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Nov 30, 2004, 07:37 PM
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Air Hogs RC Titan Frequency 2

Has anyone had any experience with this plane? Looks like a foam 4 engine ducted plane.
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Dec 01, 2004, 12:24 AM
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I held one in it's package one time........

No, really, I actually did; then I put it down, 'cause it sounded waaaaaaayyyy too good to be true. And the product description makes me believe that my second impression was correct.

1.)"...Meaning more pressure you place on the toggle, the faster the plane reacts in air..." Depends on the method of "placing pressure" I actually have seen units where the "toggle" had a "blister" of conductive material pressed against a metal/carbon plate to activate. The more you pressed, the greater the blister would compress; putting more of the conductive blister on the metal surface = less resistance in that signal path = higher control signal frequency = more up elevator or more left rudder. Great idea; until you're putting about 33,000 PSI of thumb pressure on the button, trying to pull out of that dive! Blister stays permanently compressed, forever after giving you the option of "off" or "all-the-way-up" elevator!

2.) "...27.195MHz" Do you fly near a freeway or major artery? 27.195 is 10 kHz (one "channel") away from CB channel 19. Next time you see a whole slew of truckers rushing by on their way to "Shaky-town"; bet that at least two of them are ratchet-jawing at each other on over-driven, poorly matched not-quite-linear amplifiers and splattering 5 channels on either side of Channel 19. All the while, your single conversion RX is trying to hear your 100 milliwatt cheap TX only one channel away. Now you're calmly applying 33,000 PSI of thumb pressure to that "up-elevator" button.....

Dec 01, 2004, 08:54 AM
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Since they are Elapor or Arcel type EPP, I'd get one for conversion to regualr R/C. Should be really easy to do since it seems to be in a sort of kit form, also looks to run on one of those tyco/radio shack 9.6 V AA packs(more room to mess with, maybe a bombay?).
Dec 01, 2004, 10:22 AM
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Looks like a typical walmart toy. Kinda expensive for what it is. I am certain your "control" comes from it manipulating power in the motors from one side to the other, So there will be no actual control surfaces. I have flown some Air-Hogs stuff and strictly speaking, most of it is crap, However they do make a little red plane and a little blue plane that preform excelannt, they call them Defenders.. Definitly stay away from there resistor ( black or purple ) that plane is complete trash. the intruder too

spending 99 bucks on this plane to convert I see as a poor idea, the only thing that will be any good are the motors and the fusilage, maybe the batterys. The charger is a timer one so isnt a good one.
Funy the radio pictured on the box looks like a 2 stick job, but the picture of the radio the kid is holding in one of teh other pictures is a single stick type ( the type most comon to this style of plane )

In short, It probably flys in light wind. But for the money, You could get 2 other planes in this class instead of 1

air hog defender

this is a real cheap plane that flys well, We flew ours in over 20mph winds ( ok ok we fought for control wile teh wind blew it around, but it was Fun, and to anyone who didnt know we were fihgting it, It looked like it was doing "intended" acrobatics. This is one of the few "Toy" class r/c planes I endorce. This link is not on the walmart page, But Walmart does carry them. ( at least here they do )
$49.79 jet

A friend of mine has one of these, It flys respectably for what it is, He threw the charger away and uses a peak charger.

$49.79 jet

This is also a decent plane, ( charger sucks as usual for this class of plane ) I ended up using a 7 cell 720 gws AAA pack in mine after the original pack was toasted by another friend wile it was on loan. The 720 7 cell pack allowed it to fly for 20 minutes and you had to be carefull to not let it run or climb away from you, It was fast stock, but it was very fast modifyed.

You can also find another plane at walmart from time to time. Its called a Air rider falcon. it is a canard wing slowflyer and falls into the $50.00 catigory.

"I make things do what I want them too, The Hell with what they are designed to do."
Dec 01, 2004, 10:50 AM
orenda635's Avatar
I've seen these in Radio Shack. They seem to be of really cheap styrofoam construction. Also, the Tx seems overly simplified for any real enjoyment for anyone over the age of 8.

Get a proper foamy or balsa from a well known hobby manufacturer. They sell for about the same and will probably be of better quality.
Dec 01, 2004, 11:22 AM
"Bible Thumper"
AMTJIM's Avatar
I have seen and held this actual model at Toys R Us, it's like a multiplex kit. It's well made, molded in Elapor or Arcel EPP, not straight styrofoam. I don't like any of the thrust controlled planes, but there are a few that are worth converting to regular R/C. This one is definitely one of them, show me where you can find an Elapor jet with 4 engines for cheaper!
Jan 02, 2008, 12:25 AM
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Titan converted to 3 channel

check this 2 of them, 1 new in the box....

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