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Feb 28, 2002, 10:30 AM
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Full Size Air Combat

Has anyone ever gone to one of the 'Fighter Pilot for a Day' classes at ?

It seems like a total blast, but I was wondering if anyone here has done this, and if so how did you like it?
Feb 28, 2002, 10:59 AM
Go get them Meg!
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My wife signed me up for Christmas maybe 8 or nine years ago. It was around $600.00 back then.
It's a lot of fun. You get a briefing on tactics etc...They partner you with a very experienced pilot. Mine was a 4500 hour aerobatics instructor. You get to fly the plane except take off and landing. You square off six times during the flight. If you sign up with a friend you can fly against each other.
It works just like laser tag and if your plane gets "hit" a smoke generator blows smoke out of the exhaust.
The coolest part is there are video cameras in and on the plane, along with a gun camera, and when you land they edit a copy for you, while you de-brief, with you as the hero.
By the way, I won the first four rounds, then my sausage mcbiscuit and coffee breakfast decided to try and re-appear (don't even think about eating or you'll blow). even my pilot said it took him a month before he stopped getting motion sickness.

Oh yeah, they edited me barfing out. Thank God.

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