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Nov 19, 2019, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Hobby_Queen
Rumour has it that Horizon Hobby will be releasing a successor to their popular DSM2/DSMX protocol.
The rumours from a recent tradeshow circuit are that the new protocol won't be backwards compatible.

...''we will see a new protocol from Spektrum fairly soon''....
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Nov 19, 2019, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Radikal
...''we will see a new protocol from Spektrum fairly soon''....
I needed some comedy in my life right now, thank you!

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Nov 19, 2019, 11:50 AM
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Better add this to the Trials and tribulations of Adam Schiff
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Nov 19, 2019, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by aaronredbaron
I needed some comedy in my life right now, thank you!

As that was a quote from me, let me explain what I'm expecting.

DSMX isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but I expect a successor protocol to be introduced fairly soon that would be a superset of DSMX's capabilities, likely built off the same core RF protocol but updating to support encryption, 32 channels and 4096 channel resolution.

Here's the logic:
Spektrum's competition is now selling 24-32 channel radios at pricepoints from $2k (DC/DS-24) down to $69.99USD (X9 Lite). That's likely at some point to trigger a spec sheet arms race. Current Spektrum models have the least channels available at every pricepoint except the $600 one (where the 8ch Jeti DS-12 has the lowest channel count unless you buy the unlock) and the $1400 one (where the Futaba 18SZ is a mere 16ch)

The new SRXL2 wire protocol supports 32 channels at 4096 resolution. That's overkill unless Spektrum expects to be sending similar data over the RF link.

Industrial compliance requirements are rapidly moving to encryption in transit being a requirement, not optional. The latter is likely the key point as I know Spektrum is selling into industrial and military markets (I happen to know one of your smaller industrial/police customers very well, and I work in an area which uses a lot of the same compliance requirements as your industrial customers). That means encryption support will be needed if Spektrum wants to keep selling into those markets.

And there's a DSMX hijack attack that was demonstrated by Trend DVLabs in 2016, which is mostly irrelevant to the hobby market but a definite risk in industrial, police & military applications (and just to note, that attack would work against any current protocol from any manufacturer except FrSky's new ACCESS protocol, DSMX was the target largely because of its popularity, not any protocol-specific weakness)

Spektrum has introduced a new, significantly more powerful Channel Processor with the iX20. That power is to some extent wasted on the current 12+8ch DSMX implementation.

All of these items lead me to expect that Spektrum will end up releasing new hardware with support for a next-generation protocol as well as DSMX.
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Nov 19, 2019, 01:53 PM
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Thanks for the clarification
It would be odd to consider that present protocols will remain static
It is also reasonable to consider that evolving differences blend into present protocols
Historically this is exactly what has happened
Some persons see any changes as a “the sky is falling” event. And try to build a case based on conjecture,
( witness the present us government he said she said witch hunt fiasco.)

The changes I have noted in in the current DSM2 and DSMX all have blended in to all my previous equipment .
I bet I can fly a Vapor on the ix20
Ideally , new technology is invisible to the end user
How it works is not important
That one can easily adopt it , IS the goal.
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