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Feb 24, 2002, 12:21 PM
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Bush debates entering COL. civil war. Excrement loaded bio weapons must be stopped

Oil must be protected in Columbia. Occidental is the damsel in distress but excrement loaded mortar shells are the excuse as they are called biological weapons. They are called mideast derived. War on terror is same old. I cant keep count how many wars were in. Does anybody remember?
Feb 24, 2002, 09:10 PM

OIl in Columbia

GMAN: remain calm. No need to panic yet. Have finally finished off the brownies,can now concentrate without the caffeine rush.
The excrement bombs are a cover for the CIA.......remember Panama?
If Bush intends to invade Columbia,he'll have to give prior notice to CNN. .....then he will act.
First a destabilisation of the economy will begin when he sends ex ENRON execs to capitol. This will probably take place w/in days of arrival.
Invasion will begin after Bush consults w/ his ranking officers at the Rose Garden beer blast.
All citizens will be required to obtain national ID cards as well as tatoos on left forearm. This is a precurser to events in U.S.
Finally if more info is needed you may be able to contact Hunter S. Thompson if he is at his cabin in Colorado.....not burnin ammo or deep in the depths of an ether binge.
John Z.
Feb 28, 2002, 05:18 PM

Excement Bombs!


Ok I am getting the feeling that you are getting a little paranoid about what our country is doing. Historically this is nothing new what is happening today. There are conflicts all over the world. Every day Every hour. Yes we are fighting against terrorism. 3000 Americans and other forgein (sp?) nationals killed on our soil. I don't care who did it but if we know we as a nation have a right to defend ourselves. If we were doing anything criminal or out of bullying or abuse. The U.N. would interviene, and I think that the International outcry would be much worse. You would see mass rioting against. I am not saying that has not happened, but it is like you a vocal minority. you do have the right to you opions. that is part of what makes this country great. but if you don't trust you government it is your responsibility to act in a constructive manner to correct that. (I.E. vote, write you congress man, even post constrcutive thoughts on ways these things can be changed). I whole heartedly support the free exchange of opioins and ideas in a fourm such as this, but if you past comments and links like you have. without giving a decent solution to the situations or at least constructive ideas in how to deal with it. It is only retoric and carries no weight. retoric only serves to be inflamatory and there is not purpose to that.

By the way, read a little medevil history crap bombs have been used for a long long time. It is still wrong and it is still a form of terrorism.

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