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Jan 29, 2018, 02:58 AM
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Part B to my review on the iRangeX IR8M Fixing the gimbals ( Part A )

Now at issue is the failure of the gimbals to return to zero ..
And the fault lies entirely with the little sensor pots that fit the gimbals assembly .
In effect they are a poor / or slop fit . ( See first picture )
In a nutshell ! > The cure is to gently crush the shaft that enters the gimbals tube till its a press fit .. ( Crush the widest part , )

The 2nd thing to do is tape the outside of the sensor pot ( See 2nd picture ) to take out the slop @ the outside of the pot ..
Tape both sides ..

Tricky bit is obviously pulling the gimbals apart .

Its all relatively easy till you get to the last sensor .. The gimbals housing has a cover ...
Look for the release tabs .. Turn the gimbals assembly so the stick is down .. Gently press the stick against something and then release the tabs ( push in ) .
With the cover off you can remove the last sensor ...
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Jan 29, 2018, 05:30 PM
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Hi, I'm impressed there are many intelligent/ experienced people on this forum who are alway's willing to help fix all sorts of RC related problems and I for one value their efforts.

Now I pre-ordered an iRangeX iRX-IR8M TX from Banggood 12th December 2017 and received it 25th January 2018.
Below is my message to Banggood customer services:

"Hi, This product has quality control issues this is mainly down to the gimbals not properly centring despite numerous calibrations. The form factor I do like despite the TX being much larger than I thought it might be. Is it possible for you to suggest a compatible upgrade to these gimbals perhaps Hall effect gimbals? Oh, and why I'm here I am somewhat disappointed because my less than favourable review of this product has not yet been published. It appears that Banggood is preventing honest albeit less favourable reviews from being published about this product. If this is the case then how can anyone trust Banggood how can anyone make an informative decision and decide whether they should purchase this product? You really need to address this issue as I and others might find it difficult to trust Banggood in future purchases based on honest customer reviews where unfavourable reviews are not being allowed. I tried to review the product again but the website tells me I can't because I haven't purchased the product? I clearly purchased this product from you."

Banggood didn't answer any of my concerns just said as usual post a video about the problem and send us a link.
I could just request a return for a refund and be done with all this annoyance.

"Hi, you ask me to load up videos and you haven’t even tried to answer my questions. You only have to check online look at the reviews about this product and you will see the mention of gimbals not centring. I’ll go one stage further my right-hand gimbal is defective it doesn’t even align with the centre mark when it's in the home position. I have attached two photo’s to illustrate this defect. The bottom line is this if you send me good replacement gimbals I can fix this problem and that’s bound to be cheaper and less time consuming than returning this product for repair, resend or a full refund. I’ll even go as far as paying for better compatible gimbals. This product would be awesome if the gimbals were decent quality."

Banggood is still replying with the exact same answer they even have pictures that they claim they haven't received being displayed under the order number my order that I can see on their Website. I have drawn this to their attention.

The purpose of this post is to draw attention to the need to complain about such matters with the seller and not just fix or adapt that which should be working correctly out of the box. If you are unhappy with any product because it is faulty or not up to standard please contact the seller make your complaint because enough people will make a difference. I've even told Banggood Customer services that I will be writing to their CEO should they fail to resolve this matter in a timely and favourable manner.

I don't hate Banggood I buy a lot from them (VIP5) but I am not one that will tolerate this sort of situation as already described above.

Regards, Stefan
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Jan 29, 2018, 07:44 PM
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Thread OP
Banggood has a fixed process for issues ...
Yes it's annoying when you have a problem ..
And yes buy something new - untested - hot off the production line , and there are bound to be problems .

I have seen / read more complaints about online sellers than I can remember .
One must remember that the folks working at BG / GB / TD / and the rest are just ordinary non technical folk . They probably don't have any technical skills in regard to the products they sell . ( So many and varied ) ..

Hence they want something like a video ! of the issue at hand .
It's their process for handling returns / warranty claims .

I think perhaps that many online traders need to put up an easy to find guide to warranty claims .. As many people just don't understand the where or why, being used to taking things back to Walmart . ( No questions asked return policy (?) )

One must remember : You are buying stuff from another part of the planet , with different rules and procedures . Buying online is so easy and I think many forget or don't care where the product comes from until a issue arises .
Jan 30, 2018, 09:47 AM
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Hi, old4570 thank you for your reply everything you have stated regarding trade with overseas sellers is spot on and it is good that you have mentioned it here for the sake of others. Also, thank you for your numerous contributions helping out us newbies with your technical expertise it is very much appreciated. I am a technical guy myself with over thirty-five years experience in Information Technology at a high level. My main interests have always been related to using new technology and I love to build and modify this kind of stuff. My interest in RC started about seven years ago I have learnt a lot since then but I continue to learn from others like you. I am hoping to give back to the RC community as I become more and more experienced.

