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By now, most, if not all of you, know that Mr. Pat and the Triple Tree volunteers are famous for doing some really, spectacular things. Things like changing a rough watermelon patch into the world’s most beautiful aviation facility or creating the world’s largest RC event or hosting one of the very best Eclipse full-scale fly-ins. New buildings, new camping spots, kid’s educational programs, and better and better events just seem to keep coming! As the old saying goes, “The difficult we do quickly. The impossible just takes a little longer!” When this group sees a need, we do our very best to take care of it.

For some time, we have heard many of our friends say that they are concerned about the “aging” of the pilot population. This concern is equally expressed in both the RC and Full-Scale community. For many reasons, there seems to have been a lost generation of aviation-interested people. It’s easy to assume that the kids of today just don’t see the “magic” in flying that all of us have experienced. We strongly believe that’s an incorrect conclusion. At Triple Tree, during our kid’s educational classes, we’ve found that there’s NOT a lack of interest. Rather, there’s a lack of EXPOSURE! Think about it. All they’ve seen of an airport and airplanes is a TSA security checkpoint. Not very exciting. Every class ends with kids and their parents asking how they can get more involved.

After many hours in meetings. Triple Tree has decided that, with your help, we are going to do all we can to change this paradigm. We are today, announcing a new program at Triple Tree. This program will remove, to the maximum extent possible, the physical and financial constraints that tend to keep people (especially kids) from enjoying a lifetime of aviation experiences.

Today, we are announcing the Triple Tree ACE (Aviation Centered Education) program. It’s a four phase program that will primarily focus on kids 8-18 years of age. It will be conducted on selected weekends and will start (phase one and two) with an educational introduction to aerodynamics, RC simulator flying, RC aircraft construction and repair, RC systems, and RC safety and controls. Each child will be furnished the use of a RC aircraft, batteries, and a transmitter. We have purchased 110 RC aircraft for this project! There is NO cost to the participant. The students will get a substantial amount of RC flight experience and once checked out solo, will be welcome to fly their RCs at Triple Tree on most weekends. Phase three and four will commence for deserving students around their 16th birthday and will include flight instruction in full-scale aircraft. The exact start date is yet to be determined but will be announced very soon. Mike Gregory (our well-known Joe Nall Contest Director) has volunteered to oversee the RC side of this program.

For the last 38 years, Mr. Pat, our supporters and the Triple Tree volunteers have built the world’s best aviation educational and recreational facility. Our next few decades are now going to be given the same level of dedication towards inspiring and training the world’s finest aviators. Please consider helping us in this next BOLD step. Watch this website ( for upcoming details on both the program and how you can help.

Joe Nall 2018 – May 12-19, 2018

Ok, Santa’s left you lots of goodies and we know that there’s bound to be thousands of new kits being assembled right now. Building a new plane inside a warm shop is always a great thing to do when it’s sub-freezing outside! Yes, it’s even frigid here in the south today! Before you know it, your new kit(s) will become brand-new, flight-ready RCs that just beg to fly on Triple Tree’s golf green runways. Even though it’s January, cold and perhaps snowy, it’s not too early to begin planning for the famous Joe Nall at Triple Tree in the spring! As we do every winter, we’re doing our very best to have even better camping, facilities (more on that later) and food waiting for you when you pull thru that famous, Triple Tree gate. If you’ve been before, you’re sure to experience, once again, our “Fun. Fellowship and Hospitality” as well as the warm Triple Tree sunshine. For the first-timers, you’re going to have the time of your life! Great friends, great food and great flying will be at Joe Nall 2018 and more! We hear over and over that Joe Nall at Triple Tree is truly an “escape” as you can come here, forget work, and worries and just have the world’s best RC experience at the world’s best aviation venue. Watch our website ( for updates concerning registration, schedules, etc. See you there!

Ladies First! – Coming Soon, a Brand-New Bathhouse

Triple Tree camping facilities are known to be some of the very best anywhere. From the “elegantly rugged” wood exterior to the granite countertops and private bath and dressing areas, you just couldn’t ask for much more. The ladies however have asked for just that…..MORE! As our events have grown, so has the population of the gentler sex. We realized that our female friends were having to wait to get into their side of the lower bathhouse so, in true Triple Tree form, we set about to correct this issue.

A new, greatly expanded ladies’ lower bathhouse is under construction. It’s going to be MUCH larger and even nicer. So, how much larger is it? How about 20 shower stall/dressing areas, 20 sinks, and 20 toilet stalls! There should be no more waiting and on the inside, you’ll find that same rugged elegance that is obvious in all of our structures. Sound too good to be true? Well there’s more………..

How Cool is This - An Air-Conditioned Pilot’s Lounge

In addition to housing the new ladies’ bathhouse, this incredible addition is going to provide a 140-foot covered porch which will face the west towards the main runway and the 3D runway. Imagine spending a beautiful evening, sitting on the porch, watching airplanes and then, watching a beautiful Triple tree sunset! This is sure to be the second best spot on the Triple Tree grounds. What? Second best? What could possibly be better? How about an air-conditioned pilot’s lounge? Yep, that’s right, there’s going to be a cool place where you and your friends can gather during and after a full day of activity. This is sure to be a favorite hangout.

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