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Jan 28, 2018, 09:27 PM
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Radio setup in Spektrum Tx/Rx

I want to set up a MPX Funray sailplane to be able to fly it as a traditional aerobatic plane when thermaling is not possible. I will be using a Spektrum iX 12 Tx and an AR9020 Rx. When setting up a new model, it will be designated as either "Acro" (traditional aerobatic) or "Sail" (sailplane). When a Sailplane is created in the Tx, the servo and motor connections are different from an "Acro" airplane type. There are seven flight modes available in the "Sail" airplane type. Can I use one of them as "Acro" mode? If so, how does one get around the fact that the ESC/motor is not plugged into the "Throttle" channel on the Rx? Or, do I have to create two separate models in the Tx, one for "Acro" and one for "Sail" and only be able to switch when on the ground - and, if so, where do the servo/esc extensions get connected on the Rx? I am new to soaring and sailplanes, obviously, and will appreciate your thoughts.


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Jan 28, 2018, 10:13 PM
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Hey Andy, can you help this guy out?
Jan 29, 2018, 12:26 AM
If it flies - I want one!
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While a more complete answer is on its way, here are some thoughts.
You will be able to get exactly what you want by specifying flight modes for each purpose in a single model memory.
I suggest Sail as the most flexible programming available for this type of aircraft.
When you select Sail and specify the Sailplane Type (Yes for motor, four servo wing, conventional tail) the radio will allocate the channels automatically and you just plug your servos in accordingly (looking at the Monitor screen or one of the Servo Setup screens that show channel order.
Typically, the radio will allocate both ailerons as Ch 1&2, then elevator, rudder, flaps as 5&6 and motor as 7.
Make sure you set your failsafe properly to kill the motor channel.
As an example, my aerobatic/thermal sailplane is set up with the motor active in the Flight Mode I use for aerobatics, flaps assisting ailerons for roll, camber assisting elevator in pitch. Other modes kill the motor for Thermal/Cruise/Speed, and in Land mode the throttle stick drives crow braking.
Use Camber Preset to define where the flaps default to in each mode, Camber System to define what drives them and how much in each mode.
Duworm (Sherman Knight) has some excellent programming guides and templates for earlier Spektrum radios, and is no doubt beavering madly to produce a new set for your radio.
Have fun,
Jan 29, 2018, 08:40 AM
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Pete's on the right track. It's possible to define two models, but you're better off using Flight Modes.


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