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Jan 11, 2018, 02:33 PM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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F5J in Vegas 2018

Welcome to the second annual F5J in Vegas contest on May 6/7 2018. This event follows the first 2 days of F3J at the same field. The CD team for this event is Chris Bajorek with co-CD Greg Douglas. Jim Monaco is the organizer for both events (F3J and F5J). Combined F3J/F5J RCG announcement here. F5J in Vegas is part of the F5J USA Tour as well as the international F5J Intertour. Rules discussed below.

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Once again Jim Monaco has done a great job securing the field for us. The flying site is at the same sod farm as last year: near the California/Nevada border just outside Las Vegas. Yes, we will be flying on a huge grass field in the desert! Google Maps satellite view here. Field pictures from last year courtesy of Greg Douglas here.

The popular F3J in the Desert event will run on Friday and Saturday; our F5J event will run on Sunday and Monday at the same site. We plan to complete the qualification rounds around 1:00pm on Monday, followed by 3 fly-off rounds. Our goal is to finish up by ~3:00pm so people can get on the road home.

We plan to set up the field the same way as last year: a split flight line with the CD tent in the middle. We will be using the same wireless sound system and 2 or 3 LED display panels.


Registration is open now at Be sure to register under “F5J in Las Vegas 2018” (not the F3J event). Entry fee is $45 and AMA membership is required. The event is limited to 80 pilots. Pilots list here.

Food and Lodging

Local organizations in Sandy Valley have again agreed to provide food for the event.† When you register there is an OPTIONAL fee of $20 to cover the $10/day lunches.† A menu will be provide before the event. The event organizer will be posting details on discounts for rooms at a hotel in Primm. Other options may be offered. Stay tuned.


Awards will be given to the top 5 pilots in the fly-offs, or the top 5 pilots in the qualifying rounds if no fly-offs are conducted (e.g. due to weather conditions). Special prizes will be given to the pilots with the lowest launch of the day on day 1 and day 2.

Tour and FAI Rules

Lots of good F5J information can be found at including Tour rules and a link to the current FAI rules. A Rules and Processes document defines how this contest will be run. This event will be flown to standard F5J USA Tour rules which follows FAI F5J rules except that motor restarts will be permitted and will result in a zero score for that round.

Each model flown must be equipped with an approved F5J logging altimeter. A list of currently approved altimeters is shown below:

FAI F5J approved altimeter list:
Altis v3, Altis v4+, Altis v4, Altis Micro, CAMF5J, Grk Elec Altmr2, Mvario2_JetiBox,
RCE #2Basic, RCE Multi 2, SM Unilog 2

GliderScore Smartphone scoring

We will be using GliderScore again with smartphone scoring. Please bring your smartphone and make sure you install a QR Code reader app before the event; you will use this to scan your score card and get to your personal scoring screen. We had good cell coverage at the field last year so we expect the same. If you do not have a smartphone we will have two community laptops at the CD tent that you can use for score entry.

Another nice GliderScore feature this year is the ability to broadcast real-time scores on the Internet after each round. So friends and F5J enthusiasts from around the world will be able to follow this event.

Flying conditions

This site is known for wind this time of year. Last year we experienced it so you are urged to come prepared with ballast and/or heavier planes and a surplus of motor power to move around when the winds pick up i.e bring more than just an empty ultralight.

F5J Practice before the event

F5J practice during F3J contest days may be possible somewhere on the sod farm but we may have to wait until a few weeks before the event to find out where. Stay tuned .

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Thanks much,
Chris and Greg
For reference: 2017 F5J in Vegas thread:
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Jan 11, 2018, 05:07 PM
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Signed up! Definitely doing that one if I get the days off. Pretty confident.
Latest blog entry: Polecat 2017
Jan 17, 2018, 01:16 AM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP
Today we hit a milestone with 48 pilots signed up. With our current plan of a split flight line with 8 pilots on each side, this means we just filled 3 groups of 16 each. So new signups from now on will start to fill a 4th group. Lookin' good!

