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Apr 01, 2018, 08:08 PM
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F 1 Racer from G.E.M.S

This past Friday I was able to get out with my slope buddy Pat for a afternoon of flying at our local slope .
We did the maiden and tuning on 2 of Pat's ships and flew for the next 4 hours coming off the hill and headed home for dinner around 5pm , what could be better than that ?

How about walking in the house with dinner about ready,a fresh cup of coffee placed in my hands and a just arrived big brown box waiting to be opened -

Of course the Best part was my loving wife who was cooking the dinner, who made me the fresh cup of coffee,and accepted the big brown box when the mail man knocked on our door ! .... {almost got myself in trouble there]

This will be my build thread on The G.E.M.S. 63" F-1 Racer
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Apr 01, 2018, 08:23 PM
Held by Grace
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What's in the Box ?

This will be my 3rd review of one of the G.E.M.S kits,my prior builds being their 30" Sizzle wing and 48" Knife Edge combat wing.

Opening the box I was not disappointed, Once again I found a super complete EPP slope model with a very high degree of pre-fabrication and included components.

Sorry : I have run out of time for tonight ,my next post will include the parts break down
Apr 01, 2018, 10:20 PM
It's time for me to fly
JimZinVT's Avatar
Cool. I have liked the lines of this plane since coming across if somewhere on RCG a few years ago.
Apr 02, 2018, 07:03 PM
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Hey Jim :
I first saw these fly at the 2016 NCGG {Glider Games} a bunch of them were doing 2 pin racing on the slope at Edgewood.
It wasn't at all a big wind day say 13 to 17 mph at most but they flew great and really put on a show,I've had glider envy for one ever since

I love to read the stuff from out west about the PSS ships ,but have to be realistic about what I have a shot at flying on my local slopes more than once a year.
I am certain the F1 will be viable on our medium wind days.
Apr 03, 2018, 05:35 PM
Held by Grace
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The parts

Spreading the contents of the box out finds the following :

A pre-shaped fuse with the the internal pockets already cut out and internal stringer's pre-installed.
also pre-cut are the external groves for the stringers on the outside of the fuse.

Wing cores with the main spars and the trailing edges pre-installed,also the channels for the dihedral joiners are pre-cut and the wing roots are set at the proper angle

Balsa ailerons,stab,elevator and fin

pre-bent wing/dihedral joiners and outside fuse stringers

all push rods ,control horns and EZ links {DuBro}

Clear plastic Canopy and cheek cowls

2-plywood wing mounting plates with the 1/4 -20 blind nuts pre-installed and screws

Fiberglass cloth for the wing center reinforcement

a pre-shaped foam nose cone * my kit also included a really cool 3D -printed spinner to try out and see how it holds up

A nice F1 decal sheet
Apr 03, 2018, 05:49 PM
Held by Grace
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Items you add

3 - 17 gram or above Metal Gear servo's - It is recommended to use a 17 gram in the back to keep the tail light and reduce the amount of nose weight
The wing can easily accommodate larger servos for the ailerons but metal gears are strongly advised

a 2-S 1100 ma Life battery

Your choice of on/off switch

A receiver
Apr 03, 2018, 09:11 PM
Held by Grace
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The Build begins

Before I start the build,a word about the G.E.M.S kits.
This is my third build of one of their kits this year so I am now familiar with with the way they design their models.

They are very innovative in the materials they use,the spar and stringer material is different than the normal carbon you typically find in other kits .they are well thought out and designed to go together quickly,they fly well in real life conditions found here in the north east and they hold up to the wear and tear we put them through.

The fuse comes in 4 pieces front and back ,left and right,
The foam that the back half of the fuse is cut out of is lighter that the foam in the front.
There are alignment tabs and notches on each front and back piece and pre-glued stiffeners that key into the corresponding internal channels.

I am using the white Gorilla glue for this assembly,it cures quickly,foams and fills gaps and it sands well and blends in with the surrounding foam.

