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Dec 27, 2017, 04:42 AM
What could possibly go wrong?

Problems with telemetry

Hi, I've been able to try out the Hitec telemetry HTS-SS Nitro pack but I'm having some problems with it. First of all, my setup is an Aurora 9X and Optima 9. Using an HPP-22 I just made sure I had everything up to date - using v. 1.19(1) of the HPP-22 software the A9X was updated successfully to v1.02(3), and the Optima 9 to 2.02(3), I think it was (3) for the Optima 9 but whatever, it was the highest number on the list. It appeared to already be at 2.02 anyway as purchased though the A9X was at 1.00 to start with.

I've set up the HTS-SS with power from unused ch. 8 on the receiver, and the data cable from "D" on the SS to DATA on the Rx. Sensors connected are 2 temp. sensors (HTS-TEMP) into T1 and T2, and the HTS-GPS into G on the SS.

Here are my problems - Apparently I'm getting no data back at all from the GPS, if I go to SENSOR on the A9X then GPS, there is nothing displayed, no coordinates, speed or altitude. Haven't seen anything yet at all. I've tried restarting it, and re-assembling the whole system from the start but still getting nothing from the GPS. But, I do get data from both temp. probes. I can confirm they are working by holding either and watching the temperature rise on the relevant screen on the Tx. I looked up some other threads with similar questions and someone suggested the data cable could be plugged in the wrong way, so I reversed it to check. The temp. probes stopped updating when I did this, so I put it back as it was and now I get up-to-date temp's again, so this tells me the data cable is connected properly and I am getting live data from the SS back to the Tx. Just no GPS. The GPS is warm, so it's getting power. I'm wondering if either the GPS unit is faulty, or has a bad wire. Is there an easy way to check this? (I have no problem going after it with a multi-meter if that will help, but I'd need to know what to check).

Other problem - no data to the PC. I really want to be able to log the telemetry data to the PC, I was about to pay off the HTS-Navi unit to do this wirelessly but I want to see it working wired up first. I know I've got live data for at least the temperature probes, yet they aren't affecting the telemetry dashboard screen. All 4 temp. probes are on 0 deg. C, never changes. Plus, I should see battery voltage for the Rx. battery on this screen, top of 4 C/V data near the bottom, but it just says 0 for "Rx. Batt".

I started all over a few times, making sure the HPP-22 software is connecting to the Tx, and I've already done those firmware updates and backed up my model memory so I know I've got a PC-to-Tx link working. I'm starting from the HPP-22 software, getting a connection, then pressing Hitec Telemetry System Command Centre, and then another screen comes up with 3 large icons for HTS-SS, one greyed out for HTS-Navi, and one for HTS-Voice (haven't got either of the latter). To proceed I have select ALL HTS-SS from the drop-down under the 1st icon then click the picture of it. That gets me to the dashboard window where you see data from all the sensors (says HTS-CC at the top) and if I select View-->Sensors I get a full page of air instrument graphics, but they're not being updated with any data from the telemetry itself, though I can see updated temperatures in the Tx sensor screens. But, even though I know I've got live data from 2 temp. sensors and the Rx. battery, nothing here. This is the page I really wanted to use, to log the GPS data, so I've gotta get it working.

The GPS not showing anything is a concern as that's the main reason I bought the system. I'd be grateful for any help. Thanks

EDIT - I used a multimeter to check that the 4 wires from the GPS multipin to the GPS itself are all working - stuck a probe into each of the 4 sockets of the connector and the other end onto the tabs where they connect on the GPS's board. So it's not that. Assuming it isn't faulty then either I haven't set it up correctly or there could be a problem in the HTS-SS (possibly at the G connector)
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Dec 27, 2017, 10:12 AM
What could possibly go wrong?
PS just noticed when I go to the GPS section of the sensor screen, there's an icon of a satellite dish or something with a tiny "X" next to it... I take it that's confirmation it's not getting anything from the GPS unit. Wish there was a way to verify if that means the unit itself is not working, or if it's just not getting a signal.
Nothing on the date or time fields either
EDIT - I put it outside and left it on, after about 20 minutes or more it suddenly started working. So scratch that question, looks like you just have to wait. But, I still can't interface via the HPP-22 to receive telemetry data to the dashboard view on my PC - I really want this as I want to log the data live and I want to start out with it wired to a windows tablet, and eventually get the HTS-Navi unit. Still hoping for some help with accessing that data.
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