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Dec 15, 2017, 10:25 AM
John Ball
hiljoball's Avatar
Lazerb77 is a troll. He is always trying to hijack threads and promote some negative agenda. I suggest that everyone ignore his posts and not respond, except to click on the little yellow REPORT triangle.

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Dec 15, 2017, 10:33 AM
Steve Landeau IOM USA 12
ibldrc's Avatar
Originally Posted by gpzy
Key words ...........hidden agenda. Who is Lazerb77 ?
Lazer is someone that doesnt even respect himself enough to stand behind his own words... so no respect should be given to him by anyone else. His words and opinions simply don't count... Same for all the other anonymous posters....
Dec 15, 2017, 11:58 AM
FRA3700's Avatar
Originally Posted by lazerb77
FRA3700/Oliver, are you saying the Chairman has never used his position to influence where events are held, promise events to Nations before any bid is submitted, work the underground to push for a scoring system that has been rejected.

Maybe you are not hearing the pondside talk so loudly.

It does not take a genius to work out where the next events will be held with the promise of current and ex Champions in attendance.

Is Thailand an official iomica country yet or are they happy to make boats and suck it to the stick.
Influence and promise events while I was VC events : NO or if he promise I was not aware and made my decision (with comitee)without him

Scoring system : there had been a discussion. But Fred hasnt "pushed"

Thailand is not yet an NCA. They are working on it.
Dec 15, 2017, 09:13 PM
Barry D IOM USA 27
Originally Posted by The Tug
Fred has done a lot for the class.Every international event that I have attended Fred has been right in on the organization, in most cases being the actual RD.When I spend my money to travel to an event that Fred is RD I know what I'm going to get,it's nice to be a sailor but there is a need for people to run it,no race committee no race.There are not many on here who would volunteer to do it,myself personally would pay a surcharge on my entry to have an experienced person like Fred as RD who can bang off a ton of races and deal with problems as they arise instantly.Model yachting in general needs 10 Fred's.The commenters complaining about Fred must have a hidden agenda of which none are going to volunteer to do his job and very likely incapable of doing so at the standard he does it.
I don't think you need to have Freddie's back my friend, all of us that actually compete know what the real deal is and that's all that matters.
Dec 16, 2017, 11:59 AM
Beyond Hyperbole
Can someone post a link to the actual text of the (now defeated) proposed constitution?

I've been composing a letter to our DNM but want it to be accurate.
Dec 16, 2017, 01:17 PM
John Ball
hiljoball's Avatar
Hi Bruce,
I sent you an email with an update to this issue

but add me to your white list - it rejected

Dec 16, 2017, 01:55 PM
Registered User
And those of us who know Freddy also know how fast and loose he is with other peopleís money and favors. Letís not pretend otherwise!
Dec 16, 2017, 04:09 PM
Registered User
Windward RC's Avatar
What a load of BS...
Show a little more class Roy.

Originally Posted by Tom Corbett
And those of us who know Freddy also know how fast and loose he is with other peopleís money and favors. Letís not pretend otherwise!
Dec 16, 2017, 04:27 PM
Registered User
100 percent true and you should know better. Do you want me to talk about how much money he owes me?
Dec 16, 2017, 04:31 PM
Registered User
Windward RC's Avatar
Originally Posted by Tom Corbett
100 percent true and you should know better. Do you want me to talk about how much money he owes me?
Off topic...
Dec 16, 2017, 05:14 PM
Registered User
Unfortunately the chairman of iomica accepting airfare and rooms and money even if innocent or well intentioned is on topic and problematic. It becomes more so when it appears that the chairman is supporting/endorsing venues, positions, and suppliers. To pretend that this hasn’t been noticed and talked about is putting your head in the sand.
Last edited by Tom Corbett; Dec 16, 2017 at 05:21 PM.
Dec 16, 2017, 05:33 PM
Registered User
I believe that serious accusations require serious evidence. Names, amounts, places, receipts. "Friend of a friend" doesn't cut it. And a signature of the accuser.

