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Tactic TTX660 Transmitter - Review

Tactic recently brought out an updated 6 channel radio that has a surprising amount of features, and a surprisingly small price tag. Join us for a closer look.


A solid radio for a great price

Product:Tactic TTX660 2.4GHz 6-Channel SLT Computer Transmitter
Memory:30 Models
Compatibility:SLT receivers and Tx-R aircraft
PDF Manual:Click Here

Our radio transmitters are a constantly evolving technology. Tactic has become a well known brand and their transmitters have become a great value for their price. They recently released an updated version of their 6-channel transmitter, the TTX660. For only $140, you get a bevvy of features that you'd pay two or three times as much for in other brands.

Included features are:

  • Dedicated menus for airplanes, helicopters AND multirotor models
  • 30-model memory
  • Proportional dial and two slide levers
  • Large blue backlit LCD screen with adjustable contrast and brightness
  • All channels feature reversing, end point adjustment and sub-trim
  • 3.5 mm flight simulator cable jack
  • Wireless training system
  • Ball-bearing gimbals
  • 4 programmable mixes and 8 pre-programmed mixes
  • User-selectable switch assignments
  • One up/down timer, one battery timer
  • Compatible with all SLT receivers and Tx-R aircraft

Tactic TTX660 - RCGroups Review (8 min 50 sec)

The box contains all you need - the transmitter, 4 AA batteries, and a smooth spring for the throttle if you don't like the ratchet style. The TTX660 is an all-plastic shell, but it has decent weight and feel in the hands. The curve of the sides is comfortable and fits my hands well, with easy access to all of the switches. The gimbal sticks are adjustable and made of a nice anodized aluminum.

While the AA batteries are fine, you can also replace this with a rechargable NiMh 4.8V pack and charge through the port on the side with a Futaba compatible charge plug. Also on the side is a Firmware port that uses a standard servo jack. I assume this is for the factory to use, as this adapter is not available on their site. This would have been a perfect spot for Tactic to include a memory card slot for additional storage and easy self firmware upgrades.

New Sliders & Dials

The upgraded 660 added 2 new sliders on the back edges of the transmitter. They are ratcheted with a strong center detent. The sound of the slider movement makes it feel like it could've been made with better components, but for as little use as these usually get I don't see it as a problem. The TTX660 also got a new proportional dial on the top right. Turning this dial is lightly ratcheted but smooth. All of these new dials are completely assignable to any channel via the programming matrix.

MORE...More Models!

Up for 20 models on the 650 version, the TTX660 will hold 30 models of any airplane, helicopter or multirotor type! This should be plenty of memory for the majority of pilots. Of course, you can never go wrong with more! The new model also includes a nicely backlit screen. The back-light is blue, which will show up nicely during your night flying activities. On that note, the blue power light is quite bright and may want to paint or tape of that so it doesn't get in your eyes at night.

Nobody Likes Programming

But the Tactic software makes it pretty darn easy. All of the menus and options are in plain, full English there's no guess-work. Want to setup your dual rates? Goto Dual/Expo. Want to setup a throttle curve? Goto Throttle Curve. Easy. Myself being primarily a Spektrum user, which is known for relatively simply programming, found setting up models in the TTX660 pretty painless. The screen is clear and easy to read with plenty of contrast (which is also adjustable).


For under $140, Tactic has packed some nice features into the TTX660. It's certainly a fully-capable radio that will fill the majority of your needs for any beginner to intermediate modeler. I was impressed with the weight and feel of the radio, despite no metal being on the case. And the programming setup for models was about as easy as it could be. If you're looking for a capable transmitter that won't break the bank, the Tactic TTX660 is totally worth a look. Review Policies

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Mar 01, 2018, 08:12 PM
I ordered one of these today. There's not much of a following on this 660 yet. I hope I didn't make a mistake. I talked to Hobbico before I ordered and they assured me that all of the units at Tower Hobbies have been pulled and updated with the chan 5 and chan 6 assignment fix. We will see!
Mar 09, 2018, 08:26 AM
My new TTX 660 arrived the other day. I have it bound to my Focke Wulf and my Calypso. Just an FYI..Channels 5 & 6 are retaining their assigned functions after a power cycle! This is good news!

NOTE: Switch B is labeled as a 2 position switch on the transmitter, but mine is actually a 3 position switch. I have it assigned as a RUDDER dual rate switch. Position 0 is low rate and the middle position ended up as the high rate position. I don't know if this is just a fluke with my TTX 660, or if all the newer ones are this way. All three of the B switch positions are usable and and programmable so I'm not complaining.
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