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Nov 21, 2017, 08:51 PM
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XK K110 Deija Vu

The very second the K110 lifted off the ground I had this massive moment of Deija Vu that made me almost lose control of the K110 . Well moments later I hit something in anyway which brought on more Deija Vu . I had this eerie feeling that I had done this before , but how was that possible ? And then it hit me like a brick through a glass plate window ( James Bond ) . I had done this before , with my Super CP . The XK K100 was flying and handling almost exactly the same as my Super CP from (?) almost half a decade ago . ( I failed to break mine )

My initial impression was that the K110 was very mushy around neutral stick ( center ) , rates @ stock were 80% with 20% Expo .. And after lowering rates and lowering expo ( 75% Rates - 5% Expo ) , it was still very mushy feeling around center stick . ( Yes I bounced the K110 off a few things in the very limited space I was hovering in ) . I gave up and just switched to 100% rates and no Expo .. Much better ! The problem with mushy controls is that the K110 is very lively and once it starts to move you really want to stay on top of it or else it will bounce off something before you get a chance to do anything .

In no way shape would I say the K110 is noob friendly , not even as a second model . In 6 axis mode it is capable of covering a lot of ground in one second and unless you are heli familiar you just might keep the spare parts sellers in business . Now there are a few things I don't care for in 6 axis mode :

1) Negative pitch on the downside of the throttle .. When things get a little tricky people ( me particularly ) tend to ease up on the throttle , with the K110 is is very bad as the negative pitch will push the K110 at the ground like a rocket powered house brick . I have found this to be a really serious hindrance to the way I like to fly helicopters , and as soon as my Eneloops are charged I will see about taking out the negative pitch in the lower half of the throttle .

Generally what I don't like :

A) Throttle hold is backward
B) Sticks are a little soft , I like more resistance - Especially on the throttle .
C) The manual - ( ? ) Wow , very inventive use of English .

What I do like :

A) The Tx is very intuitive - easy to set up .
B) The K110 is more stable than the Super CP ( Not that much more - but noticeably more so )
C) Not sure but 3D is insane , is that a + or - , might want to play with EXPO and RATES because the K110 is insanely sensitive like a supercharged bionic angry wasp that wants to sting you .. I tried 3D and promptly parked it .
D) With all the bumping and grinding , I haven't broken it yet

I have recharged the battery 3 times now and made some adjustments , like on the dual rates . I have left one setting at 100% and the default setting is now 90% on rates and 10% on Expo . ( I will give that a try ) .. Hmmmm maybe 80% on rates and 20% expo is for when you strap on the 3D mode ?
So for now , I am recharging Eneloops and then I will play with the Tx and see what I can do there .

So there will be more on the XK K110 as time permits .

( End Part 1 )
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Nov 22, 2017, 01:32 AM
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Part 1 ( B )

XK K110 micro helicopter (1 min 45 sec)

Some video !

Been playing and 90% rates and 10% Expo is still soft !
I tried 90% with no expo and it was better ...
Also got rid of the down pitch on the lower throttle settings and thats improved it a lot ..
That battery might be average !

I might go 100% rates with no Expo , and then maybe 110 or 115 or 120 rates with 10% expo for the other position ( dual rates ) ..
I have bumped it to 105 on rates .
Might have to do a post on the Tx ( just the Tx ) , might be interesting enough on its own . ( Looks like you can set up 10 models )
So far the K110 is really reminding me of the Super CP in a big way .
Nov 22, 2017, 08:11 AM
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Part 1 ( C )

Lower rate setting is now 100% no expo
Higher rate setting is 110% with no expo

I dont need expo due to the softness around dead stick ( neutral stick ) ...
I will cover this more when discussing the Tx .

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