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Nov 27, 2017, 09:30 AM
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2018 NEF INDOOR flying - AKRON OH in MARCH

The 5th annual NEF (NE Ohio Indoor Electric Festival), will be March 23-24 2018.

Same venue (University of Akron Stile Athletics House, Akron Ohio)
The NEF website has been updated, and on-line pilot and vendor registration is open!

This year features open flying Friday evening for three hours, then the main festival all day on Saturday 9a-9p. This is a giant facility with separate areas on the side for 3D and micros, and we'll have Tiny Whoop Races sponsored by QRGO! Some fun contests as well, like full-contact combat and musical airplanes!

Please check here from time to time and also check our Facebook page (find us under "Ohioelectricfly" to catch up on the latest news. LOTS more posts coming with all sorts of information and details. For now - please make a note of the date!

This is an AMA-sanctioned event and AMA is one of our sponsors! We're expecting West Michigan Park Flyers, Lazertoyz, and Rabid Models to be at this event. WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE VENDORS AND SPONSORS to attend. Do you have a favorite RC supplier? Ask them if they are coming - we would like to have more vendors at the show! Local clubs are also encouraged to attend.
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Nov 27, 2017, 09:35 AM
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To warm things up, we've also scheduled some indoor flying dates this winter leading up to the NEF - these are on Friday evenings once a month at KENT STATE (not the same venue as the NEF). CLICK HERE FOR THE SCHEDULE.
Nov 27, 2017, 01:29 PM
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The MARCS club will be raffling this fantastic PNP "Carbon Z Cub" airplane at the NEF event. $1.00 ticket, 6 for $5. The proceeds will support the MARCS club, a local flying club that helps sponsor the NEF. The prize was purchased from Horizon Hobbies.

This model is really big (84.6" wingspan ) and comes with the complete float kit and the flight battery as well. Total value is close to $600. Just add your receiver and you can take it flying. The winner, should they be present, will have the option of having the announcer auction the prize off on the spot to the highest bidder if the decided they'd rather have cash! (Personally I'd take the plane!)
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Dec 14, 2017, 10:02 AM
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The AMA club that sponsors the NEF (the Ohio Indoor RC Flyers) also sponsors indoor flying during the winter, these are held at the Kent State Field House in Kent Ohio. $15/pilot.
Upcoming dates:

2017 - DEC 15 7 - 9:00pm
2018 - JAN 19 7 - 9:00pm
2018 - FEB 23 8:30 - 10:30pm
2018 - MAR 9 8:30 - 10:30pm
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Jan 03, 2018, 01:26 PM
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We just learned that the AMA will help sponsor the NEF again this year, thank you VERY MUCH to Mark Radcliff, our district III VP. We're proud that this is an AMA-sanctioned event.

We have a number of AMA clubs in the area besides the OIRF and the MARCS, we'd like to see some of you manning tables at the NEF as well. Please check with your club officers! We all need to work together to help promote local clubs and the hobby!
Jan 10, 2018, 09:15 AM
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Hotels in the area

For those of you coming from out of town, there are a number of hotels in the area. We've found that on-line rates are the same (or better) than "event rates" that have been provided to us in the past, so we are not contracting with a "specially designated" event hotel. Please explore these options and see what works best for you!

Click this link to see a list of hotels at Hotels.com that are close by
Jan 16, 2018, 08:14 PM
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West michigan park flyers

One of our valued sponsor/vendors at the NEF is Greg and Barb Markley from WEST MICHIGAN PARK FLYERS! They have supported the NEF every year and will coming again. They manufacture their own pre-painted EPP airplane kits, with accessories, including the Bronco, Highlander, and MAKO. pictured here and a lot of others as well. They'll be bringing some team pilots to demo their planes and may even sponsor an event. These planes are fantastic!

Jan 16, 2018, 08:20 PM
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OMG, last year "Happy Cakes and More" from Twinsburg OH came to the event with their Gourmet Cupcakes.
This was the hit of the party. Awesome goodies.

We're excited to tell you that they will be at the 2018 NEF with their cupcakes for sale.... so we have this to look forward to AS WELL as flying our planes. I mean what could be better! (perhaps flying radio-controlled gourmet cupcakes!!)

