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Nov 19, 2017, 02:26 AM
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Bearospace Sloop EMMA

Following on from the success of Gary's schooner Irene there is now enough action taking place on work benches around the globe to give this sister model it's own berth.
This new thread is intended to make searching on Emma topics a lot easier, even though much of Emma is covered by Irene anyway.
New readers interested in Emma should also frequent and follow the Irene thread for a variety of input on all the various topics.
If you haven't done so already, Check out

for pricing and content of the plans on offer. With a special pricing for both plans now on offer it is highly recommended that anyone looking towards building one or the other, or both, should avail themselves of the bundled deal.
Please continue to use the Irene thread for Irene specific discussions but reference to Irene features common to both might be included here.
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Nov 19, 2017, 02:40 AM
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Perhaps those of you who have either built the Emma, or are actually doing so, or are intending to, might like to let us know here even if it's only a future project.
Put me down as "doing so"
Nov 20, 2017, 01:24 AM
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I am so glad you did this. I am in the process of building EMMA here in now sunny South Africa. I did battle to find the "door skins" and then found that it is called "commercial ply" here. From what Gary explained it must be the same stuff as it splinters like anything. With very limited tools available I am doing this using my trusty rotary tool (Dremil like tool). I have now got most of the bits cut out and just need to bring the cut lines down to the required lines. Will post some pics when some more is done.
I have a question here. Can I use an old IOM keel and rudder for her?
Nov 20, 2017, 02:38 AM
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robcrusoe's Avatar
Originally Posted by SA/RCFlyer
I have a question here. Can I use an old IOM keel and rudder for her?
Can't think of a good reason to do so, really. Gary's keel was designed to suit this boat specifically. If it is anything like the Irene in performance it is the optimum. Rudders are really easy to make but so long as the surface area is approximate to his specs

Doesn't mean you can't do it anyway , but it would be taking a huge punt on it being as a good as. I guess you might settle for it sailing. Cutting the aluminium with a metal bladed jigsaw is easy, really is, but I guess you have access to one. A Dremel will NOT do!
But just my opinion, maybe someone else more familiar with I.O.M.s might be able to tell you how to do it.

Thanks anyway for using this thread, you are the first.

In regards to using door skins a.k.a commercial ply, as you say, it is indeed not as high a quality as pine ply. Adhesion tests I carried out on both materials has shown poorer adhesion if applied to the patterned surface of door skins. It works a lot better on the other side and particularly on pine ply (either side).
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Nov 20, 2017, 10:32 AM
Owner - Flying Models
For anyone else who has struggled with the link in the first post, this one may well work better.

Nov 20, 2017, 03:21 PM
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Thanks Thayer, my fault for not checking the link first. For some reason it used to work and was maybe before Gary and Spike redid the boat section recently.

I've corrected that error now.
Nov 20, 2017, 04:43 PM
Crossbones06589's Avatar

My build of the sloop EMMA

Hi the Robcrusoe, thought I may as well join in on the dedicated blog relating to Gary’s sloop EMMA.
To anyone out there interested, Robcrusoe and myself have taken up the challenge to construct a pair of Emma’s (our respective boat names being ANNA and NELL) so as to have a bit of fun on sailing days with a bit of non competitive match racing. I will take the opportunity to post a few photos of progress during construction. We have both had a couple of workshops together printing off Gary’s plans, cutting out the required plywood panels and setting about firstly the construction of the fin box, which is critical to the successful assembly of the hull. I hope to be able to post a photo record of how things progress.
Cheers. CBS
Nov 20, 2017, 07:14 PM
Registered User

Easy to Build

CB, how exactly did you join the ends of the boat? Building Irene one side would fight hard to overlap the other and I didn't get them joined perfectly. I would like to do better on my Emma.

