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Dec 07, 2017, 12:15 PM
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Setup BavarianDemon Cortex on Aurora 9X

How is this done for my radio? It’s taken me a very long time to accomplish this. I welcome any corrections or additions from readers. Mostly, I hope that it serves to help someone who needs a helping hand.

The closest search result on this topic was found yesterday in the thread “HG3XA problem”. Its instructions did not match the Cortex. Most importantly, the forum sponsor Xpress recommended to NOT use the manual’s GYRO setup. Got it!

The installation of the Bavarian Demon Cortex into my electric GP Escapade 61 was not all that easy. Funny thing about all those videos is that the Cortex setup is never presented in an inverted position. It is always mounted inside a plane that has a removable canopy. The Cortex has an option for an inverted mounting, but how would one view the LEDs if that position were used? (I am not really looking for an answer.) I removed the plastic canopy, and mounted it far ahead of the pilot figure. Not only was it a lot of work to do that, but the supplied 9” wire loom was not long enough to reach the Optima 9 ports without strain. Esprit Models had the 12” in stock. An easy way would have been to use servo extensions for this, but the cost would be about the same.

The Escapade 61 has been flying well on my Aurora 9X with Optima 9 receiver driving HiTec 5645 digital servos. Via the factory USB cable and the Cortex PC software, factory defaults were written into the Cortex and I left everything else in the other screen tabs unchanged. YouTube videos by a Camoy2004 do a great job of explaining those tabs. I am not ready to explore that yet.

The Cortex gray AUX wire is connected into AUX4 (Ch8) port. Per instructions, the Cortex wires and servos were plugged into their respective ports. Before initializing the Cortex, a check was made to insure all surfaces moved to their proper direction per stick movement. That is, right aileron stick moves the right aileron control surface up, etc. Good to go.

Pick a switch. Most videos choose a 3-position switch on the right stick side of the transmitter. That’s where my primary controls are! My thought is that, for its first use, to quickly move my fingers from the switch back to the AIL/ELE stick might result in di$a$ter. Wouldn’t it be better to already have my fingers on the primary controls? Even at a higher altitude, I can imagine me fumbling and not having enough Nano-seconds of time to save my plane.

I settled on Switch E. The channel assignment and its setup took a lot of reading and re-readings of the A9X manual and an online video by 2BrothersHobby before it became clearer what steps I would follow.

In keeping with the Cortex manual, Switch E would be assigned the Normal (Bench 1), Off, and the Hold (Bench 2) positions. Normal is up (or pushed away), Off is middle, Hold is down (or pulled back).

The Cortex manual says NO DUAL RATES! Use EXP (Exponential). I adjusted that per the A9X manual. It states to use negative (-) values and makes no mention of positive (+) values for this. Next step was to enter the sensitivity gain values for Switch E.

There are dozens of online how-to videos demonstrating the setup of the Bavarian Demon Cortex. Unfortunately, I do not own a Spektrum radio. Where’s the video for the Aurora 9X? It took me a lot of careful thinking to decipher what I read and match back to the A9X. For me, some things take a while to sink in.

The conflicting part is that in setup of the EPA (End Point Adjustment) or sensitivity gain, all Spektrum videos showed only positive (+) values for both ends. The A9X screen shows a positive (+) value and a negative (-) value. Those videos never showed a negative value for the Normal (Bench 1) switch position. Was I supposed to enter a positive value for this position? Back to more searches I went to insure the answer was NO for an A9X.

Seeing that the Cortex manual shows a negative (-) value for the Normal (Bench 1) switch position, I adjusted the negative to -40 and the positive to +40. The Cortex manual shows this channel’s switch position should be up (or pushed away from me) when in Bench 1 and the Cortex should light an Orange LED. And, Green for the other. That turned out OK. No need to go into the Servo Reverse screen. Whew.

Next is to level the plane. A bubble level was laid on the horizontal stab, and the plane was adjusted to be level. Videos do not seem to mention that the wing servos have to be connected. It must be that the Cortex only reads the TX signal and not the servo activity. I connected the wing servos. After Cortex setup, I will be testing it. Note: All trims were all at zero.

Plug in the jumper. Listen to the control surface jerks and watch the LED double and single blinks. It is easy to lose track of that. I admit I am slow. Luckily, the procedure can be repeated until I get it right. If I messed up, am I still supposed to remove the jumper and then power off the Cortex? I did. After 3 tries, the jerks and blinks all worked out accordingly.

Test by tilting the model on all 3 axis. Observe the reaction of the control surfaces. For the testing part, I read that the Hold (Bench 2) position should be used and to move the plane around swiftly. Not in a jerking motion. I witnessed that it is because the Normal (Bench 1) position is not so obvious. Hey, the procedure turned out to be a success! In lifting the plane and moving it around by hand, the control surfaces moved correctly.

Regarding power up of the Cortex at the field, there is no mention of whether the plane should be in a “level” mode nor is there any mention that the 3-position switch should be in the Off position. The Escapade will be laying on all 3 wheels, and I will be insuring Switch E is in the Off position. Also, I MUST insure that the D/R EXP switch is in the EXP position and not the Dual Rate. Maybe I should get rid of the D/R settings completely? What would happen if I accidentally moved that switch? Yeesh.

Due to this cold, rainy weather in South Texas, this Tejano is not going out in 41 degrees cold (feels like 35) to be testing if the EPA values are good to go.

Once satisfied with the Cortex, I will be thinking about creating a video. Setting up the Cortex on an Aurora 9X on video is worth a thousand words. Right? That will take me longer than it took to create this post. Any takers out there?

Let me know if I missed something. Happy Cortex flying.
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