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Nov 26, 2004, 10:26 PM
Blade Springs "Rock"

Stock: Fact or Fiction.....

Well I thought I'd start a war. When I received my Aerohawk it wouldn't fly out of the box, dispite others claiming they could. I had the low power problems, bad batteries, and just plain bad luck. After installing every upgrade I could buy I did finally fly......only to regress back to stock.

It seems to me that no matter what model helicopter you end up with......upgrades are necessary.....following the thread outdated micros.

Honestly though, stock can fly........with just minor replacement parts and adjustments. We all have expierenced this. As newbies.......we crashed, figured out what was wrong......bought parts.....and are mostly flying now.....

The best thing I ever did to my Aerohawk was invent the springs...stock or simply flies.....and it flies without worry. The second best thing was going CD-ROM......main motor. This allows me to make motors to fit my setups. I have a couple motors now that are intended for stock blades and for like90's setups. All powered by a 2s1p1500 Kokam. I simply cannot believe the performance, glitch free flights, and how much control I have with my little stock Aerohawk, that couldn't fly.

I read almost daily about commericial brushless motors.....and although I see the point.......I don't. So Trapped to what they think is the right wind, the right magnets....the right wrong. Nothing is more enjoyable then making your own motor. Custom winds to fit your needs. This is so much more fun then anything I've ever done to my Micro....Nothing customizes your personal Micro/Mini Helicopter like a motor you made for it. This is some of the best parts of this hobby, and there's so much support doing it. Yeah, big wallets.......go buy. But you most likely will post problems.....

You know reading everyones posts.......Art, Eddie, Matt, and the rest...that have made there one cd-rom motors...especially glxy...hats off and congrats if this is a sort of newbie inspiration to go brushless......the so be it.

The hole point being is that stock is stock.......and most of our problems with that is low flying time. Take some time read the posts about building motors, Lipoly's, and how the Fix it kits work to solve the problems with the wobble....

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