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Feb 05, 2018, 06:30 AM
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New Salamander MK3 Story of a model that I loved in a special way

Hi guys,
This is the story of a model that I loved in a special way.
I design this model years ago in 1994. After the Telemaster who taught me to fly, I needed a second fast and aerobatic model but capable to land at low speed.
My instructor say “build this model he flyes great” and he showed me the plan of the Salamander an old model (around 1970) kitted by a company called Aviominima.
After a closer look I realized that aerodinamically was good but the aesthetics was not the best, and the construction system was complex.
I redesign the model mantaining the aerodynamics features but changing completely the construction and materials, after one day spent drafting the New Salamander was born.
The model was build with the fuselage made by light plywood and the wing fully sheeted. The final weight was around 5 lbs with the Supertigre 51 the performances was amazing and he was capable of high speed and good aerobatics. We flew very intensively for a year toghether and then I switched for different models. During last moving the model was irreparably damaged.
During the years I was remembering the New Salamander the flying characteristics and espacially I liked the way he landed.
2 years ago I redesign the model changing the building system and lighting up the model. In the old New Salamader for ex rounding the corners of the fuselage in light plywood was very difficult and tedious. Now the fuselage is made by lightened poplar plywood with balsa corners....totally different. The final weight? 4Lbs ready to fly. This was the New Salamander MK2.
He retain the good flying characteristics of his predecessor benefiting from a lower weight and an increased roll rate.
He stall smoothly mantaining wings leveled and gently he lower the nose. Roll are axial. He land without flaps at normal speed but with flaperon the speed is very low. The only problem I discovered was a warped wing due to a poor alignement in central part.
During a flight in a beautiful winter day my son says “daddy make a low pass at full speed” Ok no problem..aligned the model on final full speed and ….suddeny the model stopped in the air!!! after two or three seconds the model fallen down vertically. Ehhhhh? w..what happens??!?
In disbelief I took off of my sunglasses and I realized I had hit the top of a tree. With the sunglasses with brown filter I had not seen the thin and bare branches of the tree near the long final.
Hopefully the fuselage suffer minor damage engine mount was broken rudder/steering servo gear stripped and firewall detached from left hand side. The wing inside under the more than toothpicks. I recovered only the terminal blocks,ailerons and the central fairing fuselage/wing.
The positive thing is that the fuselalage has remained intact, showing its strenght despite being light.
I let the matter settle down for two weeks and then back to some CAD work to put some modification in central part of the wing for perfect alignement, added the building tab to the ribs and sent the file to the laser cutter. This is the New Salamander MK3
In no time the wing was built.
In the next days I will post the pictures of the building process and repair.
If you have a story around a particular model feel free to share.
Cheers Max
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Feb 05, 2018, 09:48 AM
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This model is designed to be cheap, the discard from the balsa plank is minimal. during construction you wil see what I mean.
Usually I start the building preparing a kit of all parts. I designed the various components combining them according to the material and different thiknesses.
To transfer the parts from paper to wood I flip down the printed part lock in position with some pins and then dissolve the ink with the acetone. This tecnique works great but the printing has to be made by a toner plotter differently doesn't works.
Feb 06, 2018, 06:39 PM
I just want to go fly!
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Kinda has a sig kavalier vibe.
Feb 07, 2018, 12:38 AM
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Hi Walter3d, Yes It seem. I think that model designed in the same period they have a sort of "common line or common traits". This model was designed around 1970 from a great designer Giuseppe Ciampella and kitted by Aviominima an historical company that unfortunately closed years ago.
Ok It's time for the wing. In this version MK2 I didn't put the tabs on the ribs because the airfoil is symmetrical and because all the ribs are cutted just from a single plank. the other ribs are poplar plywood.
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Feb 11, 2018, 09:32 AM
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Awesome build. I never seen this plane but the pictures look great!
Feb 13, 2018, 05:45 AM
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Hi 442dave, tank you for the compliment.

Today we continue with wing building and I show you the tool I build to sand the central part of the wing.
Later on I discovered that central part built in this way has caused an incorrect alignement between the two half wings. this issue was corrected in the next version and the plan reflect the modification.
Feb 14, 2018, 03:20 PM
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Good, and now I continue with the LE shaping.
I'd like to share my method for a precise shaping of LE. I've used this method for airfoil shaping of a big glider tailplane.
This tecnique was developed by Prof. Drela.
In this thread you can find a description, pictures and the original document in PDF by Prof. Drela, this is the link:
Feb 14, 2018, 11:54 PM
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That's a good way to get a perfect leading edge.
Feb 15, 2018, 07:17 AM
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Hi Dave, yes it is. It’s experience from other people adapted to my needs I don’t like to discover the hot water ... it's already been done.
I like to share my experience because could be useful for someone and at the same time I like people that share their experience. This forum is like a mine if you dig often you can find gold.
Feb 17, 2018, 04:12 AM
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Today I start with the fuselage. I made it with light plywood with lighening holes and balsa corners to facilitate the corners rounding.
I don't like banana shaped fuselage and to avoid this I trace on the buiding board a straight line as a main alignement line and I use a jig to help this.
The pictures show clearly what I mean.
The First step is to draw a centerline on all the formers, then I start gluing the two central formers on one side because the formers in central part have the same width . I put this assembly on the jig and here I put the greatest care in alining the frames centerline with the reference line in the building board.
Next step is to glue all the rear formers. The firewall has 1° to the right and 2° down trust. To achieve this I build a jig that you can see in the picture.
After this I updated the plan wit a simpler jig beacause once I put the epoxy the firewall start to move and was a little tricky to put into position.
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Feb 17, 2018, 07:06 AM
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That center line down the middle of the fuselage is an easy trick I'm going to have to steal haha.

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