Working one side at a time ,run a bead of WGG in the stiffener channels and on the notches and tabs,push/slide the front/back sides pieces together making sure to press the stiffeners into their channels{I used a small straight blade screw driver}
Use masking tape over the glued joints to keep the glue in the channels and prevent the foaming glue from seeping out{and gluing it to your work surface}

Turn the fuse over {inside down} and weight down on a flat surface until cured.
Repeat for the other side.

The next step will be to glue in the external stringers but I am out of WGG so this will be it for tonight
Apr 04, 2018, 12:14 AM
F3Foamie Pilot
Is that the same model that the Tennessee Tom guy started a build thread awhile back and got upset and left RCG?
Apr 04, 2018, 05:51 AM
Held by Grace
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Thread OP
Yes it is :
There were some break downs in communication and hard feelings resulted.

A older friend of mine once advised me :
As you go through this life you will find that people do things that affect you,
sometimes in a positive way ,
sometimes in a negative way,
It does not mean that was their intention... people just do things .

As I now look back at my life and were I have been, I can see that both of those things apply to me and how I have affected people around me.

I now choose to try and think the best of people,
work to understand the other persons point of view and treat others the way I would hope to be treated.
I still have a long way to go to be that person every day, but am thankful for the grace that has been extended to me when I have not lived up to that standard.
- trying to stay in the lift and avoiding the sink - Mike
Apr 04, 2018, 09:17 AM
F3Foamie Pilot

Thanks, sorry Tom had a negative experience on RCG. I was enjoying his build thread.

Glad you are doing a build thread with this model, it looks like a great glider.

Best wishes with the build and I look forward to following.

Apr 04, 2018, 11:03 AM
Held by Grace
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Thread OP
Thanks Ken :
Tom is a great guy and very talented builder and flyer,I still have not figured out how he did the "urban camo paint job" on the plane he brought up for the Glider Games last year.
I hope he will come back up this year.

I have enjoyed your builds Ken,the T-33 is on my bucket list ...

I saw the picture you posted with you and your son flying, Very cool.
It reminded me of when i was young and all the split shot fishing sinker containers had "Take a kid fishing today " on them, way to go my friend !

I might have a chance to get out your way in the future time ,some of my in laws are in Meridian and it looked like pickle was not to far away.
Apr 04, 2018, 11:09 AM
F3Foamie Pilot

If you can make it out here that would be great. We will do our best to show you a good time.

Apr 04, 2018, 07:37 PM
Held by Grace
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Thread OP

Back to the build

I hope to take you up on that Ken.
What is a good time of year to site see and fly ?

I stopped at the local Home Depot on my way home from work only to find they were out of the White Gorilla Glue
So I headed to the other side of town to Lowes and found what I needed.

Armed with a fresh supply of WGG it was time to glue in the external stringers on the two fuse sides.

Working one fuse side at a time, trial fit the stringers in the groves,making sure that the stringers will sit below the fuse outside do not want to have to try and sand these flush after they are installed.
My stringers were a little long so a quick snip with a pair of lineman's pliers was required to cut them to the proper length, diagonal pliers would also work.

When satisfied with the fit,now it is time to glue.
I used a small spray bottle to lightly spray the stringer to be installed with water.
With the fuse side laying inside edge down on a flat surface,lay a small continuous bead of WGG along the stringer.
With the WGG bead on the bottom press the stringer into the grove,I used a small flat blade screwdriver to press the stringer down to the bottom of the grove.
I then used straight pins to keep the stringer down in the bottom of the grove while the WGG foamed and cured,making sure that the fuse side remained flat on the work surface.
Repeat for the other side
Apr 04, 2018, 09:58 PM
F3Foamie Pilot
Fall and winter are best for sloping. Strong NW winds for our main slopes. (Pickle and Swan)

Spring has more SE winds. We have several slope options.

Summer is calmer so we utilize the katabatic flow at Lucky Peak.

Fall, spring and summer are best for site seeing.
Apr 04, 2018, 11:01 PM
cityevader's Avatar
Too bad about Tom in Tennessee.

After his challenging time, I had sent him a giant care package of planes/kits that would either be gold or lead, depending on his perspective. Hopefully he is currently living care-free from negative outside influences yet still tearing it up at the slopes.

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