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Apr 05, 2018, 09:48 AM
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Taranis: Several Models, One Setup

Because I have several full-house sailplanes that use exactly the same basic setup, I've recently adopted a policy of leaving everything on the Outputs page at default values except for the six curves for the six servo channels. My flaps and ailerons are all controlled by 9-point curves with the flaps adjusted to be
  • at their least common physical upper limit at +100%,
  • 7.5 up at +75%,
  • even with the trailing edge at +50%,
  • 7.5 down at +25%,
  • and from there to their least common physical lower limit in five steps of equal degrees, ending at -100%.
My aileron curves are adjusted to be
  • 30 up at +100%,
  • 22.5 up at +75%,
  • 15 up at +50%,
  • 7.5 up at +25%,
  • even with the trailing edge at +0%,
  • 7.5 down at -25%,
  • 15 down at -50%,
  • 22.5 down at -75%,
  • 30 down at -100%.

To do these settings I use digital helicopter pitch gauges...

... and a 16-point "stair" curve that's part of my Calibration mode.

(Actually, I use different flap/crow elevator compensation curves for each model as well, but aside from those differences the setups are the same.)

The "stair" curve is an expansion of an idea inspired by Mike Shellim.

As an example, here are my two Shadow 2 electric-powered gliders:

My setup for these two planes includes two sets of 8 curves. Curves 1 - 8 are for the plane in the foreground and curves 9 - 16 are for the plane in the background. Both setups include all 16 of these curves plus a few other curves common to all of my glider setups, so when I make a change to one model setup I can copy it to a second model memory and just change the curve references on the Outputs page, plus a few other items like model name, receiver number, trim settings, etc.

Doing this has made life a lot easier since it's important to keep setups and switch assignments consistent across all models, and I tend to make a lot of changes as I come up with new ideas.

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