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Mar 29, 2018, 07:27 AM
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Holy Stone HS-100 - Range test out to 500 Meters

I've been testing an antenna mod to the HS-100, but found that it was "risky business" flying LOS (Line of Sight) past 300 meters, so I've added an Eachine TX-02 AIO FPV cam that is monitored on a Skyzone RC-500 display.

I couldn't be happier with the results (for now )

So the HS-100 conclusively has reached it's max distance of 500 meters repeatedly and reliably, as illustrated on the video below... The only drawback with that, Telemetry data is sent via Wifi to an app, and that typically cuts out anywhere after 200 meters.

There are a few "Vista" type views that illustrate that the drone is quite a distance for the launch location, but is it REALLY 500 m??? To resolve that question, I have an HK OSD Mini w/GPS slowly steaming it's way to add.

So in closing, I feel that the Antenna upgrade is a success, as the factory antenna were showing "Low Signal" messages any where past the 200 m mark, depending on Alt, how you held the TX, direction the drone is facing relative to the TX, etc.

HS100 500m range test with FPV (8 min 4 sec)
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Apr 24, 2018, 10:14 AM
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Wow Rural Flyer..

Man.. You are quite the knowledgeable dude. In contrast.. To call me a rookie.. Would be a gross overstatement..

So.. First.. I really got lost in that music in the last video..

Thanks for the info on that OSD system.. I did not know they existed.. I am guessing that a fellow could pick that up on a separate 5gz Samsung tablet..

Reason I asked was.. If you pulled that signal on a separate tablet or phone.. you should be able to use a screen copy app.. Then have a video record of telemetry over the filmed landscape..

Guess I will have to do some YT watching to see how to link that with a cam..

I messed up ordering that Bugs 2 in C instead of W.. So no FVP. your gizmo sound like a perfect fit..thanks again
Apr 24, 2018, 03:23 PM
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Hello Gator Proof!

I have both B2C n B2W (just the B2W is in a tree somewhere )... Honestly the B2C gives better Value if you consider that FPV over Wifi is almost unusable when compared to "True FPV"...

The FPV cam's I'm currently playing/learning with are "AIO" or All-in-one type cams, meaning that they have the 5.8ghz analog transmitter integrated in the cam. The FPV monitor I use is a "Skyzone RC500" that has DVR to an SDcard built in, so it can record flights and OSD info.

If you're just getting into FPV, there is a device that uses OTG / USB to capture the Analog 5.8Ghz video and sends it to your Tablet or phone, not over wifi, but analog from the cam directly... their around $25 up here in Canada, Stateside should be under $20... The software that runs the Video feed also does recording for later review.

Just to be clear the FPV cam is pretty low res, but it has little to no lag so when you see a treetop, you can turn in time to avaoid it... With the stock Bugs 2W cam, there may be up to 500 ms of delay, and at 10 m/s speed, that's 5 meters out between what you see and where you really are. So the stock cam is for "Nice" video to view later, the FPV video is practical video that you use to actually fly by.
May 17, 2018, 01:42 PM
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Bugs Boys

@ Rural Flyer..

Yes the Bugs.. as versatile as they are... seem restricted of good cameras.. And rightly so.. at the 200ish us price range.

Looks like the Bugs 5W is priced close to the 2W. I really like the body and leg style of the 5w. I have torn off the light covers and the rubber feet of that

I have to say.. I really enjoy the camera and telemetry of my basic Phantom.. I got it new in a small Walmart that was closing it out.. Too pricey for their location I guess.. $325 US..
No way to turn that down.. But I like the FPV concept even if just using a monitor..

However.. I have flown the props off that Bugs C.. I have two new complete body shells coming in Black and Red for about 20 bucks.. Should make him all better.. Broken arm currently..

I did get another fly away scare this morning.. Bugs 2c..Luckily it bounced off a tree and I grabbed it..
That last flyaway was brutal.. Lol

Any idea why it loses its mind and just takes off.. Could there be an interminte issue with the electronics?

The only thing I can thing of this morning.. I followed it flying about 3 or 4 hundred feet to pick up a chair to fly from.. It crashed in a tree and I restarted it from that spot.. No calibration.. But it was still bound with 19 Sats just flew the coup..


Be Well All
May 18, 2018, 06:06 AM
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Hello GP...

I guess it's "Possible" that your Bugs has issues, though the algorithm's, and hardware typically work or they don't...

I know my B2C is definately showing it's age after probably well over 50 flights... but my problems are self-imposed.... Way too much weight, FPV cam, Hi-Rez Cam , non-stock 2,000mah batt's etc ... So it will randomly start losing Altitude ...
May 18, 2018, 09:02 AM
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Bugs and HS 100 group

Rural Flyer..

Thanks for your input..

I am waiting for the battery conversion stuff for the (S70W.. HS 100..Promark Shadow P70..)

I only got two flights from mine before losing the battery from my car.. I know.. Goofy..

So buying cheap batteries should really improve the "fun" factor on this bird..

The battery and the camera are the two weak spots and not an issue for the $100ish US price..

Be Well
May 22, 2018, 08:06 AM
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Bugs 2 fly away issue

Rural Flyer..

I learned to take off in Attitude mode then switch over to GPS.. I think my GPS has some memory issues.. It should RTH when TX is switched off.. Which it did all but once..

Testing today with new 3000mah battery..

Be Well All

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