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Jan 14, 2019, 09:42 PM
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"--- Richthofen took the flamboyant step of having his Albatros painted red when he became a squadron commander. His autobiography states, "For whatever reasons, one fine day I came upon the idea of having my crate painted glaring red. The result was that absolutely everyone could not help but notice my red bird. In fact, my opponents also seemed to be not entirely unaware". Thereafter he usually flew in red-painted aircraft, although not all of them were entirely red, nor was the "red" necessarily the brilliant scarlet beloved of model- and replica-builders. (I guess mud brown to almost red would be in the range, considering it was hand mixed in a bucket usually, then slapped on with anything possible, even the mops for cleaning the floors would have been tinged with reddish paint I rattle cans back then )

Other members of Jasta 11 soon took to painting parts of their aircraft red. Their official reason seems to have been to make their leader less conspicuous, to avoid having him singled out in a fight. In practice, red coloration became a unit identification. --- "

The above is from the Wiki. The books I have now and have read in the past go into FAR more detail, but suffice to say, NONE of the front line aircraft of any Jasta including MOST "Circus" aircraft were all over red. MOST had a different colour for the cowling or tail group, or had bands, stripes or even checkerboard on them. Unit markings and personal coats of arms were also applied. And 152/17, Manfred Von Richtofens personal mount, was BLUE underneath, with black and white stripes under the stabilizer and underside of the elevator. And ALL had a plain white rudder with a simple black cross or the balkenkreuz after the Idfleig directive.

There may have been an odd machine that DID fly in it's full red livery, but none of the researchers can proove or disproove that, and none of the available pictures show any DR1 in as delivered livery, all the pictures have some unit colours or markings on them. I would LOVE to see a genuine picture to disproove or proove it conclusively, but like everyone else that has tried to find one, the pictures DO NOT EXIST.

Someone somewhere will have a box in the attic, and when Great Aunt Hortence, or Great Grandpa Fritz dies, these pictures will be found and we will have proof one way or the other.....I hope.

Pic 1 is Jasta 6, which formed a part of Jagdgeschwader 1, of which the Circus was part, showing some of the " inconspicuous " paint jobs that the Germans came up with.
Pic 2 is 152/17 Manfred's ALL RED machine.
Pic 3 is the description of 152/17 colours. As it states, only the TOP WING was red, the lower two wings and the wheel wing were probably left factory doped. And it was more than likely light blue underneath except the tail which was black and white stripes, as he had painted on his Albatross.

BUT !!! as all these are B+W pictures and nearly 100 years ago........can anyone really be sure ?
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Jan 14, 2019, 10:08 PM
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Is this progress ??? The DR1 cockpit with POSSIBLE gauge locations in 1918. To the Apollo Command Module dash c.1962....the switches were all fakes, this was only to show if the bulbs were working........after all, it was simply a bloody big bomb with a soup can full of human guinea pigs attached.

If the stories are true, they had NO IDEA if it would lift off or blow up until they lit the fuse and got away 10 feet or more from the LARGEST Firework in History.....
Jan 17, 2019, 11:30 AM
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The colour issue is more difficult than I expected. Thanks for providing all the information.
However, I think I will make it easy. I like the painting as shown in the video that you shared. I will stick to this. It just looks very nice.
Jan 17, 2019, 11:57 AM
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I worked on the planking. I changed a few tiny things, since I did not like them.
I started with applying the top front planking (F33). That worked fine for me.
After that, I realized that the shape of the F33 does not suit so well to F34. You can see that in the second picture. So, I changed the shape of the F33 so that this fits better. Others (like RC Geeks ) did not do it, but then you have to bend F33 and F34 a lot. And I do not like the resulting shape. In the third picture, you can see how I changed the shape of F33.
First, the piece F41 or F40 (cannot remember) was too big in my opinion. That would have crated an odd bulge, So, I made it much smaller Picture 4 has the original piece and the modified one 4.
Similar for the parts 38 and 39. Picture 5 shows the original and the modified version. Here I had to extend the piece a little bit. It did not fit for me unless I wanted to bend the wood across the vein.

The big side plankings (F37-1) have to be cut. You can see how much I had to cut out in picture 6. Please note that the tail end (F37-1-1) of the planking does not fit. F37-1 is missing some holes. I could have cut in these holes, but cutting off the round pieces from F37-1-1 was easier.

The result is quite nice, as you can see in the last three pictures. I have marked the position of F40 and F41, since they are missing in the documentation.
The transition from F34 to F33 was not perfect, so I had to apply some filler.
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Jan 17, 2019, 11:59 AM
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Looks like a spaceship! Very cool.
Jan 17, 2019, 11:08 PM
Thanks pixelkorrigierer for the great work so far, please keep it up, as we are following with great interest ! Your work has also inspired me to bump mine up the build list !
Jan 18, 2019, 12:38 AM
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I suggest while you can access them, I would mix up some 30 minute epoxy, warm it a little (5-10 seconds in the microwave) to make it thinner, then brush the interlocking sections of ALL the dovetail joints that are in the picture, AND the one's on the other side that aren't........and ALL OVER any other joints you can get to while she is naked. Work it into those seams and let it FULLY dry for a day or two, then cover. BETTER to add a TINY amount extra weight, and a LOT of piece of mind now, rather than have to repair popped glue joints later, or worse, to have to take her home in a garbage bag. I would also try to put some flat 3mm HARD balsa OVER those dovetails with that epoxy, to reinforce what are really no more than butt joints.

