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Feb 16, 2018, 10:45 PM
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Millennium Master Mods & Maintenance

The Tower (or Flyzone) Millennium Master is a favorite sport plane of mine. It has great performance and quality and is a terrific value. No other plane of it's type flies as well for so little money. But, no one said "foam is forever" except as a joke! As time goes on, and with many trips to the flying field (a very rough field, too!) the MM had become "not so fresh". My rough field conditions weren't the best for a trike gear plane, and I really wanted to either convert it to a tail dragger or just eliminate the gear and belly land. I had eliminated the gear on my 3 other Tower 1 meter foam planes, the Hellcat, Corsair and P51, and they all improved their already great flying characteristics after ditching the gear.

The need to start my modifications happened when I put an 1800 4S battery in the MM and attempted to hand launch it. I'd hand launched it many times before with various 3S batteries no problem, but this time, I might have had the CG a bit too far forward. Whatever the combination of reasons, it nosed in hard at the launch, and obliterated the lite ply motor mount box, flush with the foam fuselage nose. The flimsy cowling was split in a few places as well. The X mount on the motor had 2 bent legs. The X mount is one of a very few weaknesses of these motors. Once they bend, they cannot be straightened as they break at the motor fastening screws where there is very little metal. The bolt pattern of the motor is unique, and Tower will sell you another motor with the mount for $19.99, but they do not sell just the X mount. I hope to 3D print a replacement X mount once I'm able to use design software successfully.

The shattered cowling situation can also be remedied using parts from Tower that both cost less AND look better than the original MM pieces.
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Feb 17, 2018, 12:24 AM
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Do you really need an x shape motor mount ? maybe it will be enough to use just a plywood square (or whatever shape would fit the firewall), mayby a little heavier but much stronger.
Feb 17, 2018, 11:39 AM
3d and EDF, some scale
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I miss my Millenium Master, tumbled very well and generally a fun plane

millenuim Master onboard 007:
millenuim Master onboard 007 (8 min 24 sec)
Feb 17, 2018, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by eagle60
Do you really need an x shape motor mount ? maybe it will be enough to use just a plywood square (or whatever shape would fit the firewall), mayby a little heavier but much stronger.
You're right - I have made a replacement from a square of 1 mm aluminum sheet for one of these motors, and it worked out okay.
But it gives me something to use for a learning project for 3d design software.
Feb 22, 2018, 05:46 PM
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Motor Box Replacement

Job 2 (after the hot water treatment of the bent over nose) was the replacement of the motor mount. Thanks to rcnutrc who posted dimensions of the stock motor box I was preparing to construct one out of lite ply. But, when looking for a replacement X mount for the motor (which unfortunately doesn't exist), I followed a comment that brought me to the FLZA6609 Replacement Mount Select Scale Zero, available for $7.99. It's made of plastic, rather than the (less than impressive quality) lite ply, similar to the plastic unit in my Racer Red P51.

I prepped the plane by removing nearly all of the wood mount, leaving only the parts which sat flat onto the front of the foam fuse nose. Preliminary fitting showed that some foam needed to be removed from the inside tunnel of the fuse for the "legs" to sit flat against the inside fuse. This was pretty easily done with an old broken scroll saw blade. I then added some popsicle stick material to the fuse front top & bottom to bridge where the original light ply had been removed (your plane may vary) and hot glued it in place. After more preliminary fitting, I sanded the parts of the plastic that would be glued and hot glued the mount in place. Why hot glue? Because it's removable with alcohol and minor effort, and I have little to no confidence in how this first attempt would turn out (also I reasoned that if I broke this replacement mount, it would be smart to make it removable).

I retrieved my new replacement motor and mounted it to the newly installed motor box mount. It looked good! I had some misgivings about the fine adjustment of the thrust line (which proved to be well founded), but decided I'd test fly it before fitting a cowling or landing gear.

The test flight was a success, however it did prove that I needed more down thrust. Side thrust was fine. The 10x8 Master Airscrew worked very well on the MM, especially with the lack of gear. When I got home, I added one 1.6mm thick 3mm ID Ace Hardware nylon washer behind each of the two upper motor mounts to give more down thrust. It took another week before the weather cooperated to allow another test flight with my corrected down thrust. It proved to be perfect! The corrected thrust line made my 2 flights the best yet ever with the MM, which is saying something, because the MM is my favorite sport plane!
Mar 01, 2018, 06:43 PM
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exactly the info i'm looking for, but can't quite see how the nose wheel is mounted. does the new mount have a place for it?
Mar 01, 2018, 06:52 PM
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Just about the only thing I didn't like about the Millennium Master was the trike gear, Trike gear is great for hard surface or putting green runways - I have neither. My club fiels are grass, and one is very rough. The other place I fly is a hayfield.

I am still considering adding either wing or front fuse mounted conventional (tail dragger) gear and a rear skid, which would be more than adequate for where I fly - BUT - just like the Tower Hellcat, Corsair & P51, the MM flies SO much better with no gear as a belly lander!

I'm afraid if you want a nose wheel, you'll have to add a Dubro or other mount , as the Flyzone Zero motor mount doesn't include one.
Mar 04, 2018, 04:05 PM
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Cowling & Spinner Mod

The original cowling is very thin and very expensive ($11!) to replace. I'd purchased a replacement cowling for my Red Racer P51, which is made with a heavier plastic and is much less pricey (at $3.39 it's a real bargain) as well as a replacement spinner (also a bargain at $1.99). With no cutting, the P51 cowling fits over the MM nose nearly perfectly! And I think looks better than the original as well. The larger diameter spinner fits the MM's prop adapter shaft as well. What else could you want?

Why, even better looks with less effort, of course!

I ordered the Tower P-51D cowling and spinner, red and yellow stripe on the spinner, checkerboard on the cowling. I had the proper motor thrust line after my last test flight, so I slipped the P-51 cowling over the nose, fitted the P51 spinner and a prop onto the motor and got the best alignment between them, and marked the position of the cowling mounting screw holes through to the fuselage.
Then I used the pieces of the inner sleeve of Sullivan Gold-n-rods, which I FoamTac'd into holes I drilled into the fuse. The plastic inner sleeves will take a small sized servo mounting screw, which I used to attach the cowling.

Now, I'd tested removing the silver paint from the P51 cowling with acetone, and it does come off rather easily. But, it's still so cold here that painting would be a problem. That, and dealing with the fumes inside as well as the danger to the neat read and yellow checkerboard nose paint led me to a quick "temporary fix". I used white 3M duct tape over the silver, which at 20' away and 60mph cannot be detected (take that, Scale Masters!).

For $5.38, it improves the plane's appearance and you really can actually see it on low fly-bys.

The weight without battery is 714 grams or 25.15 ounces. It does require that the battery be moved back further than with the original lighter (and cheesier and uglier) cowling and smaller spinner to maintain proper CG. Flying characteristics were still great! Win, win, win, etc!

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