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Nov 08, 2017, 05:53 AM
Brisbane, Australia

Eachine 1104 6000Kv Lizard motors (rewind).

Some info and a look inside the Lizard motor - these motors are available as a spare part from Banggood and appear to be reasonably good value for money. Because the Lizard 95 quad they come standard with was (and still is) reported to be quite fast using the specified 3S battery, I bought some to try out with a light LOS quad frame and 2S battery.

I measured the Kv of 4 motors which gave values of 5525, 5565, 5570, and 5635, the average being 5570. Somewhat lower than the claimed Kv of 6000 but they performed well on 2S on my quad. The KV numbers are quite close together too which is a good sign.

These motors have curved magnets (which feel stronger than on other motors I've had apart), appear well built, the shaft is a slightly firmer fit in the bearings than other similar motors I have disassembled, the motors run smooth and quiet, so overall it seems a nice motor to work with. It is a little bit heavier than other similar size motors at ~5.95gm, in comparison a DYS 1104 5400Kv motor weighs ~5.4gm. This would add about 2.2gm weight to the quad, not insignificant, but if the motors perform well enough, it might be OK.

Something else I like about them is the stators have thin hammerheads which allows a fair bit more copper wire to be wound on them. This could be a good advantage when rewinding them. The stators measure 5.2mm high and 11.08mm diameter (as best as I can measure). It looks like 26 laminations 0.2mm thick. (Edit: I can see from a pic in post 4 that it has 25 laminations.)

The original winding is with 8 turns of 2 strands of 0.2mm wire, wye terminated, every tooth on all 5 motors had exactly 8 turns which was nice (other motors miss a turn occasionally).

First I disassembled one motor to have a look inside and rewound the stator with a test wind of 6 turns using 0.4mm wire, the bell was refitted and the Kv was measured to be 7480. 6T (T=turns) of 0.4mm wire fits nicely. I removed the 6T 0.4mm windings from the stator to try 5T windings, I tried one tooth with 5T 0.5mm and removed it. 5T 0.5mm won't fit, so then I tried 0.45mm wire. 0.45mm 5T fits nicely, 4 turns on the inner layer and one turn on top. I was surprised that I could fit this much wire on the stator, it is around a 58% increase in the amount of copper on the stator, compared to the original winding, if my maths is right. I made up this approximate table for turn numbers and Kv for this motor:

4T = 11000
5T = 9000 0.45mm wire fits well
6T = 7500 0.4mm wire fits well
7T = 6400
8T = 5600

I decided to rewind all 5 motors with 5 turns for 9000Kv. 7500Kv would be more appropriate for my pilot skills, but Dave gave good feedback on the DYS1104 9000Kv motors I rewound previously, so I am curious to see how these will perform. All stators have been rewound, and one of the 5 motors is 95% assembled. I'm hoping to reassemble them all this weekend.
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Nov 17, 2017, 08:59 AM
Laughs at un-boxing videos...
basicguy's Avatar
Hard to get an idea of the scale. I have rewound 8 gram motors before. What size prop do you intend on running . What is the current draw?
Yesterday, 01:58 AM
Brisbane, Australia
These are 6gm motors, not much smaller than 8gm. The stator is 11mm diameter, 5mm high. That is a white pen in behind the stators in the last 2 pics above. I should have put a ruler in there. Props will be 2.5" with 3.5" pitch. Current draw would be around 8A max I'm guessing. I have some more pics, the motors are flying now, I'll post them up shortly.
Yesterday, 02:14 AM
Brisbane, Australia
The motors turned out well, they run smooth and quiet with good power. It was interesting that I was able to compare them to the DYS 1104 9000Kv motors I rewound some time ago. The Lizard motors have stronger curved magnets and the thin hammerheads allowing much thicker wire, but in flight, if anything, the DYS 1104 motors seem to have a slight edge in performance, and seem to run a fraction cooler too.

The Kv was measured to be 9080, 9000, 9010 and 8940. I've been using a battery hand drill to measure Kv, and although it is convenient and gives ball park figures that are close enough, I'm thinking of setting up some sort of constant speed drive. I'm thinking that another brushless motor driven by a BLHeli esc (with pre-BLHeli_S firmware) in closed loop mode might be good enough. This would also enable higher rpm which will also increase the accuracy and repeatability of the Kv measurement (I hope ).

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