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Nov 30, 2004, 09:27 PM
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Has anyone flown a LET 2.6m Nimbus?

I'd just test glide my Nimbus and these are my observations.

Upon launching, I was immediately greeted with a steep nose dive and I'd to hold almost half of my 'up' elevator stick to stay level. I thought that it could be the severe nose heaviness, and shifted the CG 1/8" back from the recommended location which is the spar position. 2nd launch shows very little improvements and I put some shims to raise the stab TE. 3rd launch shows marked improvement but shortly after that, the wind has stopped and I left without trying again.

The recommended rudder throws of 25mm each way cannot be achieved, and I settled with 15mm. I coupled it with aileron controls and seems sufficient for normal flying. At one point, I switched off the coupling and although I have plenty of aileron differentials, roll control are very sluggish and I quickly switch the coupling back again.

At this point, it seems that it's flying fine as long as the nose is being kept pointing slightly downwards. Any stall will cause the plane to drop a great deal before it regains airspeed and continue to fly again. Anyone with similar experience?
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Dec 01, 2004, 12:35 AM
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Have you got an incidence meter? Sounds like the first place to check out stab and wing to see if they are at 0 degrees to each other. you don't say what any of your throws are but rudder-- ??
Dec 01, 2004, 10:57 AM
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No, I do not own any incidence meter at the moment. I probably reduce the stab incidence by around 1 degree by permanently shimming the mounting. My elevator and aileron throws are just within recommended range, that is 6mm each way, 10mm up and 6mm down respectively. I've no problem with the throws, it's just that the CG and the incidence sweet spots are yet to be found. Although I can only achieve 15mm each way for rudder, due to the meachanical limitations, I'm still getting sufficient yaw control.
Dec 01, 2004, 01:55 PM
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to find the insidence without a proper guage set the plane up so that the the leading and trailing edge are at the same hight.then you can mesure the hight diferance between the leading and trailing edge of the tail plane.then plot the points of the tail on a pice of paper and eather with a pertractor or some simple math you can work out the angle insidence of the tail.you will probably want about 3 deg

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