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Hubsan has quickly become a go to brand for affordable, easy to fly quads of all sizes with good quality and a decent amount of features. The X4 Storm is their latest offering into the mini FPV race drone market. Let's jump on in with Mean Joe and check it out!


Husban X4 Storm - Available at Cafago

Product:Hubsan X4 Storm RTF Mini Race Drone
Retail price:$121.66
Weight:About 86g (without battery)
Frame material:Carbon Fiber
Power System:Brushed
Battery used:7.6V 710mAh Lipo battery (included)
Included radio system:2.8Ghz
LCD Screen:4.3 inch (included)
Available from:Cafago

The Hubsan X4 STORM integrates all of the features of a racing drone and the FPV quadcopter. It's carbon fiber frame is extremely light weight and durable enough to take those occasional gate hits with ease. With this RTF version, you will come right out of the box and head straight to your local field for some quick laps.

The installed 720p HD camera along with the included chargeable LCD screen and goggles make this set up a true "everything in the box" FPV racing experience. Let's check it out!

What's in the box?

The Hubsan X4 Storm Mini Race Drone comes complete with everything you will need to get to the field and start turning some laps. This RTF racer comes with the X4 Storm, 2.8Ghz transmitter, 4" rechargeable LCD screen, goggle set, extra props, and a screw driver. The only things you will need to do is supply the 4x AAA batteries for the transmitter, and charge your screen and flight pack.

First impressions were that everything looks solidly built and ready to rock. I was quite impressed with the quality of the components and had no issues at all getting everything set up, charged, and ready to go. The simple bind sequence for both the drone and the LCD screen laid out in the sparse manual was easy to follow and I had the X4 ready to go in matter of minutes.

The only real place I see where the manual is lacking is in the explanation of the features of the X4. It makes no mention at all about how to initiate the 360 flip mode or how to change flight modes. Any one that has flown this type of quad before should be familiar with how it works. If you push down on the left stick that starts off the "360 flip mode" then simply move the right stick in the direction you want to flip or roll in and the Hubsan X4 Storm does the rest. I found the flips to be fairly tight and only needed to make small adjustments to get back to level flight.

On the flight mode front, simply push down on the right stick and you go from softer flight characteristics to hardcore turn and burn. There is a good amount of difference between the flight modes and I would suggest getting some time on the sticks with it before going into turn and burn mode. Everything else in the manual is well written and easy to follow along with and you should have no issues at all getting this set up.

First Flights

So now that we are all ready to go, let's get the X4 Storm in the air and see how she does. One of the things that I noticed right off the bat was that there are no forward and backward trim adjustments. The two buttons on the front right edge of the transmitter adjust the left and right yaw trim but there is nothing for the other. I hope that this is something they can add with future updates. Mine falls off backwards and it would be nice to trim it in better.

As you can see the X4 Storm comes with a bright white LED on the front and two red LED on the rear of the frame. I like the fact that they included a button on the TX so that you can turn the light on and off as needed. If you're out side in day light conditions having the light off should give you at least a little more flight time.

Other than the trim issue, I found the Hubsan X4 Storm to perform very well! For a brushed set up it's really quite fast and the handling is very snappy. In no time at all I was enjoying ripping around the back yard at top speed. I will say that I was unable to test the LCD screen and goggles set up that shipped with the X4. With no diopter adjustment inside the goggles, I just couldn't see the screen clearly. I did how ever try on the goggle set and found it to fit comfortably enough for this style of goggle. There was just a little light escaping in around the sides but I am sure with some adjustments to the strap system you will be good to go.

Review Video

Hubsan X4 Storm - RCGroups Review (7 min 49 sec)

In Closing

In closing I will say that the Hubsan X4 Mini Race Drone is a great performing, durable "out of the box" FPV experience at a great price point. It has great flight characteristics and is easy to get going. If you are in the market for a new mini race drone then look no further then the Hubsan X4 Storm Race Drone from Cafago!

Coupon Code

The folks at Cafago have provided a coupon for this quad:

  • Sale price: 118.99$
  • Coupon code: US9232
  • Valid to 8th Apr.
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Mar 29, 2018, 09:34 PM
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Nicely worded... but between the lines, I got it: Misses on DOCUMENTATION (as usual), "trim-ability" (for lack of a better word) and BL motors for a price tag of $121. PLUS the main feature, FPV is UNTESTED, so the review is UNFINISHED! Plus the hood is a bad fit for our huge American heads. Probably why it didn't get tested? As a 40 year R/c veteran who flew fixed-pitch Heli's with only mechanical tail mixing, I can tell you FPV flight is not easy regardless. Stereoscopic view aids in depth perception and better judgment in the air. At a 3.7" footprint, it gets even harder, WHY are we going smaller with these things like with cell phones and all the other stuff in our pockets? Small gets lost easier, how many replacements does China want me to buy because they made my toy a pack of cigarettes?

Also, what's a 7.6v Lipo? Is that something new I've missed or is it a "Lipo Typo"? I appreciate the pack is rated at 710mAh while my H502s comes with a measly 610mAh, but why charge these things through a USB port, which is only rated for 500mAh @ 5v to begin with? That's ~90 minutes, I could get the job done in 30 with the proper charger! Skip the video and read the review instead. That's why we're willing to except poor documentation, poor QC standards, poor leadership, poor salaries, heck... we're just poor in America! It also doesn't cover firmware issues and what is or is not capable of upgrade, like the H501/502 firmware in both Rx/Tx. I have an H502s in the mail to me now and I'm getting a bad vibe already. Matter of fact, my online seller only has BAD REVIEWS for one product manufacturer whose items they sell...

care to guess which manufacturer? Oh and please.... don't use "turn and burn" again, makes me nervous!

This is "Droned out" by false claims and overdone hype of Chinese products, wishing you a happy and safe 3-day holiday weekend. Which is a CHRISTIAN one, btw. Later...
Last edited by Droned.out; Mar 29, 2018 at 10:12 PM.

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