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Jan 12, 2018, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Joris Dutch
like so?
Well thata work too. Why didn't I know that? duh!
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Jan 25, 2018, 01:25 PM
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So temps warmed up to around forty today and sunny with little to no wind so the Q696 and I went outside. Well it was a mite windier then I thought but still not bad so off we went. Bout six to six and a half minutes and the TX started beeping but just kept flying. Around the nine minute mark it landed itself. Nothing fancy just enjoyed its flight. Believe the cold air affected the battery though resulting in the shorter flight times. Did get visited by a hawk with a pretty black white and grey tail. He didn't interfere with my flight but think he was just noisy and possibly a little to big for him to attack. To bad I didn't have the camera on as was just trying to knock off the rust.
Jan 26, 2018, 05:51 AM
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Well a day without damage is a good day!
9 mins is about 2/3 of the flighttime the battery should last, does it get better after a couple of cycles?, and should I store the lipo's fully charged or drained (empty)?

Imagine you're flying FPV and a hawk will come for you!
(and start wondering how you will retreive your SD-card to show off!)
Around here we have some pretty big owls (5 Ft span) but I don't think they do air to air combat(?), and some other birds of prey like buzzards, sparrows, falcons and also hawks... has anyone encountered attacs by birds?

Actually the police has a training scheme with eagles to take down 'drone's' !
Politie zet roofvogels in om vijandige drones uit de lucht te halen (2 min 43 sec)
Jan 26, 2018, 06:58 AM
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More questions!
As adviced I'll first learn and practice with a JJRC-H31 which I ordered at Banggood and it should arrive in 2-3 weeks. I also purchased some (4) extra Lipo's @ 400 mAh and a charger, but I noticed there are also 500 mAh units.
Q- will these fit in the JJRC H31 ? ( 4.5x1.8x0.8cm ), and does it mean you can have more airtime?
At the same time does it harm the motors if I was to exchange one lipo after the other and fly continiusly.. or should there be a cool-down period in between?

I was also told to gently 'warm up' the brushed motors without taking off, how does this work with the one propellor that should only kick in on take-off?, can I switch these?

.. and, does the quad need the propellors installed to warm up the motors?

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