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Feb 19, 2018, 08:36 PM
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WLtoys 12423/12427/12428/ 124018 MOD Thread

The intent of this thread is to discuss modding and improving the 12428. This thread is not intended to talk about stock parts. If you need help with trying to fix or keep your stock 12428 running, please go to the previous 12428 thread.
We would like to talk about improvements to:
1. The steering and its components.
2. Using metal gears to make the front and rear drive line run more reliably.
3. Weight reduction
4. Adding FPV
5. Wheel and tire combos.
6. Electronics improvements or replacements.
7. Alternate bodies.
8. Bigger and better batteries.
9. Wear resistance.
10. Whatever else comes up.
I will take components and paste them in the category as they come in.

EDIT: - October 2020
I think it would help to add a parts list for a complete build for those who are interested. Unfortunately, I can'y insert a new category to what I already have listed, so, I will have to add the build lists under Miscellaneous. I'll add to the title to include Builds.
EDIT - June 2021
I would like to include more than just the 12428 buggy. The 12427 is the updated version of the 12428 with metal gears. The 12423 is the stadium truck version of the 12428. The 124018 is the latest version of the 12428 and it seems that they included many of the mods we did here in this thread - bell crank steering, metal gears, an easier to get at drive system and a better protected and closer to center mass battery location. Most of us have no experience with the 124018, but we’ll help as much as possible and we veterans can learn from what we discuss here.
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:37 PM
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Thread OP

Steering/ Suspension

2.5MM ROD ENDS $10.63USD

3mm threaded rod $7.82USD

o-rings (M2) $0.5USD

Rear shocks (blue anodized version) [ take a long time to get to you and mine now leak]:
rear shocks $10.52USD
NOTE: Mine leak!

Front shocks (blue anodized version):
front shocks $10.38USD
AGAIN: Mine leak!

Both shocks are stiffer than stock. If less is needed, cut off a loop on the internal spring. Fill with oil if it doesn't have any!!

A949 shock mount for vertical front shocks:
A949-09 shock tower $1.29USD

Rear Upper Link (solid):
NOTE: One end of this rod has a slight bend to it that may or may not affect the way you want to use it.

5 wire servo with metal gears:
Metal gear servo(5 wire) $11.59USD

Round Rods with Threaded Ends and rod ends (as used by Pastel):
RC4WD store

Front Drive Shafts:

Servo Arm:
25 T servo arm $4.62USD

Front Shock Mount:

How to Lower/Shorten Shocks:
How To Lower Your RC/Shocks (7 min 10 sec)

Feiyue Rear Axle Swap:

Hobby King Shocks(NOTE: These cannot be found using the link, but going by size may get you what you need):

68 mm: $12.71
61 mm: $12.43

Another Shock:

Linkage Set:

Rear Shocks:

Individual Upgrade Suspension Parts:
Contact the seller about combined shipping, otherwise, you will pay per piece.

More shocks:


Steering Servo (3-Wire)


Shock Oil:
Shock oil -

Servo 3-Wire:
Servo -


Link Set With Turnbucles:
Turnbuckle set $18.89USD

7 MM Hexes

3-Wire Servo:

Rear Upper Control Links (adjustable):!14468!US!-1
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:38 PM
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Thread OP

Metal Gears

Before you order the gears and try to do this yourself, PLEASE consider buying the complete metal gear assemblies and avoid the hassles.

Shim pack $6.09USD

Other Shims: $2USD + S&H

Steel Gear Set: $12.83USD

NOTE: This gear set is for the 12428. The ones for the Feiyue are definitely smaller and have fit/ mesh problems. Stay away from them.

This package has metal axles:
Front end mods-metal axles $41USD

Second Source for Metal Gears:

Complete Metal Gear Front Gearbox:

Complete Metal Gear Rear Assembly (12428 size gears):

Buy both assemblies together by picking the right "color". It should come out to be $33.80:

Metal Reduction Gear Set

Pinion gear -
Spur gear -

Front Gearbox Spacers/ Shims:
New Spacer Design for Front Gearbox By keke tonike83
NOTE: These pieces are 3-D printed. If you do not have access to a 3-D printer, a source here on RC Groups is CrazyFastFlying. Send him a PM. He is quick and reasonably priced.

Rear O-Rings:
o-rings (M2) $0.5USD

Steel pinion:
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:39 PM
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Thread OP

Weight Reduction

enter here.
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:41 PM
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Thread OP


Tell us what you use and how you mount it and use it.

camera & antennae $18USD

foam to protect camera $2.99USD

200mw version:

Eachine Goggles:
Eachine 800 goggles 89

Camera with Whip Antenna:
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:44 PM
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Thread OP


Tell us what you are using and link to where you got it.

3 Channel Flysky trans/rec - US $38USD


HW brushed ESC w/fan $13USD

servo $5.11USD
NOTE: this is the servo the Feiyue guys use, but it's 3 wires.