Now following on from my customer service correspondence with Banggood and the quality control issues pertaining to my received product. This is what Banggood have agreed they have given me the option to receive a new one and keep the defective TX for spares if I pay 16USD to cover postage. I have agreed to this and I'm hoping that this TX will be from a new batch where quality control issues have been resolved. Regardless I should hopefully be able to make one good TX from the two I will eventually own. I hope this makes my point if you have problems with purchased products first port of call should always be the seller. This better serves the community as sellers/manufacturers are in it for the money so if you reject the bad stuff they have to improve to stay in business. There is nothing wrong with mods and improvements to existing products but this should be more for established products not for new products that fail straight out of the box. So if you bought one of these like I did from Banggood that turned out to be faulty you might be offered a similar resolve if you discuss this matter with their customer services albeit relentlessly in a calm manner.

Regard, Stefan
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Jan 30, 2018, 07:48 PM
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Thread OP
No - Its not good that any company uses initial buyers as test bunnies ...
It would have been nice if the initial production run was kept to maybe 20 units , which then were sent out and evaluated .

Some companies do this !
Many don't . Its not just electronics , but just about everything .
Big multinational car companies do it too ...
Hence LEMON LAWS , which some countries like Australia refused to implement as the local car industry made a lot of rubbish cars .
That = possible government collusion in manufacturing faulty products .
Yes , its not fair ..
And at fault is the manufacturer , unfortunately re-sellers often suffer the brunt of anger over these products .. But where would we be without them ?
I am not sure I would want to pay $200 for a JJRC H36 , or possibly $1000 for a Tarainis Q x7

I don't have a dog in this race so perhaps I am being a little more objective than I have a right to be ?
Jan 30, 2018, 10:57 PM
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Hi, old4570

Never heard of "LEMON LAWS" but I sort of understand what it means? Yes, the reseller gets the brunt of anger over these products. In the UK the law leans on the seller more so than the manufacturer and the seller has to then recuperate any loses from the manufacturer. I think when dealing with non-English speaking companies it can be very frustrating trying to communicate your dilemma pertaining to a particular product one that is faulty but this is a two-way issue it's not just them. I try my best I'm sort of patient and sometimes I even translate from English to that of the language foreign to me. Surprisingly I have had some pleasant results by making such efforts.

Pleased I have just received a PayPal invoice from Banggood to cover the postage for the replacement TX to be sent out. I've paid 11.31 and Banggood are now shipping it.

I'm not generally up this time in the morning but sort of messed up a little on my insulin and had to counteract low glucose levels with some glucose chewable.

I don't have a dog in this race either I miss the days when folk used to express themselves freely on forums but for most Facebook ended it. I actually don't even need this TX I can easily cover most of everything over quite a collection of TX's that I own. The selling point for me with this TX is the form factor the new Taranis Lite looks very nice I might buy this when it is finally released. It's lacking in switches but has the module bay like on my Taranis QX7 and 9D plus.

Have a great day,

Best Regards,

Feb 01, 2018, 06:13 PM
Getting into all that is RC
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Originally Posted by Stefan_UK View Post

So if you bought one of these like I did from Banggood that turned out to be faulty you might be offered a similar resolve if you discuss this matter with their customer services albeit relentlessly in a calm manner.

Regard, Stefan
That's been exactly my experience with shopping online, they're generally compliant because they're afraid to lose face.
The language and in this case technical barrier that exists between us, the reseller, and the manufacturer is tricky indeed.

Very disappointed that BG would withhold honest and thorough but negative reviews, I'll keep that in mind! (VIP4 myself)

I'm going to open a support ticket too because of the atrocious performance of the gimbals out of the box. I'll ask for a coupon.
Feb 07, 2018, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by old4570 View Post ( Part A )

Now at issue is the failure of the gimbals to return to zero ..
And the fault lies entirely with the little sensor pots that fit the gimbals assembly .
In effect they are a poor / or slop fit . ( See first picture )
In a nutshell ! > The cure is to gently crush the shaft that enters the gimbals tube till its a press fit .. ( Crush the widest part , )
Thanks for your informative article. Because of you I was able to pull mine apart and repair my gimbals. I think initially I had a variance at center of ~ 15 us or more on all sticks. Afterwards it is maybe 1 on just one axis (I probably didn't jam the pot blade enough ;-).

One fyi as an alternate to squishing the pot blades and deforming them... I used Bondic (UV cured plastic glue). Just put a small dab on each face of the blade, smoothed it out, then cured it. They were tight squeezes to get back in, but that was good. My controller is actually usable now.

Now... I just have to learn Devention and how to get all the channels out that I want/need. It's not the most intuitive firmware - I'm spoiled and have been using Spektrum forever - but I'll get the hang of it.

I replaced the battery tray with a small 2S lipo I had sitting around. Figure that way I am more likely to have a spare at the field just in case ;-).

Anyway... we'll see if the Tx winds up being worth it or not.

Thanks again!

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