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Nov 09, 2017, 12:53 PM
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T-28 Trojan Flitest style - plans from letsflyRC

Thought i should seperate it out from the FT thread and give my trojan its on thread.

This is close to being finished just neeing control rods, motor etc installed and will be ready for maiden

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Nov 10, 2017, 11:33 AM
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parts arrived!

motor was rrally easy to fit to firewall. just used swrvo self tapping screws.

bot much left. another coaf of white then remainder of electronics.

gonna have to make wheels. 30mm wide wheels dont fit..
Nov 11, 2017, 06:39 PM
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Successfull Maiden!

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After much work todya i finaly maidened my trojan!!! it was a sucess apart from breaking a prop and the weak section of 1 wing but thats easily fixed with some hotglue. (its a majour weakspot in the wing which ill be looking at as it doesn ttak emuch to break)

Landing gear is useless, even on tarmac the front just bends under the weight. I had used 2mm metal pushrods they seemed pretty strong but obviously not strong enough.|||

I managed to strengthen the front by installed a foam spar to support it at the bottom of the fuselage, this may be enough to take off on tarmac, but still not from the grass and the landing may still be difficult...

Club members suggested just removing it completly, id prefer to keep the landing gear as i see alot of props breaking without a propsaver plus i like the landing gear.
Nov 13, 2017, 10:50 AM
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My front strengthening was no good. still wouldnt taxi even on the runway, after about it foot it just wants to nose over as the wire bends.

so hand launh it was, i find this plane to fly really weird in the turns. also dont find much change in speed between half throttle to full although it has plenty of power. Hand launch is a breeze, and under hand launch is easiest. at 3/4 throttle you can just let go.

The tail needs some suppoert on mine, as the elevator cases the tail to bend at full throws. maybe a strip of carbon fibre along the edge.

Landing was a disaster, ripped the front and 1 wing landing gear off.

So ill try music wire, i really want this to work with landing gear but it may look like it will have to be a bellie lander
Nov 14, 2017, 04:44 PM
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Finally got somewhere with the landing gear.

my nearest hobbyshop stocks music wire, althjough they didnt have the 2mm stuff i was after, but it seems 1.6mm is thick enough to do the job. Didnt have much luck taking of from grass but on the runaway once enough speed was picked up could whack on the power and pull up.

I think this isnt just a lightweight foamie problem though im sure ive seen other tricycle landing gear plans suffer from wanting to nose over on our field, the grass although cut the ground is a bit rough in places, tail draggers seem to have an easier time.

Ive tweaked the landing gear as the wheels were a bit wobbly, so ill try again tomorrow weather permitting.

Strangely im not finding it very fast, although it seems to have plenty of pull that it can be hand launched without being thrown even just let go it doesnt fly as fast as the mustang does.

Im running a 300 watt 1100kv motor with a 10x4.5 prop and im only getting about 6 minutes of leasurely flight.
Nov 15, 2017, 11:17 AM
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Today was a good day!

My t28 managed to take of from the grass, now that ive tweaked the landing gear so the wheels are not all wobbly. Once it picks up enough speed the bumps dont seem to bother it.

NOw the landings were a bit of a disaster, same deal once came into land and slowddown it just wanted to nose into the ground and elevator didnt help much.. so it broke the front landing gear off.

Went home and repaired, back up to club. spoke to a few guys and they said sounds nose heavy, if its its nose heavy youll loose elevator as it slows down. So i moved the battery back. the next flight felt weird but it took of no probs still had issies landing and it nosed over but no damage.

So moved battery a tad back again. Made a few landing passes and got lined up nicely. and what do you know it landing on all 3 wheels! So i think it was a combination of CG and just pracice
Nov 18, 2017, 08:24 AM
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just when things were going so well disaster.

got up my local flying club early so i could practice landing approaches. Our field the wind usually comes from the same direction most times, which just happens to be the one that has you avoiding trees to get lined up.

on the left side of the field is pretty much open easy to land plenty of space to turn. On the right side, just say 20 feeet from the start of the field is a fence, as theres a patch running 90 degrees to the runway. then theres some scratch land which has very tall pinish type trees on the right,.

But its not entirely square with the field so you end up coming in at an angle and have to caerfully adjust as you come in. Well i was doing my 2nd landing approach and went too far across came behind the trees, tried to power up and get over but cought a branch. Plane is stuck what 30-40 foot up at the very top... we have a big extendy pole but its only reaches half way up , theres also a ladder but its too dangerous to be doing that by yourself....

Hopefuly it falls out with some wind...

I did get the motor which ejected itself after i tried to power it out and get it lower...
Nov 20, 2017, 02:09 PM
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Couple of guys rescued my plane while i was at work.

Damage minimal, join in the middle of the wing gave way, this bust the fuselage a little. also the tail now has dihedrial lol

an hour and some hot glue and everything is back together. Jus tneed to reinforce the tail.

Even the lipo survived.
Nov 24, 2017, 08:08 AM
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Well it flew after the repair but not very well. needed lots of rudder trim and was really unstable. turned round to come into land and almost lost it... turns out it was tail heavy. shifted the battery forward and all was good.

Still not happy with this, it flies very slow and needs to have power chopped on in turns other wise it will stall.

the recomended motor was a 2217-7 suppo 1250KV motor, i subsituted it for a 300w 1100kv motor. Maybe i need to up the blade pitch because its spinning slower? i could try a 10x8 prop or should i go up a prop size.

from reading im guessing this is why im not getting good flight times because im always flying above half throttle and whacking on the power to keep it stalling through turns. odd because it only weighs 800g

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