields you have selected.

Ardupilot system messages are displayed throughout the bootup process and during flight. For instance, when the aircraft passes a waypoint, the message, "Reached command #4", is displayed momentarily.

OSD does not override or ignore what a pilot has programmed in Mission Planner. For instance, the 6 flight modes are there and can be used via a radio knob or multiple switches. Now with OSD, more flight modes are available.

The OSD system status page gives the pilot system component health information if necessary for troubleshooting.

Since I mostly manually fly multirotors, one feature I particularly like is when navigating to a waypoint, the waypoint symbol in the display will flash back and forth with the waypoint number and whether or not the waypoint is below, level or above your present altitude just like BuddyFlight. It gives a pilot guidance to climb, stay level or descend to the next waypoint. Since the "mission" has been built using Mission Planner or other GUI and waypoints altitudes programmed, that information is also useful to tell the pilot where higher terrain is located.

One thing that did catch me by surprise is the temperature display icon. The Pixhawk 2.1 runs hot so you can fly in very cold temperatures. I have seen 122F sitting on the bench, but in flight it stays below 110F. If you had the AP internal temperature turned on in OSD, it will now get that data from Pixhawk. You will need an external temperature sensor on the A2 pin to have that displayed.

I do not use the Pitlabs GCS, so that will be left for others to comment on.

So far, I'm happy with the ease of using the menu and features. I'm sure Pitlab&Zbigniew will continue to expand the functionality and usefulness of their systems.
Apr 14, 2018, 10:02 AM
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The pixhawk actually runs hot intentionally. actually heats isself up to keep the IMU temp constant no mater the outside temp. has heated IMU.

So in essence, what I mean to say it is useless to even make it possible add crazy offset. That temperature will bever be representative of the external temp. I think you might aswell remove that function Zbig.

The good news is that you can add (as I did) awesome thermometer that you can buy in Pitlab store very cheap. Then you can place it wherever you want. Monitor AP temp is not really of any use in my experience. These options make way more sense:
1. Battery (attach the probe to it).
2. Inside the haul (Anywhere).
3. With the probe head sticking out somewhere under the wing , to monitor ambient.
4. VTX.
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Apr 14, 2018, 12:48 PM
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Yes I read that about the temperature. And I don't like flying in cold weather anyway

I have a LIDAR on OSD A2 pin, so I cannot have another temperature sensor. I also have the LIDAR data going to the Pixhawk on a Y cable, so that's a plus.
Apr 14, 2018, 01:29 PM
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Big congratulations to Zbig on this. (And Alex & Ron.)

I hope that the ArduThing/PixThing world learns about this. In my opinion, the biggest issue by far in that environment is the lack of a decent, affordable, well-supported OSD. Because this fixes that glaring hole I'd think there would be thousands of users wanting it. And Zbig is sooooo much friendlier than the main alternative's developer!

Very nice clean video output in the first post by the way. Could I ask what the video source was?
Apr 14, 2018, 01:37 PM
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Would be nice to have pid tuning.
Apr 14, 2018, 01:49 PM
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It came down like this:

GoPro, some ReadyMadeRC video switch, OSD, Immersion 600mW VTX with RHCP 5.8ghz antenna and a HobbyKing 7in diversity receiver/monitor/DVR with RHCP omni and 10 wrap helical antennas.
Apr 14, 2018, 01:53 PM
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@Glacer51 - Thanks! Looks great.
Apr 15, 2018, 03:13 AM
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So it means now Pitlab will work with
Apr 15, 2018, 03:28 AM
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Thread OP
Our system (OSD) is still SD (PAL,NTSC).

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