They are a custom baker that also makes cakes, so if you want to celebrate something at the NEF, just call them and they'll deliver it. (330) 963-0082 Address: 2658 E Aurora Rd, Twinsburg, OH 44087
Feb 05, 2018, 10:15 AM
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CMAC raffle prize

As previously announced, the Corsair Model Airplane Club (CMAC) will have a club table at the NEF and they will be selling raffle tickets for TWO raffles - a 50-50 and an ARF airplane model. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 (either raffle)

The raffle plane will be a 75" Westland Lysander ARF from Phoenix Models. Click here to see technical details and pictures of this beautiful plane. The drawing for the lucky winner will be on Saturday March 24th at 7pm, at the NEF!

If you are a member of a local club, please ask your club officers to participate at the NEF. We'd like all the local clubs to have a table to help promote their club and the sport of model aviation!
Feb 24, 2018, 01:03 PM
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Hotel booked!
Feb 25, 2018, 06:59 PM
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YES we will have a "Full Contact Combat Event" at the NEF, that will be on Saturday March 24. (we don't have any official contests planned for Friday night)

Combat is one of our favorite events. Each pilot who enters pays $5 and the last one flying gets the entire pot!
There are a few rules:
  • 1000mah battery maximum
  • electric aircraft only, 16oz weight limit (same as the event)
  • hand-launch is OK
  • weapons/cutters on the model are not allowed. A streamer is OK.
  • If a model becomes unsafe to fly it may be disqualified (usually we'll let wrecks continue as long as they're able).
During the event, the CD will ask participants to stay in the center of the arena and to fly at full throttle for part of the time. No hiding! In order to succeed, your model must be able to fly at full throttle and "stay in the fray". We recommend using inexpensive home-built planes, since most of these models will end up being bashed up and destroyed. Small models that don't require as much power tend to do better since they can fly longer. Many contestants use batteries that are smaller than the maximum size.
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Feb 26, 2018, 07:48 AM
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Ah, the "death of the scratchbuilder" - there are SO many fantastic terrific ready-to-fly and ARF models available, and fewer modelers that have the building skills that were so prevalent years ago. But there are LOTS of new builders out there, especially ones that build using foam! (Can you say "FliteTest?")

We'd like to encourage you to bring your creations to the NEF. So... MONSTER FOAMIES is sponsoring a scratchbuilding contest for the NEF.

As we posted on Facebook, Jason is building a brand new giant WWI bomber that he will debut at the NEF, and there is a Facebook contest to guess what the heck it is. YOU can join Jason's maiden flight with your own scratchbuilt creation, and the CD will select the best one. We will set aside a time for everyone to fly together "en mass" and show off their creations for the CD -for a PRIZE!

The lucky winner will be awarded a beautiful 50" GIANT FOAMIE SUPER STEARMAN from Monster Foamies, finished as you see here. This is just the airframe, the winner needs to install a motor and radio equipment.

This is what the builder recommends:
  • E-flite Park 480 with 11 x 7 propeller
  • 4 x 9gm servos
  • 50amp ESC
  • 3-cell Lipo 1500-2200mah
  • R/C Receiver
This model will be on display at the NEF and there is NO entry fee for the contest. We only require that models entered in the contest cannot be store-bought products, they must be hand-made from scratch or from plans, and they must be flown! Foam or balsa (but we are leaning towards foamies). Keep in mind the general requirements for indoor planes at the NEF (max flying weight 1 pound, unless approved by the CD).
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Feb 28, 2018, 08:06 AM
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F3p competition

We've obtained an separate AMA sanction and we're proud to announce that we'll be hosting a competitive event this year at the NEF. Please see the attached flyer. The NEF has hosted F3P competition several times in the past.

The F3P competition will be held in the north end-zone section of the arena - in a flying area that's approximately 60 feet deep and 120 feet wide. The ceiling is about 50 feet up, more or less.

F3P is an AMA class for precision aerobatics performed with extremely lightweight "3D" aircraft. The AMA has a team that participates in international events, but this won't be a team qualifier. This contest is simply for fun! The contest area will be open for practice flying during our Friday-night flying (March 23) and the contest will be held on Saturday March 24.

And on Saturday we've asked a couple of our talented contestants to perform aerobatic 3D demonstrations for the crowd, set to music, which is always an amazing thing to see. Please click here to watch a video of one of these performances.

More information about the NEF can be seen on the NEF website.
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Mar 01, 2018, 07:55 AM
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Long range weather forecast....
Mar 04, 2018, 02:14 PM
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LAZERTOYZ is one of this event's most valued sponsors and will have all of their goodies for sale at the NEF.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Dan and Angie are working on bringing new products to their business and will have an big inventory closeout SALE at the NEF. They're promising super-excellent deals - because they need to "take out the old to bring in the new"! Their prices are already pretty hard to resist - so this sale should be outstanding.

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