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Feb 02, 2018, 09:16 AM
Jeff Carr
Thread OP

Mid South Soaring Championships 2018 May 25,26,27

Ok everyone its on again. Not only do you have the chance to fly against some of the best soaring pilots in the world you also get to fly at the World Class Triple Tree Aerodrome. Did I tell you we have World Class BBQ also.

If you have never been to TTA as an Aviator or just a Aviation need to come. Where else can you go flying and bring your fishing pole a mountain bike, any flying toys you may want and have a good relaxing time.

As you know I am trying to make the prizes something different. I changed the shirts last year and they went over very well. I will probably do the same kind of shirt this year. I had Tumblers last year for the prizes and a few with the MSS, TTA logo on them. I have seen these at different events during this past year and at the NATS. So I was very glad to see them being used. Maybe we will have these again. Let me know your thoughts.

TTA has once again starting on improving the TTA experience. Down at the far end they are under way building more womens restrooms and a air conditioned lounge. This is just one of the many things they do to make you stay enjoyable.

So to let everyone know: This is a very family friendly contest. Bring you wife, girlfriend,mom,dad,dog,cat (Something for the dogs to chase) there really is plenty of room. If you bring your dog please use a leash. They love dogs there but we dont want anything bad to happen.

You all have been great over the years by leaving TTA in better shape than when we arrived. Remember the week before over 13000 people were all over the place at the Joe Nall event.

The contest will be:
ALES on Fri
Unlimited Sat, Sun

As usual all proceeds benefit TTA I take out expenses for the contest and donate it all back to them. Well worth it to me. I will have one of the best people helping once again. Russ Merkle has been there every year helping me. Unless you have run an event you would never know how much he has helped me. At the scoring tent will be my family with help from the Ohio group too. It takes a lot of effort and I am lucky to have them here to help.

Camping encouraged with an appetite as there is good food. The Boy Scouts will be there. They do a great job.

Really looking forward to seeing everyone


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Feb 02, 2018, 02:55 PM
Registered User
R.M. Gellart's Avatar
Well Jeff, count Jerry and I in, ready to make a second trip to TTA! Thank you for your efforts.

Feb 02, 2018, 10:33 PM
Registered User
I was just now telling my wife to reserve the time for this event. She enjoys the time at TT. We should be there.

Feb 02, 2018, 10:45 PM
Jimn8uay's Avatar
One vaca day left to burn before July...I may have to see if I can get the holiday weekend off!
Are details posted yet, like cost to camp, entry fees, etc?

Feb 05, 2018, 07:32 AM
Scale Aircraft = Scale Crators
mikejr83's Avatar
We, both the family and I, had a blast last year. My girls have already been asking about going again. It's on our calendar. Just hoping now for excellent weather!
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Feb 05, 2018, 07:46 AM
Registered User
im going
Feb 09, 2018, 08:11 PM
Service Engine Soon
Brady Baggs's Avatar
I hope to make several contest this season. But if I could only make one, this be it.
Feb 10, 2018, 06:04 AM
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soarkraut17's Avatar


Last year's prize in use every morning.....
Will be there again this year
Feb 16, 2018, 08:55 PM
Rising hot air = Good!
rkuntz's Avatar
I'm in, can't wait. (My favorite trip cup)
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Feb 19, 2018, 03:57 PM
Oleg Golovidov
olgol's Avatar
Jeff, it is time for F5J to either replace or at least 'supplement' the Friday ALES event. You may get a few extra pilots if you add F5J event. Maybe quite a few.

I would also love to see 'mixed launch' during TD but I am a realist and know that's too much to ask

We can run ALES and F5J in parallel, full day, scored separately. Each pilot decides which event he wants to fly - only one of the two. We fly 1-2-3 (?) groups of ALES, then 1-2 (?) groups of F5J. Same field, same landing tapes can be used. We can supply the F5J landing tapes if you choose to use those (10m). ALES rules do not dictate the landing tape, so the 10m tapes can be used. Or we can bring both sets of tapes and set up both. I can help with the scoring and audio.
Feb 20, 2018, 11:37 AM
Jeff Carr
Thread OP

Im all for doing it concurrently as long as it doesnt take flying away from everyone that comes to fly ALES. If it brings more people Im all for it. We will talk. Ill be getting the sign up going at the end of this week. I will be going down to TTA this weekend for their Chili Fly In. Its been Cancelled the last 2 weeks due to all the bad weather. The field has been soft so they are trying to keep the traffic down some. They do a great job

Feb 20, 2018, 01:55 PM
Rising hot air = Good!
rkuntz's Avatar
Jeff....First off THANK YOU for taking on the Mid-South again this year. You and Merk do a great job at running it and keeping us all in line and we all appreciate the job you do Now my two cents worth on events and this may tick a few people off but here goes. First we threw away the RES class for ALES,. Truth be known I'd like to see the pure RES class brought back in some time for us novice fliers. So, I reset a couple of my birds to run in ALES, which I've really come to we are talking about another more complex class (F5J) possibly displacing ALES? Where does it all end? I attend the Mid-South to simply enjoy flying and fellowship. My feelings are that F5J starts to really complicate things with another device (Another $50-$70 I don't want to expend), way too much launch strategy and way too little emphasis on landing skills. OK, I'm off the soap-box Thanks!
Feb 20, 2018, 05:33 PM
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R.M. Gellart's Avatar
I must admit, I would rather just fly ALES myself, but will defer to Jeff’s decision. Jeff is running the show and I appreciate it.

Feb 20, 2018, 06:27 PM
Registered User
soarkraut17's Avatar
I agree with Mark...
Friday, for me, is a "get acclimated, have fun" day. ALES is a perfect fit for that
I will be there, no mater the format.
Thanks for the effort Jeff....
Feb 20, 2018, 08:02 PM
Registered User
Last year was my first MidSouth and enjoyed the ALES Meet on Friday (all my sailplanes are ALES equipped) along with the camaraderie that I experienced with the fellow flyers.

As you might remember I flew my ALES sailplanes on Saturday down at the end of the runway (with your permission) and came up for dinner at the end of the day.

If there is any additional flyers that want to fly ALES on Saturday/Sunday down at the end of the runway (with your permission) , I'd be happy with the company (if they don't mind flying with a novice).

I will mention that last year at the end of the runway, I wasn't able to spot any of the winch launch gliders in the air from that location. Hoping to see everyone at TTA.

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