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Nov 08, 2017, 09:52 AM
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Some advice on parts & wiring on first build wanted

So I want to get into FPV drone racing and build my own quadcopter. It will be a 150 sized quad (probably a vortex 150 frame or self 3d-printed frame). And as I'm this will be my first build I'm looking for some advice. Especially on the electronics side of things (wiring!). I've made it hard on myself choosing an 4 in 1 esc and integrated pdb fc stuff, which isn't the usual tutorial stuff. So help is much appreciated!

Over the past few weeks I did a lot of reading/watching on various quad related topics and I've made a list of the parts I want to use in my first build. First of all I want some advice on the parts that I've chosen. Will they be compatible, good quality, etc.?

Second (see attached file!) I would like some feedback on my wiring diagram as I'm not completely sure if that's all correct. For the most part I think i've done all right but I'm not sure what to do with the 'Smart Port' wire on the VTX and I'm not sure if the ground cable on the 4 in 1 esc has to be connected to the fc in some way. Also the wire from the Lipo on the esc need to be connected to the fc. Do I have to solder these to the same pad or can the fc power in be connected via the plug on the bottom?

Any advice, info or feedback is highly appreciated!

FC: Piko BLX Micro F3 controller
ESC: DYS F18A 4in1 18amp esc
Motors: DYS BX1306 4000KV
Camera: Runcam Swift 2 600TVL
VTX: Eachine ATX03 Mini
Receiver: FrSky R-XSR Ultra
Transmitter: Taranis Q X7
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Nov 10, 2017, 09:57 AM
Llama_FPV's Avatar
Have you bought components yet?
If not then there are some 2020 esc/fc combos that either pin or plug together.
That'll save you quite a few solder joints and make things much easier for a first build.

For 10$ more you can save yourself some headaches, you also get a f4 processor and the betaflight osd, which is easily worth the 10$

As far as your wiring diagram, it looks mostly rght from a brief glance. What voltage does that lc filter pad put out? I'm guessing it's vbat not 5v, if so that will fry the vtx.

The smart port wire goes to a uart TX pad I believe, I haven't yet set that up yet so hopefully someone can clarify for us.
Nov 10, 2017, 03:52 PM
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yeah you might get one of the all in one combo stacks. its a pain in the butt even with experience getting all these components to fit nice in small frames.

there's a HGLrc combo stack that even comes with a nice fpv cam for not much more. definately looks to be worth the convenience after my last few projects...
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Nov 12, 2017, 09:06 AM
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Thanks for the replies. As China had a big sale I went ahead and ordered all parts last friday. The all in one combo stack mentioned above would have indeed made my build a lot easier but it's too late for that now I guess. I will probably ask some help from a friend who has a lot more experience in soldering to help me put it all together.

Originally Posted by Llama_FPV
What voltage does that lc filter pad put out? I'm guessing it's vbat not 5v, if so that will fry the vtx.
Good question, I will make sure to grab a multimeter and check the output voltage on those pads before I do any soldering.

I've also updated the wiring diagram, found out the S.Port indeed needs to go to a UART TX pad (TX2).

Still two things I are not entirely clear to me.
I am not sure if I need to do anything with the gnd pin thats sits between the motor pins on the ESC plug. Do I have to connect this to the a gnd pad near those UART pads? Or won't that make any difference since they share gnd to the Lipo?
Also, the ESC has a current sensor output pin. Where would that normally be connected to on the FC? RX port?

Again, thanks for the help!
Nov 27, 2017, 05:33 PM
Llama_FPV's Avatar
The esc signal ground you can connect to any ground on the FC.
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