Dec 16, 2017, 05:53 PM
Registered User
you guys want to bitch and cry ???? go Home... build a boat...
Dec 16, 2017, 09:15 PM
Barry D IOM USA 27
Originally Posted by Tom Corbett
100 percent true and you should know better. Do you want me to talk about how much money he owes me?
How much are we talking about Roy? Maybe we can all pass the hat around and come up with the $$ so you can move on. I see you sailed in just one regatta this year, you've been around long enough to know how hard it is to get a race committee together, what happens to our class if you continue to berate people,( however imperfect they are in your eyes) to the point where they don't want to play anymore? Is that your objective? Is this all just personal entertainment for you?
Over and out...........
Dec 17, 2017, 10:34 AM
Beyond Hyperbole
Sorry to rain on this flame warfare, but I've put together a letter that I'm sending to our DNM hoping to influence his vote on the issue and would like to share it here.

I can't claim all the arguments are mine alone inasmuch as I've received thoughtful and valuable input from friends in other (generally colder) nations.

"To my DNM:

I urge you to vote against the portions of the proposed IRSA Constitution that decrease accountability and increase the ability of the IRSA Executive to act independently of its constituency.

More specifically, while updating the constitutional language and style certainly makes sense, many of the other proposals do not.

I understand the meeting will take place in 2 Parts: Part 1 for a yes/no vote for the entire proposed Constitution and Part 2 to vote on individual components of the Constitution in case the stage 1 vote is NO.

My suggestions:

1. Vote NO during Part 1 (agenda item 1.1). This will allow you to debate and vote on each line item individually

2. Vote YES on the housekeeping portions (agenda items II.A.1 - II.A.3).

3. Vote YES in favor of proxies (agenda item II.B.1)

4. Vote NO for agenda item II.B.2 - this requires reports from "each IRSA class", blurring the lines between IRSA and the class associations for each class. This could be construed as giving IRSA a management/approval role over each of the classes - the class associations already fill that role and should be given that responsibility.

5. Vote NO for agenda item II.B.3 - this transfers authority from the elected DNM's to the IRSA EXEC

6. Vote YES for term limits (agenda item II.B.4) - periodic turnover in leadership positions is good for pretty much all things

7. Vote NO for II.B.5 - requires DNM representatives to be a member of that DNM and a resident of that country - this is overreaching the scope of IRSA - let each National Member Country decide upon their own representative!

8. Vote NO for II.C.1 - this establishes an Events Committee to deal with matters relating to Championships & Events - again this is the job of whatever Class is hosting a Championship or Event, not the job of IRSA. This proposal shifts power from each individual class management team to IRSA..

9. Vote NO for II.C.2 - this deletes the Organization & Policy Committee which oversees the documentation and structure of IRSA. In any complex organization, its management structure and documentation must be maintained and kept coherent (as this Constitutional Assembly is doing). This is an important enough task to warrant its own committee to oversee it.

10. Vote NO for II.C.3 - this allows the EXEC to officially meet any time. While this is made easy by electronic communication, having an officially posted time/date for official EXEC meetings allows the general membership to be made aware that something is taking place. Although this may seem a bit paranoid, the specter of having "secret meetings" is much worse.

11. Vote YES on II.C.4 - simple and efficient

12. Vote NO on II.C.5 - this allows the Racing Rules and Technical Committees to issue binding decisions that may be rejected by the EXEC at a later date. With the speed and ease of electronic communication, decisions made by the Racing Rules Committee and the Technical Committee should be able to be vetted by the EXEC in a rapid enough time. Furthermore, if the EXEC does overturn a RRC or TC ruling at a later date, not only does it look bad but invites controversy and creates confusion. If the RRC and TC need to issue an interpretation, create a mechanism for an exceptional EXEC meeting to formally and quickly vote on the ruling before making it public.

13. Vote YES on II.C.6 - obvious

14. Vote NO on II.D.1 and II.D.2 - removing the 3 elected Regional Officers and the elected Chairman of IOMICA from the EXEC while replacing them with IRSA appointed "Class Officers" for M, A, 10R, R65, and Nano dramatically changes the voting balance from elected to appointed positions.
Last edited by Paul Malfooch; Dec 18, 2017 at 10:32 AM.

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