Apart from that, it's looking really good. BOTH this DR1 and the Camel from AEOTech seem to have turned out to be slightly better models than their advertising suggests they would be. Maybe the Promo Pictures were of really poorly setup one's. I hope the Fi-156 I am awaiting for a review build is a similar story......
The picture below is one of your's with suggestion added.
Jan 18, 2019, 11:57 AM
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Erm... you didn't Notice ?
Reinforcing plates for those dovetail joins that are fitted internally ?
And readily visible in your marked up pix.
Jan 18, 2019, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Bare
Erm... you didn't Notice ?
Reinforcing plates for those dovetail joins that are fitted internally ?
And readily visible in your marked up pix. didn't actually read the " marked up " picture though ????
I SAID in the notes, I SEE an internal doubler, but a SECOND couldn't hurt. Might I suggest NEXT TIME your going to make a statement about something, it might pay to read the post your criticizing first.

And NOW, for something HIGHLY IMPRESSIVE.......and it has 3 wings(kind of) so it's a Triplane too, kind of......

Damn thing looks like fun, but I bet it's worth more than my car..............................

DM Indoor 2017 - F3P-Sport - Kamil Mrazik (3 min 45 sec)
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Jan 18, 2019, 07:35 PM
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I got my DR1 kit today, YAY. The cowl was damaged though, not sure it can be fixed, I will revisit once I start the kit. Just kind of annoying but I guess shipping was a long ways. I have to finish framing the little one this weekend and then I can start the big brother.
Jan 19, 2019, 07:28 AM
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@grump010: Cool that you got your kit. Let's build a big fleet!
Well, the fleet seems to be distributed at least between Australia, Canada, Germany and the US (Alphabetical order. Sorry, no America first ). Going to be tough to meet in the analog live.

Sorry for the damaged cowl. Hope you can fix it. Is it just the gelcoat or also the fiber glass? There is a link about fixing the gelcoat earlier in this thread. Maybe that helps. It seems that you can also contact them (Connie) directly: [email protected]
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Jan 19, 2019, 07:41 AM
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@Azoic, @Bare: Thanks a lot for your input. It is always good to get feedback and ideas for improvement. I have limited experience with building wooden aircrafts and so I welcome your hints. I might not always implement them, but they are very helpful and give me a lot of inspiration. I enjoy thinking about other possibilities.

I believe that the dovetails are reinforced sufficiently, so I will not do anything there. Regarding the seams. It is a very good idea to do that. But I have done that already with white glue. Maybe I should have used epoxy as you mentioned. I did not know about the trick to heat it up. That is very interesting.

I have the feeling that the front of the airplaine is weak and could break in case of a crash. Maybe it is a good idea to brush the front planking with glue. It believe, it would strengthen the balsa. Of course, it will add some extra weight though.
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Jan 19, 2019, 07:46 AM
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@Azoic: Nice plane. Hard to believe that it is so expensive. The double propeller is interesting.

As you mentioned at the beginning of this thread, the plane is not super scale. There are lot of derivations that I detect now that I have a closer look at the original version. Nevertheless, these changes have a purpose. And it is a lot of fun to build this plane.

While looking for original Fokker DRI pictures, I found this link: Man-spends-50-000 Pound
Amazing, what the people out there are able to achieve!
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Jan 19, 2019, 08:11 AM
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@Radical_Pete: I am curious to see what your Fokker will look like. So bump it up your list!
Jan 19, 2019, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by pixelkorrigierer
@Azoic: Nice plane. Hard to believe that it is so expensive. The double propeller is interesting.

While looking for original Fokker DRI pictures, I found this link: Man-spends-50-000 Pound
Amazing, what the people out there are able to achieve!
Well I guess if your going to drop 50k, and it's not on DYNAMITE DRUGS......I guess the next best thing is something that tries to kill you first time out.....
Have to admire the dedication to an idea......he wanted a he built himself one. You Gotta admire that.

Coaxial F3P 16-120 2S -- 215.00€ = $ 341.12 AUD just for a few bits of plastic and a small brushless motor, and it comes fully equipped with NO MODEL, NO SERVO'S, NO BATTERIES...yet......I seem to think, a World Champion level model as an entry level, MIGHT be a tad optimistic......for most sensible people. I value my life too much to show that one to the better half.....cute idea though. Did someone say Lotto ??

And that is the cheap one, they go UP in price from that !!!

$580 AUD for JUST a motor.....I am lucky we don't have a basketball centre in my NO INDOOR venue.....What a damnable Shame...
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