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Nov 14, 2017, 04:19 AM
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Realacc Purple 215 5 inch build for under $200? Is it possible?

Is it possible by taking advantage of BangGood sales to build a great all around 5 inch Quadcopter for under $200?
A: Yes it is.
As we all know, BangGood is ALWAYS having a sale.. If you don't like the price of something then just wait..

Realacc Purple 215 Build a 5 inch quad for under $200 (6 min 49 sec)

I received an email about BangGood's anniversary sale back in September and seen the Purple 215 frame on sale for $19! I wasn't sure about the quality of this frame, but after looking at some other reviews, it seemed to be a very strong and good frame. It was at this point I wondered if it was possible to build a decent build for my viewers for under $200 and started looking at some of the other components that BangGood has on sale that day. I have noticed the prices on the components fluctuate and I've seen these prices on BangGood before and after the Anniversary sale so if you want to build this then just wait for the prices to match or even be better. Coupons are also nice and could actually make this build even cheaper.

Update: Black Friday sales are just right around the corner and I've noticed that they are jacking up their prices now so I'm sure they will have a half off sale coming soon!! (it seems to me they raise prices before a big sale )

Realacc Purple 215
Got mine for $19

Flight controller

I began searching the site for a decent AIO FC and noticed the HGLRC F3V4 was on sale for only $24! I've done builds on this FC and really enjoyed it's performance so in the cart it went
Paid $24 for mine

I usually like to build my quads using 4in1 ESCs because it's easier and cleaner, but on this build I was looking for price and also thought that this Quadcopter would be my Basher that I can do crazy stunts with and push my abilities. I opted for individual ESCs because
I could just replace one if I break an arm doing these crazy stunts and burn out an ESC.
I noticed that they were selling the RaceStar 30A ECS 4 piece bundle for a very good price and threw it in the cart
I paid $39.99 for 4 of them

I was a no brainer when I seen they had the EMAX RS2205 2300 bundle on sale and threw it in the cart. These motors are very good and can handle 4s easily.
I paid 12.50 a piece for these.

The one thing
I noticed about the Purple 215 is there isn't much room for placing a stack and every build I had seen had the camera lens sticking out of the front of the metal uprights. I don't like having my camera exposed and I like having protection all around the camera. It was because of this I chose to get the RunCam Swift Micro instead of a full size camera. The Swift Micro produces a nice image and is also light so in the cart it went.
I paid $24.00 for mine

They had the Realacc Pagoda stubby on sale for $5 so why not. (This antenna actually works good BTW )

I wanted to try the FRsky R-XSR and I got one off of ebay with free shipping for $20

I got a set of HQ 5x4.8x3 at

Because of the sale, I had about $190 into this Quad build. Like I've stated above, their Black Friday sale is coming up along with the Christmas sale so keep checking prices. They always seem to jack up their prices before a big sale and I've noticed as of this writing that they have been bumping up their prices in the last couple of weeks.

I didn't think none of this stuff from BangGood would show up for at least a month and actually forgot about the purchase because I had other builds to put up on my Youtube channel. I was surprised that the order showed up in 10 days!

I thought about building the purple 215 with a RunCam Split instead but wasn't sure if it would fit and I wanted to keep the build under the $200 mark.

When I got the frame, I was pleasantly surprised how nice the fit and finish was on the parts. The Carbon looks to be of good quality and the edges on mine were smooth and well done. The metal uprights and carbon sides were thicker than I thought and should take a heck of a beating. Overall I felt like I got more than what I paid for with this frame and it was at that point I actually started to become excited about building it.

The Build

Realacc Purple 215 Build part 1 (13 min 40 sec)

The build was pretty straight forward except some small mods had to be made. First was the height of the stack was made taller by stacking standoffs so I could have enough room under the AIO FC for all of the ESC wires. I soldered two of the ESC leads on the top pads and two on the bottom so I didn't end up with one huge glob. Like I said in the build videos a 4 in 1 ESC would have produced an easier and cleaner build but I wanted that added protection of 4 individual ESCs in case of an arm broke.

I didn't like the purple color and wanted grey to match my Japalura so I used a yellow topped can of Easy-Off oven cleaner and soaked the parts in a plastic container for about 5 minutes using a heavy dose of the cleaner. After 5 minutes, I washed the parts using dish soap. (Don't breath fumes if you like your health and wear rubber gloves if you like your skin )

The second light mod was to shave off just a little metal from the bottoms of the aluminum risers because the gap between risers on the bottom was not enough space for the FC with all of the wires from the ESCs. I wanted the wires from the ESCs to hide nicely under the FC from the sides as seen on the completed build.

Third was to build some plastic pieces as spacers for the RunCam Swift Micro because it was just a little thin to fit into the upper frame. I used old servo arms for this.

Realacc Purple 215 Build part 2 (12 min 23 sec)

This Quad flies different from anything I've have now and anything I've had in the past and I think it has to do with the HQ 5x4.8x3 inch props and the motor combination. With the Hyperion 4s HV 1800mah batteries this Quad flies very smooth and predictable. In fact it's so smooth, I think I could actually teach my wife how to fly with it. It has plenty of power as one would expect but it flies as though it doesn't. It's hard to put into words how easy and well this copter flies. It doesn't feel heavy but doesn't feel floaty, it doesn't feel like it lacks power but doesn't feel like it's about to launch out of control at any time, it's very easy to fly slow but also easy to fly fast as well. It's very strange but in a way that I think it will be my favorite all around flyer once the weather permits. I think I can get away with so much more flying this than my 3 inch quads. It's funny how you think something may end up just being cheap and sub par, yet ends up being quite brilliant. Bottom line: It's a great park flyer and with better motors and lighter batteries it could be a good racer as well.

Realacc Purple 215 Build part 3 with flight video (10 min 20 sec)

I get around 7 minutes of flight times with the HV batteries just putting around the park and doing some average punchouts. I think this flight time will go down to about 5 minutes once I get the tune right and really start putting it to the test. The weight was about 520 grams with the heavy battery so if one was to fly it with a 1200 I think it would really move.

The HQ props on this are very tough and as expected so is the frame. I did crash a couple of times pretty hard and also flew it into a tree with branches. The copter and props held up nicely.

Thanks for reading and watching.
If you have any questions please ask here or on youtube.
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Feb 03, 2018, 11:14 AM
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Nice build. That's hilarious to see this thread now. I just built one with different revision of same escs, same motors, $10 Eachine vtx, Bardwell F4 AIO and a runcam split (v1 on clearance for $49 and yep it fits perfect, barely) an xm+, and lumenier gate breaker 5". Flew absolutely great and light, but crashed in mud toward the end of my first pack and an arm delaminated top to bottom. Super lame because I really like the frame. Looking for replacement frame now.
Feb 06, 2018, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Focusyn
Nice build. That's hilarious to see this thread now. I just built one with different revision of same escs, same motors, $10 Eachine vtx, Bardwell F4 AIO and a runcam split (v1 on clearance for $49 and yep it fits perfect, barely) an xm+, and lumenier gate breaker 5". Flew absolutely great and light, but crashed in mud toward the end of my first pack and an arm delaminated top to bottom. Super lame because I really like the frame. Looking for replacement frame now.
oh man that sucks! I love mine and is my best overall flyer, even my friends agree when they flew it.

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