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Dec 05, 2017, 12:42 AM
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Trimming the control surfaces

***I borrowed this from kingsflyers post 13886... I just formatted it... see post 13892

=Preflight Trim Process=

1. confirm that the subtrim is set to zero in the subtrim menu on the transmitter

2. Then you will need to confirm that the flight trim is set to zero on the main display on the transmitter.

3. Before you perform the next steps, it would be best to remove the prop.

4. Then you will need to turn ON the TX and then install the flight battery in the plane and set it on its wheels and let it initialize the receiver.

5. After the surfaces have done their little dance, (If you haven't removed the prop, firmly hold the plane) throttle up to about half throttle and then throttle all the way down.

6. Verify that the transmitter is switched into advanced flight mode (SAFE is OFF) by lifting one wing tip and making sure that the ailerons to not move and hold position like in beginner mode (SAFE).

7. Set the model down and now you can make the mechanical adjustments at the clevis to center the rudder. Ensure the servo arm is at 90* and equal throws for both sides.

8. Be sure to wiggle the rudder stick on the TX after each adjustment to confirm that the servo has returned to center and that the rudder has come to rest at neutral.

9. Once the rudder comes to rest check that it is exactly centered and lined up with the vertical stab.

10. Turn OFF everything and reinstall the prop and you are ready for trimming in the air.

=In Flight Trim Process=

1. The most common mistake I see is for a Noob to use the rudder trim on the transmitter to adjust the rudder to make the plane taxi straight. DO NOT use rudder trim to correct a taxi issue, bent the tail wheel to make the plane taxi straight with the rudder trim at zero.

2. Flight trim adjustments are best made in Advanced Mode (SAFE is OFF) and are somewhat difficult in Beginner Mode (SAFE is ON), but they can be done.

3. The idea is to fly straight and level and give up elevator command (only elevator) and see if the plane goes straight up or if it veers left or right. You only want to observe the first bit of vertical flight because at some point the plane will lose momentum and torque will cause it to veer left.

4. Rudder trim is then applied using the trim buttons on the face of the TX until the plane tracks straight as it begins to climb.

5. Once the plane climbs straight, try using only the ailerons and elevator and perform left and right hand turns and observe the nose of the plane. If the rudder is properly trimmed, the nose will act the same turning both ways. If the rudder is not trimmed, the nose will drop in one direction and climb in the other.

Once you are satisfied with the flight trim on the rudder, land and observe and measure the rudder offset.

6. Leave the RX and TX turned ON and secure the plane or remove the prop.

7. Next, return the TX trim to zero using the button on the TX face, and then mechanically adjust the rudder linkage to get the same amount of rudder offset you measured when you landed.

8. Again, move the rudder after each adjustment to be sure you get the rudder servo to neutral and the rudder surface to the proper offset.

9. Now taxi test the plane and readjust the tail wheel to get a straight taxi with the new rudder trim.

10. Turn OFF the TX and RX.

11. Install a fresh battery and perform the same flying test as before and observe if the plane is tracking straight through the maneuvers. It should be much better.

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