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Mar 07, 2018, 12:13 PM
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there are thermals, and there are THERMALS!

i fly 2 meters gliders. with electric motor for climbing. after that, stop the motor, prop folds, and hunt for thermals. thats all. is a way to enjoy flying models, and is all that i want. usually i have to search for thermals, and sometimes i find some moderate that i have to work out for staying up, and that is the fun of it. some days there are no thermals at all. and other days i find some that i have to fight to bring my plane back. even in cold weather. recently found myself again into this situation. cloudy, not much wind, near freezing, there was a large thin white cloud above, not thick enough to have grey under. launched to 200 meters (640 ft), stopped the motor, prop folded, and the plane began to climb. i have a vario with voice that tells me the height every 20 ft, and noticed that the plane was climbing fast. in no time it was at 300 mt, so i began to give it some 'down' elevator, but still was going up very fast, so decided to move around to find a spot where there was no lift. still reached 400 mt, 450, 500... (never been so high .). the plane was visible because it is covered in black and was on a white background, but it was that strange feeling that the sky was trying to claim my plane (it is not the 1st time . )
dont know how long it was up there. time ceases to exist in these dont even know whats your name...
i decided to move it away from the cloud, but when drifted away from it, the blue sky was not so much contrast, and was harder to see it. and drifting from the large cloud meant that was beyond 80 degrees, that is the limit i choose so the plane does not drift too far. more 'down' elevator, and eventually began to hear the voice telling me that it was coming down, even at a very slow pace. pushing down too far the wing may fold-it has happened to me. the good thing is that the vario tells me the change in height, so i have that data to work with. took a long time to bring it back to 300 mt. at that height the thermal was not too strong, so i could enjoy it the way i like. spent a few more minutes soaring the way it should be, then gave it a little down signal and got free from the thermal, glided down smoothly and had a nice smooth landing and folded and went back home.
i dream of finding thermals, for that is what i like, but when i find myself (my plane) in this situation, is a little bit scary.
but, after all, flying is an adventure.
you are never sure of what is going to happen. and when all ends well, is a great feeling to be back home with your plane in good shape...
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Mar 07, 2018, 12:35 PM
Got some led lights and strung up a 2m sailplane, was excited to try it so I threw in a dx 5 reciever and tossed it straight away. It was an awesome sight up at night . . . it started to climb on it's own fast! Kinda scared me I walked a few steps and the batteries popped out of the tx! (I had some rechargable ni-cads in there and the fast charge puffed 'em) so they just blew out of there.
In a panic to get them back in, the glider just kept going up up and away. Got the batts in but it wouldn't hook up 2m of led became a dot. I don't know where it went but all night driving around and on my bicycle never found it. Lots of people "saw that thing - " but it's gone. Suprising how many people have led yard butterflies in their back yards.

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