The Tour already has several events in the F5J calendar before Vegas: F5J at Visalia (west) in late March, East Coast Spring F5J Festival in NC in early April, and the RISC F5J in RI in late April. If I had more frequent flyer miles I'd go to all of 'em

Keep practicing if you can,
Jan 25, 2018, 01:53 AM
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Why a milestone?? I thought last year there were close to 60 people
Jan 25, 2018, 09:39 AM
AZ Outback
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Originally Posted by marios
Why a milestone?? I thought last year there were close to 60 people
Quite a few signed up blew off the F5J event.
Jan 25, 2018, 10:40 AM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP
I was simply making the point that we had filled up 3 groups after having a number of pilots asking how long of a flight line we would have.
Jan 30, 2018, 06:11 PM
Dark Side of the Red Merle
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Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is near the flying site.
We could easily see the Solar farm and the crop circles from 43,000 feet. The bright lights are the solar farm.
I just thought some may be interested. Oh, donít stare at the light!
See you soon.
Feb 01, 2018, 11:20 AM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP

Pilots list update

Vegas Pilots List -- We have 51 pilots signed up so far. Still room for more!

Feb 01, 2018, 11:59 AM
E sailplane thermal hack
Originally Posted by SoaringDude
Vegas Pilots List -- We have 51 pilots signed up so far. Still room for more!

Woo hoo!!!! Let's go for 60!!!
Mar 02, 2018, 03:54 PM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP

Vegas F5J update

We are now at 55 pilots and officially an international event with the addition of 4 pilots joining us from Argentina. They are fresh from the very successful International F5J in Argentina that just concluded in February. Welcome gentlemen!

Still looking like we will have 4 flight groups.

Mar 02, 2018, 10:21 PM
E sailplane thermal hack
Only 5 more to make 60. Is JW coming??
Mar 03, 2018, 12:47 AM
launch low, fly high
Originally Posted by Airman74
Only 5 more to make 60. Is JW coming??
I'd like to make the journey and return for another fun long weekend. Unfortunately, current circumstances result in a lowered possibility of attendance. There are only so many long distance overseas trips one can make, and one has to prioritize ones travels. As I've said elsewhere, the people attending are what makes an event enjoyable. I'd like to reutrn to this event in the future.
Apr 09, 2018, 10:03 AM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Less than 4 weeks to go

Okay guys, getting closer to the big F5J event in Vegas. We are currently at 48 pilots which means there is a chance we can squeeze this into 3 groups. If so that will mean more rounds. Jim Monaco just reported via email to all the plots that we will be at the same grass circle as last year--he will provide GPS coordinates & directions well in advance. Also, Jim is still working to confirm a practice area for F5J that can be used during the 3J event.

Any questions let me know.
Apr 17, 2018, 05:32 PM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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F5J in Vegas: Rules review

Hi guys,

May 6-7 is just around the corner. Glancing at the current pilots list it looks like we have some that are just starting out in F5J. Welcome!

FAI F5J Rules. I wanted to offer an FAI F5J rules review here before the event since we do not plan to spend much time going over rules in the pilots meeting. Attached is a set of slides that summarizes the F5J rules for this event (one PDF in color, another in plain B&W for faster printing using less ink). If you want to review the official FAI F5J rules document you can get a copy at the rules page. The only deviation from FAI F5J is that motor restarts are allowed (per F5J USA Tour rules) in exchange for a zero flight.

F5J USA Tour Rules. I also suggest you review the Tour Rules and Processes page. This gives a clear description of how the event will be run.

Field layout. We still do not know exactly where we will be setting up on the grass but we will be setting up just like last year: a split flight line (8 lanes each side) with the CD tents in the middle. The pits lane will be 90 degrees to the flight line and extending upwind from the CD tents. In other words, there will be no pits staging on the landing side of the CD tent. Three LED timer displays will be in use on the field.

Any other rules or field questions let us know.

Thanks much.
Chris Bajorek & Greg Douglas (+ Rod Musgjerd and Jim Monaco helping)
Apr 22, 2018, 06:39 PM
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RMSA practice for Vegas!

Rocky Mountain Soaring Assn members had a great work up for F5J in Vegas today.

It was blowing like crazy, everyone made their times and landings and no one turned off above 30 meters.

Are you psyched out? No? Fine. None of the above is true anyhow. It was beautiful with gentle breezes. Still, RMSA is ready!

Hope everyone has a blast out there in Sandy Valley! I’d make a crack about their lowest per capita tooth count, the trailers or the yacht club but those are my people, man.

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