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Mar 08, 2018, 07:48 AM
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RX120. A printed size 120 helicopter is the final version.

I want to thank Mike Jennings (MikeHRC) for the translation!!!

Russian version

This is a continuation of the previous article, about a helicopter with 120mm blades printed on a 3D printer.

After testing the trial version , I took into account all the defects, strengthened the model, and printed a new frame for the helicopter. The frame turned out to be very tough and strong, but also put on weight a couple of scales.

The weight of the frame came out the same as that of the V977 - 5 grams.

Well, in fact, the finished result

Now a little more about what was done.

Strengthened the frame. Virtually all the walls are 1.5mm thick. Finished the case of the tail beam. He added amplifiers to the column of the main shaft and connected the column with a bridge with a tail boom case. Strengthened servo holders.

I recycled the tail case. Strengthened and made it under bearings without a flange. Used the same bearings as stand in pins. They are better in quality and lighter.

Changed the shape of the tail fin, so in my opinion it looks more harmonious.
The type of fastening of the fin to the beam left the former, field tests showed that it works perfectly!

Recycled the management board. Moves all the connectors back. Now all the wires come out of one place, looks nice and neat.

I installed the main blades from KK K123. They are better in quality than the V931.
Thicker and wider by 0.1mm, longer by 1mm, and most importantly, a little stiffer.

Covered the frame, to protect against dirt, electrical insulation varnish Plastic-71.
The varnish is colorless and easily soluble with alcohol. On the properties of plastic does not affect the weight of the frame out 49g.

Now the most interesting thing is what and where.

Printing frame in will cost about 8 euros + 6 euros shipping in Germany + further delivery wherever you need.
That is, if you live in Germany, then it will cost you at least 14 euros. If you live in Moscow, then it will be even cheaper for you, since in Moscow there are firms that print almost at the same prices, but you will not have to pay for shipping.
Let the print will be worth for an even account - $ 15

Control board from V977 / K110 - $ 23- $ 28
http: // www.

Main engine HP06V2 16200KV - $ 40 (excluding the cost of delivery) p-60.html

Tail engine HP03S 13500KV - $ 38 (excluding the cost of delivery)
Tail motor Racerstar Racing Edition 1103 BR1103 10000KV 1-2S 7.77
The main regulator MX-10a is 18 $

The tail regulator MX-3a - $ 7 (excluding the cost of delivery)

Servo HK-5330 - 3pcs 11 $ (excluding the cost of delivery)
http: // www / hobbyking / s ... dproduct = 34540

Blades from HK K123 - $ 5 The

tail screw from V931 - 2.2 $

Hub from heli-factor - $ 10 (excluding the cost of delivery)
http: //www.miracle-mart. com / store / in ... ducts_id = 12803

Trunks from heli-factor - $ 15 (excluding the cost of delivery)

Plate from heli-factor - $ 12 (excluding the cost of delivery)
http : //

Intermediate shaft from V977 - $ 3

Dampener from V977 - 1.2 $

Set of traction from V977 - 2 $ ...- p-922526.html

The main carbon shaft from V977 is 1.3 $

Bearings - 4pcs - 4.3 $
http: //

Basic Gear from v977 - $ 2.6

Pinyon for the main engine - 1.4 $ 925710.html

Set of gears for tail from Walkera V120D02S - 2.3 $

Drive shaft for tail from Walkera V120D02S - 3 $
http: //

Carbon tube for tail boom 4 * 2mm - $ 3 per 1 meter

Set of screws from V977 - 1.2 $ WLtoys-V977 -...- p-921330.html

Skiing from V977 - 1.7 $

Canopy from V966 - 4 $
http: //

Consumables, wires, connectors, tape, etc. - $ 10

The cost of shipping from three different stores around - $ 15

Total is a terrible sum - $ 252

In general, the bird was a success!

Having flown some time on this helicopter and on the v977 with exactly the same control board and power unit, I can draw some conclusions about the differences and the quality of the flight.

The model, with my frame, and the tail motor inside it, flies steadily and smoothly. On the rudder there is practically no swinging of the tail after its sharp stop.
On the elevator, the tail swings completely disappeared after the flips. Flips are smooth and without hesitation of the tail after the end of the flip.
According to general impressions, the flight became a bit smoother and more collected, without unnecessary swings.
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