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Nov 03, 2017, 05:12 PM
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New problem (what else is new)

Hello all.

I was about to use my 120s when a few strange things occurred. First, when I attached the battery I heard one of the servos activate, it didn't sound normal. I looked at the servo that operates the bank angle (right/left bank cyclic) and noticed that it was locked full down throw (full right cyclic). It also was very hot and had a slight burning smell. I unplugged the battery and contacted Blade. While on the phone I tested the Heli again and everything was fine. Servos worked normally. We (myself and tech) thought it maybe the main board. I took it out and tested it again. Everything seemed to be fine. However, when I picked the heli up (to move it) the heli turning upside down for a second, I heard a slight whine from the servos and noticed that the cyclic wouldn't respond anymore. I also noticed that if I spun the blades one half turn (by hand) the cyclic wouldn't respond as normal. The servos would move, however the blades moved very little. Could it be the board? Could there be something wrong with the swashplate assembly?

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Nov 04, 2017, 08:22 AM
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I'm guessing that you need to clean your linear servos.

Had the same sort of problems with my mCPX.

The wipers on servo pots get dirty, and since the servo has no idea where it is,
it extends until it hits a mechanical stop, and then keeps trying.

Since the servo motor is stalled, it consumes much more juice and gets hot.

You could also have a defective servo, but I would try cleaning them first.

Not a fun job... lots of tiny screws.

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