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Jan 24, 2018, 04:23 PM
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HSDJETS D1400 pnp glider review

The HSDJETS D1400 Glider Review

HSDJETS is mostly known for turbine ready and large pnp EDF foam models. Recently, HSD introduced their first composite turbine jet arf with the MB339 which accepts an 80-120n turbine engine. Their products are known in the jet world to be of high quality. So when an opportunity to grab, build, test and fly their pnp foam glider, having flown so many of their jets, I jumped at the chance to fly something different. sent me one of the D1400 PNP Gliders in the green colors to review and test. It arrived safely via ups in a single, sturdy box. When I opened the box, I was a bit surprised to not see all of the beer cooler foam packaging I'm used to with their heavier jets (the auw of my edf F16 is around 15lbs.). But nevertheless, everything was safely packaged and nothing was freely floating around in the box.

A simple one page instruction manual is included. But for any modeler who has assembled any rc airplane before, the manual is really a parts list and a cg reference. The plane is very simple to assemble. Very light weight planes are susceptible to cg shifts if something isn't fastened down. The esc isn't mounted to anything, so simple two sided tape fixes that. I chose to fasten the esc to the right side of the fuse and my four channel receiver opposite of it. This left plenty of room to place the battery of choice to achieve the recommended cg of 71mm back from the wing root.

A bit about battery choices.... lists the recommended battery as being a 3S 1300mah. A simple 30c pack would be fine (esc is rated for 20amps). When I placed a 1300 in the plane, I found it to be tail heavy regardless of how far I shifted the pack forward. I believe that HSD recommended the 1300 because many will use this aircraft with fpv equipment. The canopy comes in two pieces to make an fpv camera simple to install. For my maiden, I wasn't planning on using any fpv equipment, so I fitted the plane with an 1800mah pack. Again, with the pack all the way forward, it was right at the edge of being tail heavy. A 2200mah turned out to be the key. So, if using fpv equipment, there is plenty of, what I call "equation room" to shift around batteries, the receiver, etc. to achieve the 71mm cg point and plenty of room to move more aft if adding a lot more weight. If you don't plan to fly fpv, then a 2200 will give you an enormous amount of flying time. Since it's a glider, I wasn't giving it much throttle to keep it flying. 10 minute flights were common.

Launching.... The plane is designed to be hand launched and belly landed. The prop is on the top and isn't in any danger of striking anything. Hand launches were simple. Just give it a little toss at around a 40 degree angle with the throttle up. If you dislike flying it from your hand, well, it'll slide off of the ground too. That's right, lay it on the (short) grass pointed into the wind, throttle it up and fly it right off of the grass.

I, personally, don't have a lot of experience training others in how to fly. But I do think this plane does have good potential in being a trainer. It's easy to fly, land, glide, and it just felt like it was difficult to crash. Meaning, psychologically, it may be a bit more relaxing for a rookie to fly it. I believe I may begin to teach my 7 year old how to fly this....

In the end, it's a simple, value-added, easy to fly power assisted glider. It's fun, relaxing and was different from what I'm used to flying.
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