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Nov 13, 2004, 08:10 PM
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Serious Question: E-Glider about 2m with ailerons...

Got kitchen pass and Xmas pass BOTH!
My 4+ yr old R/E/T Windstar EP ARF (lead sled) is looking a little, well, OLD! It's on its 4th drive (currently Sonictronics 13x7.5, MP 3.8:1 GB, Trinty Sapphire, 35A ESC, 7xcp1700scr) and is a bit beat up.

So with a kitchen pass (worth $400) and an Xmas pass (worth?), its time for a new e-glider:
About 2m in wing span
Beg/Int level, maybe Int/Int
R/E/T/A are essential
Spoilers are optional but may be necesary if it REALLY likes to float. I have 600 ft of grass but must clear a 4ft high electric fence (cows) at both ends.
Flaps are an alternate possiblility.

Can be RTF or ARF or ARC or full kit or semi-kit.
No fiberglassing or bagging - not up to that, yet.
Kinda like the idea of ARF...

Brushless required - geared in-runner/out-runner ok.
Lipo's required (why do nickel anymore???).
Aggressive climb is required.
Vertical climb is not required but ...
Penetration is required.
Maximim visibility is essential.

I want to be able to launch and quickly climb to 500ft +.
I want to be able to see it at 1000ft.
I want to be able to loop and roll and generally goof off under power without ripping the wings off.
I want to be able to cut power, trim out and float around with the buzzards for 10 minutes or more or until my bladder says ENOUGH!
I want enough power to QUICKLY scramble out of the way of a dead-stick monster gasser when it picks the moment I am on final to fall out of the sky. Been there with Windstar and it was a tense time.

Any radio suggestions (JR type - that 9303 is making me DROOL! until I see the $$$$$$). Will they discount the discontinued 8103???

The NESAIL Omega 2M E/flaps and Filip 400RG make me drool. Also Variant 3.

I appreciate your input.
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Nov 14, 2004, 06:18 AM
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I'd recommend the Filip 600 (which I have, click on my homepage - see my review here also) as it's durable and a great floater BUT it doesn't have flaps or spoilers, and I'd probably recommend one or the other. Also, why limit yourself to 2m? The larger models do fly better.
Just thinking out loud..

I browsed a couple of sites looking for ideas and came across this:
On sale for $209 - but you'd probably have to jump on it!
Nov 14, 2004, 06:49 AM
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Keep in mind, unless they changed the wing design, the Adriana has no spar. I took care of this with .014" CF, top & bottom.
Nov 14, 2004, 07:48 AM
Fiberglass dont bounce???
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Originally Posted by Andy W
I'd recommend the Filip 600
Andy, I see that HL took the Filip off their site, have you seen anyone else selling them?? Crash, The Omega is a very nice plane, it should meet all your needs. I have a Omega 1.8 and love it (great floater) and the batt pack sits at the CG so Lipos should be o.k., it floats so well that I wish I would have got the one with flaps. ..R...
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Nov 14, 2004, 07:52 AM
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Ugh.. no, sorry. Didn't even realize.
FWIW, I bought myself the Adriana (see my power system question in this forum).. however, I already know it won't float like the Filip (100 sq." less area) BUT you will be able to add a touch of reflex and get and get across the sky in a hurry (the filip did not like too much speed) and add camber to slow it down, plus the higher aspect ratio will make it handle a little better. I'm looking forward to this one, actually..
Nov 14, 2004, 07:58 AM
Fiberglass dont bounce???
RandyK1's Avatar
Bummer Andy, I have been thinking about getting a Filip for a long while now, I guess I waited too long. I guess I will have to look at the next one down on my list (XL3200) maybe I shouldnt wait so long this time ...R...
Nov 14, 2004, 07:59 AM
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Once I get the Adriana running, I might sell the filip..
Nov 14, 2004, 08:24 AM
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A couple of planes fit the bill, but I would go with the

FVK Signal first choice. It meets your requirements perfectly. See my review in Electric Sailplanes ( ). I think all up it would be about $1000... Camber in the wing makes it float, reflex makes it a speed demon. I beat it up pretty good on the first flight and it held together well.
2.5 meters means you can see it from a distance.

Next would be a hook or a hoot with flaps. Same thing as the signal, but its 2 meters.

Next would be the Omega 2m with flaps. Not as strong and will thermal better, but probably easier to get than the other two.

Lastly, Mini Graphite (with flaps) or the 3 meter graphite (should your budget allow).

Any would meet your requirements...
Nov 14, 2004, 02:00 PM
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Bang for Buck (Under 1 meter)

Dollar for dollar, the Omei is the most fun plane I've had to date. It is about 75 inch wingspan and with a small geared brushless motor it will do aerobatics. There are two long threads on this plane with lots of options for modifications. Can be had on e-Bay for under $75 but watch out for vendors that charge $25 for shipping. It will thermal in solid lift if outfitted with light running gear. Be sure to re-inforce the wings at the saddle as per the Liftzone threads. Too bad they don't make a scaled up 2 meter version.

For visibility, I have painted the fuse flourescent green and the wings are anti-collision orange...shore is ugly, but can see from many mile away!

You guys have given me an idea. I have the plane set up for spoilerons. I will try a little reflex or camber at altitude to see what effect it has on flight. The spoilerons do increase the rate of descent, but don't seem to slow it down at all.

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