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Jan 29, 2018, 12:10 PM
novuh @ propwashed
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Do we need better race specs?

My friends and I over at Propwashed got to thinking about race class specs lately and were interested in the community’s thoughts.

We really like what MultiGP has done to bring us a set of standards, but we are also frustrated by some deficiencies of the MultiGP specs: notably the constant drive (and cost) to update our quads to remain competitive and the effects of high power draw on our batteries. We put together an article talking about how class specs can address this problem and provide other benefits as well.

Quick summary of our thoughts on what makes a better spec:
Limit performance: we’re not out to prevent innovation, but we can put a stop to the arms race of more powerful motors, lighter frames, and crazier prop pitches at the expense of our poor batteries.
Don’t close the door on manufacturers: The current MultiGP SPEC class specifies exact parts. This implementation favors certain manufacturers to the exclusion of others.
Be only as restrictive as necessary: If a restriction isn’t helpful, it shouldn't exist. Ex: a local chapter may have a good reason to require members to use Raceband, but this doesn’t make sense at the national/global level.
Be easily testable: A big one—all specs should be easy to check and confirm. For small, local groups, this can't require disassembly or specially-calibrated testing equipment. Any requirement should be confirmed by a quick visual inspection or by small and inexpensive test equipment.
Provide variety: Finally, new race specs should be looked at as part of the global whole. Why add a new class if it doesn’t add anything new? If two classes provide roughly the same experience at different performance levels, there's more work to do.

What we’d really like to see, however, is some discussion in the community around this. What do you think about the current class specs? Is there room to improve? What would you recommend, and why?

If you are unfamiliar with just how important race specs are and what they can do for us, take a look at our other recent article:
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Jan 31, 2018, 04:47 PM
Team WarpSquad
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I definitely think there should be a better race spec class.
BrainDrain had a nice vid on it recently. His suggestions include
- RPM limit (possible with current esc tech, and can be easily checked without expensive equipment at race events).
- Minimum battery size limit.

I also think that a class which limits motors to be used to be brushed effectively stops the innovation. Brushed motors usually wear out in 3-6hours, so they are more expensive than brushless in the long run.

Link to his vid:
MultiGP shortens qualifying time thoughts (10 min 16 sec)
Feb 01, 2018, 02:03 PM
Registered User
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First of all, what can be shocking, I am not from USA. Europe here.

Here, wd don't have multiGP, only F3U, which doesn't force us to use pre chosen solutions. OF corse there are some limits like the necessity of using raceband or polarized antennas but generally - we have a full freedom of choice. Is it good? It depands. First, I would like to introduce how do I see it. I am a professional working in UAV industry and I have 11 years of experience in creating UAVs. From my point of view it is extremally good, becouse if you have knowladge - you quite often walk your own paths, create unique solutions which suit you better and it is definitelly good for industry as it forces progress by making a wider gamma of solution to suit higher number of FPV pilots.

But then there are people who are new to FPV,treat it only as a hobby or have a variety of other reasons not to wider their knowladge. For this people having a higher number of extremally different components can be confusing even to the point of leaving the hobby. They usually don't know what motors should they use to achive certain effects etc.

In my oppinion the question is simple. What do you prefer? Quality or quantity. If its the first option - any restrictions are something that will only caouse problems, stop the progress of our tech and even force people who are longer in this hobby to leave racing as it will no longer be chalanging and most importantly interesting for them. If you prefer the second option - limiting the number of availible parts to build your quad with will help the begginers.The third option is to focus on eductaing people. Thats why I love initiatives like where newcomers can see what flies in what manner and wider their knoledge and this is why I consider the option of educating with creating any limitations as the best choice for the future of FPV.

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