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Feb 25, 2002, 01:38 AM
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Yet another Bug fly's

I flew my RCM Bug for the first time today. What a treat. Easy build. I started it last week while I was out of town for a couple of nights. A few hours here and there, finished it this morning and flew it this afternoon.

It literally flew right off the building board. I gave it a couple of easy tosses to check trim, and started throwing it. It was really easy to launch. Even easy on this old rag of an arm I've got. This is my first HLG. I am gunna have a lot of fun with this Bug. It was pretty late in the afternoon, but even so, when it did bump into bubbles of lift, it really showed it. With a little more stick time, there's no doubt this guy will stay up. Very easy to fly, especially considering it's size. To say I'm really pleased is an understatement.

AUW came out at 97.1 grams. This is with CS-10s, GWS-4p, a 4 cell 110ma NiCad, and UltraCoat Lite on the wing. I sealed the balsa with Acrylic Polyurethane (good ol, hi tech Ace Hardware brand) as described by Don Stackhouse on the DJ Aerotech site, except I used food coloring (per Charles River RC) instead of acrylics for dye.

When I started this project, I photocopied the plans and glued the component drawing to 1/32 plywood and cut them out with scissors for templates. At the same time, I made 110% copies and templates, which comes out to about 210 sq ins of wing. The idea was, if I liked the Bug as a chuck glider, I would make the bigger one as an electric glider with a GWS motor/gearbox. The pieces are cut out...

Carl Dowdy, thanx for such a great design. This is my first scratch built r/c plane. Highly recommended.

still grinning,

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Feb 25, 2002, 09:40 PM
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You're post really got me interested in building a Bug of my own. I've been looking at the pictures of others' Bugs and can't tell how the tail is connected to the rod. How is the tail group connected?

Also, did you see the other threads on the Bug concerning making it a DLG? Had you any interest in doing that?

Thanks in advance.

Feb 25, 2002, 09:48 PM
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Norbert99's Avatar
I have the plans on order and just got the receiver and servo's today, hope the plans and carbon rod's come tomorrow so I can get started on the darn thing. I'm going with a conventional tail like on other DLG's I have read a lot of post with people having problems with the V-tail's exploding due to the stress of a discus launch, I may even get a small gyro for it.
Feb 28, 2002, 12:35 PM
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die fleidermaus's Avatar

Bug stuff

I just ordered the plans today.
Does anyone have a bill of material handy?
I would like to get into the city this weekend to pick up spars or whatever so I am ready when the plans arrive.