This seems a good time to mention the epoxy paste fillets. The hull can go together quickly and easily because the fit of the joints doesn't really matter. My Irene had gaps between the deck and hull and gaps in the chines but the filler took care of them. Fitting the rudder post block and mast step to the hull can be quick and dirty. I simply set them into blobs of filler.
Gary mentions Smith epoxy products but where I live something called PC-7 is available at Ace Hardware.
Learning to apply, spread, smooth, mold, and shape the filler would have saved me a lot of work and produced a much nicer looking result. Simply smoothing it with alcohol and a gloved fingertip works great.

Yours, Paul
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Nov 20, 2017, 07:42 PM
Crossbones06589's Avatar
G’day Glidin........
In reference to the bow and stern connections I drilled 2mm holes in both sides and tied the 2 together with an epoxy bead between. Once set I removed the ties and applied SikaFlex sealer adhesive. All of my joints between sides, bottom and bulkheads we’re done firstly using a bead of epoxy glue and then the SikaFlex applied with disposable gloves and smoothed over using my index finger. So far it seams to be working great, exceptionally strong.
Regarding the deck fitting, I too have a small gap (approx 1 or 2mm ) between that and the hull but thought of using a small bead of colored flexible gap sealant and finish again with glove and finger.

This whole thing is a huge learning curve for me, have been able to pick Robcrusoe’s brains when I get into hot water.

Hope you have success and I am really interested to see how your Emma turns out.

Cheers. CBS
Nov 20, 2017, 07:53 PM
Crossbones06589's Avatar
Hey Glidin.....
Have attached a couple more photos showing what I meant by the the SikaFlex joints.
Nov 20, 2017, 08:21 PM
Registered User
robcrusoe's Avatar
Hey, this thread is coming along nicely, precisely what most of us have experienced with work-arounds.

Both my Irene and Emma has minimal gaps around th edeck perimeter since I just can't face having glued the deck to th ehull only to come to a possible point later where I might want to access the inner hull for modifications or repairs. Have to say though, at this point, a couple of months into sailing Molly G, do not expect to ever do it. But, nice to know I can as the windows gap filler never really hardens and it would be easy to apply some gentle heat either from a blower or just leaving it the sun.. I use small round head stainless steel self tappers into each of the deck support blocks.

Anna is coming along nicely after several, well, "misadventures" in technique and is now ready to attach the sails. But first I need to install those sheet travellers, something I've wondered about leaving out. However it is something different so in they go.

I'll post some photos soon.

Anyway, here's how I drew up the shape of the mainsail. While it isn't necessary I also recorded the corner angles afterwards. Would certainly save time getting the edges and diagonal in harmony. I've always made a timber paneling template of any sails I received in a kit, bought over the 'net or made up according to instructions. not just for me but to help out anyone getting into the same project.
For me, at least, and no doubt for most, succeeding in a new boat project is paramount, but being able to encourage and support others following the same path is a close second.
Nov 23, 2017, 02:42 AM
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SA/RCFlyer's Avatar
Gary can't you please put all the pictures of Emma here? Especially the one that was built in the bakery.
Nov 23, 2017, 09:15 PM
Registered User
I wonder what length Emma would be, maybe around 25 feet or 8 meters ?
Nov 23, 2017, 09:18 PM
sailtails - YouTube
Gary Webb's Avatar

A few pictures

Originally Posted by SA/RCFlyer
Gary can't you please put all the pictures of Emma here? Especially the one that was built in the bakery.
Happily - Here are a few photos of the "Emma" which was built at the Bakery Boat Yard by our friend Russ in California. He is a prolific builder, having since built a schooner "Irene" as well, and is currently building a model of a French gaff rigged fishing boat. He's also a swell guy and has kindly given me permission to share his photos. You'll note he added a great amount of detail to his "Emma".
Cheers and Thanks Russ for these photos -
Nov 23, 2017, 09:26 PM
sailtails - YouTube
Gary Webb's Avatar

And a few more pictures

A few pictures of the original Emma - Worth thousands of words (maybe)
Also wish to say I am DELIGHTED to see this thread underway, and Thanks to all who join in.
Cheers, Gary

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