I used this one on my 10428, but may be tight in a 12428. Check dimensions. 3 wires.
JX servo $13USD

45 Turn Motor

Crawling motor:

Since there are problems with getting electronics wet and I can't figure out how to add a new topic that will end up on this page, I will add it here as a sub topic:


Corrosion X Video:
Flite Test | Waterproofing Electronics (18 min 20 sec)

MG Chemicals 419C Acrylic Lacquer Conformal Coating 55 ml Bottle Clear:

Brushless Conversion:

Futaba servo pair:

Alternate brushed motor:

Brushless ESC Programming Card:
Programming card-

Brushless Combo:
Motor and ESC combo , I can't seem to find the 60A one, but this one is a 45A version .

Waterproof Motor 3600/4500KV:

Program Card:

Extra Range Antennae:

$1.60 USD

Crawler Speed Brushless Motor (SENSORED):


Turnigy TrackStar 1/10 70A Waterproof Car ESC (Sensored Only) ($35USD):

Hobbywing QUICRUN 10BL120 Sensored Brushless ESC 120A - with fan $43 USD

Motor Heat Sink w/Fan:

1060 ESC

1080 ESC

Holmes Hobbies brushed motor.

Motor esc combo

5 Channel Flysky Transmitter & Receiver:

Heat Sink with Fan:

Motor Combos (many choices):

Dumbo RCX Transmitter with Gyro:
Banggood has them too:

Lights Set:




Q Dope coating GC Electronics 10-3702 $15.49USD

RadioLink rc6gs Extended Range Transmitter (400 meters/ 1200 ft)
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:45 PM
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Thread OP

Alternate Bodies

Tell us what you have, how you mounted it and link to where you got it.

Austin A60 ABS banger shell from Adek body shells painted red but in photo looks pink.
The link has an objectionable name in it according to RCG. Take out the * and insert an F before clicking.

Hardware from 12423 to add a body:

12423 front mount 4.99
front column 5.99
rear column 5.99

Better prices here:

12423 front mount 1.19
front column 1.19
rear column 1.19
12423 body 9.98

Red Stock Body:

Red Wheels and Tires:

12428-B body Panels 8.36USD
NOTE: These body panels also require the front and back bumpers and possibly a different frame = $$$

SUV body (FY-02) 9.98
NOTE: S&H is more than the price of the body.

This one is $19.60USD with free shipping:

AliExpress has it for $16.49USD with free S&H:
NOTE: More than likely, this body will be shipped in nothing but a plastic bag and may arrive CRUSHED! Then, you have to work with a heat gun/ hair dryer to try to save it. In my case, it arrived in the plastic bag, but in pristine condition. It all depends on how it gets handled.

12423 side bumper $1.59USD

spur/pinion cover $1.59USD

front bumper cushion $1.59USD

front bumper $1.59USD

Body pins $2.29USD

Magnets on Mounting Plate:

Magnets Only:
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:47 PM
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Thread OP


Tell us what you have, what it's rated at, how many C's, etc. Please link to where you bought it.

G Force 2200mah/30C $11.99USD

Voltage Monitor:

3S Battery:
Floureon 3S lipo -

Gforce 2700 mah $11USD

3S Battery:

NOTE: Buy a 3S battery at your own risk. This buggy really isn't designed to handle the power and tends to wreck things in a hurry!

1100 mah 2S Battery:

Gens Ace 3S 50C 1400mah Lipo
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:47 PM
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Thread OP

Wear Resistance

Tell us what you did to make your buggy last longer. Pics would be nice.

Better Drive Shaft:
This is a very beefy driveshaft and looks like it will last a long time.
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Feb 19, 2018, 08:49 PM
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Thread OP

Misc. - Build Parts Lists

I'll put things here that are important but not covered above.

Battery Strap

heat sink $1.99USD

Magnetic parts tray $3.21USD

Voltage Tester/Monitor

12423 Manual:

12428 Manual:

124018,124019 and 144001 Manuals (done in a video format. Use the Pause to see what you need):
✅INSTRUCTION BOOKLETS | COMPLETE USER MANUALS | WLTOYS 144001, 124018, 124019 (4 min 50 sec)

Better Lights:

Comparing the FY-03 and 12428 (compatibilty):

32 Tooth Pinion Gear:
32p with 3.2 hole
Traxxas ones:

Magnets to hold the body on:
1/2"x1/8" neodymium magnets $6.99USD

Complete Build by GKT - post 916
Parts Used:

Metal gears:

Upgrade Hexagon Set:

Cooling Fan;

Upgrade steering :

Rear axle main grider :

Buggy Metal Shock Absorber:

Metal Linkage Rods:

AUSTAR 4PCS 1.9Climbing Car Wheel:

Aluminum Alloy Shock Absorber:

Upgrade Rear Axle:

Cardan Joint:

HBX Wheels :

Claw RC Car:

Drive shaft :


Universal Socket:

Rocker Arm:

Servo Tester:

Linkage Rods:

Complete Build by Grandad Stinky - post 917


Another Beeper:

Chapman Allen bit sets/individual bits:

Clear LED Light Source

Red LED Light Source

Lock Nut Assortment

Lock Nuts From China:

LED Strip Lights:

Alternative Pinions:

Gearing/ Speed Calculator:


Robinson Racing Pinions

Build Parts from RCing in SC

Extenders 12

Wheels and tires $11/2'

Servo 17

108004D Suspension Adjustable Piggyback Shocks Absorber 105mm HSP Redcat SCX10 11.99

Front Shock Mount:

WLToys 12428 (12427) Front Shock Mod // Shock Tower Fabrication (1 min 41 sec)

Hub Extenders:

WLToys 12428 // Everything You Need To Know About Hub Extenders (5 min 55 sec)

Adding Useful Items to Your On Screen Display for FPVing:

WLToys 12428 // Setup and Install GPS for MpH in OSD for FPV Driving (Speedometer in your goggles) (7 min 14 sec)

Adding Extended Range with CRossFire:

Crossfire Install And Setup On Your RC Car/Truck/Boat/Plane. PWM Adaptor Mod / WLToys 12428 Upgrade (9 min 20 sec)

Build Parts from K Yammow:

Yeti Steering links 7.99

servo saver spring 7.6

EMAX ES9258 Steering Servo 14

Traxxas Rod Ends 2742x 7.5

Lexan sheet 3.34

Hobbywing Sensored 10BL60/3650 Combo (10.5 turn option) - $86

Heatsink+Fan for 540 Size Motor

Turnbuckles (rod ends are junk need to be replaced) $18.60

RC4WD M3 Rod Ends For Turnbuckles(cut/sand to length) $7.50

Front RCAWD Oil Shocks (rod ends are weak use rod end from stock shock) $8.32

Rear Injora Oil Reservoir Shocks (100mm option, and replace rod ends with Traxxas 2742X) $14.39

Metal Differential Gears Real Metal $10.89

Metal Spur Gear

Metal Pinion Gear 17t

Tires(Injora super swampers, option A) 20

Build by Spacecadet25: Programming card- Motor and ESC combo , I can't seem to find the 60A one, but this one is a 45A version . Shocks, these seem to be holding up well, haven't leaked yet. - Pinion gear - Spur gear - Diff gear set - Metal hex hubs - Shock oil - Floureon 3S lipo - *Link is to 6S!!!!! Servo - Controller -
Fishing weights(the weights that come with it is 4.7oz btw.

That motor is not a bad price, I will keep it in my wish list for when I blow this one up. 
I am looking at how to improve the steering, I have the metal servo saver on the way, and will see if that helps. I may upgrade to the metal steering arms if the toe out gets too bad.
Viscous coupling is basically filling the diff with something sticky, Red and Tacky in my case. 

To use the ESC card its pretty simple. 

-Disconnect your receiver.
-Plug ESC into card.
-Turn on power
-It will flash then the lights will turn on the current settings. 
-To change a setting scroll with the down arrow, then use the right arrow to move to a different setting. 
-Once you are finished, hit Program and it will blink. 
-Turn off the power, unplug and you are done. 

-Low voltage cut-off, I did not change this setting, the default on the ESC is 3.1V
-Start mode, this setting is how fast power is ramped up. I changed it from medium to soft so I don't strip out the gears. I can do a standing backflip when its on Strong, and I still wheelie on Soft
-Brake force I left at 50%
-Max reverse force I changed to 50%
-Neutral Zone is basically how touchy you want to make the throttle. Visualized it looks like this Reverse/Brake-------------------(((Neutral Zone)))-------------------Forward. I left it at default 9%, meaning I have to apply 9% power or brake before something turns. But I think I will bump it down to 6% for better response. You can also adjust this in your receiver if it has those capabilities. The FlySky does. Hope this helps!
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Feb 20, 2018, 05:46 AM
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Good idea jack.
Bye the way your missing the "c" in Electronics.
Feb 20, 2018, 06:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Garysnr
Good idea jack.
Bye the way your missing the "c" in Electronics.
Welcome. I hope other modders will feel free to share their tips and tricks.
Feb 20, 2018, 07:59 AM
I'd add the fact that the prices are USD.

I'll dig out my mod stuff from the other thread and post it in here when I get a chance
Feb 20, 2018, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by OllieNZ
I'd add the fact that the prices are USD.

I'll dig out my mod stuff from the other thread and post it in here when I get a chance
I'd appreciate it. I think what I would like to do is to put links to parts in the categories I've made space for but leave discussions in the regular space of the thread. The same goes for pics and videos.

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